Dead Sexy

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Author: Tate Hallaway
ISBN: 978-075-533-6579
RRP: $22.99

After reading “Tall, Dark and Dead” I was looking forward to the sequel and “Dead Sexy” does not disappoint.

Garnet Lacey is a witch with a vampire boyfriend and a goddess in her belly which, as it seems, can only lead to trouble.

Garnet is an enjoyable character to read about, as she is such an alternative and unusual heroine. Just like the previous installment I couldn’t put it down.


Complete with witches, vampires, a voodoo priestess and college student zombies, Tate Hallaway has done a fantastic job of balancing it all out so that it is chic, fabulous and totally addictive.

I recommend reading “Tall Dark and Dead” first so you get a better understanding of the characters.

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