Die For Me

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Author: Amy Plum
ISBN: 978-006-200-4017
RRP: $29.99

Die For me is the beginning of a brand new and exciting series by Amy Plum.

The Twilight phenomena has kicked the Young Adult fantasy genre into overdrive and the marketplace is filled with this genre no matter where you buy your books. Everywhere you turn there is vampires, werewolves and angels; and lots of the series finding popularity at the moment incorporate quite a lot of other paranormal beings.

Amy Plum has gone in a totally new, fresh and different direction with this well written and captivating novel about revenants.

Kate is a run of the mill 16 year old girl who has already seen her share of tragedy for such a short life and now she has been transplanted to a whole new world, though one familiar to her, in her move from Brooklyn to Paris with her sister after the tragic death of her parents.

The whole new world she discovers is further from what she expected than she ever could have dreamed. The Mercier sisters move to Paris to live with their grandparents, a new life in a new city for the newly orphaned girls. They have visited Paris every year since childhood with their parents and the landscape is familiar.

die for me

This time round Kate discovers an entirely new Paris, and with it a new side of herself. Being a 16yr old girl this new discovery, of course, centers around a mysterious and handsome ‘young’ man. Sexy, charming and definitely more to him than meets the eye.

Kate’s arrival in Paris is shrouded in darkness, and emptiness, where she forces herself to breathe and carry out an existence of increasing distance from her friends, her life in Brooklyn and her family. The devastation of her life with the death of her parents has made her insulate herself from more pain and build a fortress around her heart, to save her from ever having to suffer the loss of one she loves again. Immersing herself in classic books, films and art to escape the emptiness of the gaping hole in her life left by the loss of her parents.

Can the mysterious and sexy stranger manage to infiltrate Kate’s walls? And what happens when she discovers all of his secrets?

Life with the venerable Vincent is going to be more than she could ever have imagined, she has traded in an existence for an extraordinary life. One in which Vincent intends to treat her as an extraordinary miracle.

Picturesque locations in one of the most romantic cities in the world is the glorious backdrop for Die For Me, a novel with action, intrigue and centuries old vendettas. Paranormal romance at it’s most thrilling, Amy Plum really does take you places you’ve not been before.

An extraordinary debut that will keep you at the edge of your seat and compulsively turning pages long after you should have been cooking dinner. (oops)

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