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Author: Jessica Shirvington
ISBN: 978-073-441-1846
RRP: $24.99

The new release section everywhere you buy books these days is filled with paranormal romance fiction, especially for the Young Adult demographic and Angels are beginning to factor quite prevalently. Jessica Shirvington has added to the wealth of talent overflowing in the genre with the first book in her Violet Eden series.

Embrace is the story of Violet Eden, who lost her mother on the day she was born and grew up with a workaholic father. Not one to be surrounded by superficial friendships she only has a couple of very close friends. Due to events of her past Violet doesn’t trust easily so when that trust is broken it takes an awful lot to come back from.


Centred around the age old battle raging between good and evil Embrace begins as Violet turns 17 and faces a life changing decision. To stay human and become a target for all the exiled angels in our realm or turn to her destiny and become Gregori – which roughly translates to Guardian Angel.

Control is the one thing Violet always tries to retain, having been in a situation where she had none. So, imagine if you will, how hard it is for Violet to have her whole life change in the space of one day – a day she wants to avoid to begin with. Her life changes in ways she seems to have no control of, she changes in ways she seems to have no control of.

To guide her on this journey is Lincoln, her Gregori partner whom she loves with every fibre of her being and finally discovers he feels the same way; but as in all good love stories problems arise. Gregori partners can’t be involved in that way, it causes too many distractions. Then Violet meets a new man and our ‘good friends’ find they are part of an unwilling threesome which has emotion and tensions running wild. It certainly doesn’t help that the new addition is an exiled angel – sworn enemy of the Gregori, and no-one thinks to find out whether he was an angel of light or dark.

Shirvington’s characters are well rounded and easy to empathise with. All of them with a sense of humour though some of them not quite as funny as they think.  You will find yourself cheering them on, hoping for the best outcome for everyone.

Embrace is fast paced and exciting, answering some questions about the hierarchy of angels and opening up quite a few more questions with those answers. Filled with emotional turmoil and the eternal choices between good and evil, it’s a book that hooked me from page one and never let go. Now I am waiting very impatiently for installment number two.

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