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Author: Kevin Hearne
ISBN: 978-073-229-2904
RRP: $22.99

Kevin Hearne has written an all encompassing novel that plays on the premise that if one historical figure can survive for over two thousand years then it stands to reason that all of the legendary creatures and pagan gods can exist as well.

Hounded is the first in The Iron Druid Chronicles with the 2nd and 3rd installments due for release by the end of the year and they will be eagerly anticipated. I know I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Atticus is a Druid who has managed to survive into the modern era and is currently living in Arizona, where he owns an occult bookshop. He is surrounded by werewolves, witches and vampires but the Fae and the gods don’t come around very often because traffic between the planes isn’t as easy there.


He may be 21 centuries old but that time has only served to sharpen his wit and hone his survival instincts. Not to mention find a sensational side-kick in Oberon, the Irish Wolfhound, who communicates mind to mind with Atticus and has quite a vivid personality all of his own.

Hounded is told in the first person by Atticus, complete with all the little comments people make to themselves in their head. It is enough to make you laugh out loud.

Hearne’s characters are vivid and familiar at the same time as being blended in a totally new and imaginative arena. The ancient Druid is camouflaged to resemble a handsome, tattooed 21yr old college kid and quite a few of the witches are more than they seem, older than they seem anyway. The vampire is an ancient Viking and one of Atticus’ lawyers, not to mention a worthy sparring partner to keep up the skills.

Things are quite serene for Atticus and Oberon in desert Arizona until the Celtic God who has been after him for centuries manages to track him down and send in all manner of creatures to take care of business for him. Things start to get decidedly hairy for our hero at that point, which puts everyone around him in danger as well.

The plot thickens as we slowly piece together just how many plots are hatching with Atticus in the centre, playing pawn in a game of gods. It will take all of his wits, courage and quite a few fierce friends to extricate him from this situation in one piece.

Packed full of page turning action and humour Kevin Hearne has put us on a path destined to follow Atticus and Oberon for as long as they have new stories to tell.

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  1. Thanks Lizzie. So glad that you backtracked for my reviews.
    The series was fantastic! and I can’t wait for the rest of them!

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