Children’s Book Club Reads for July 2018

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I am supposed to be sitting and finalising the book club lists for July, and doing about a thousand other things this rainy Friday night but first I have to tell you about the children’s books we have just lined up for review by you and your children in July.

It’s cold and rainy and that means it’s the perfect time to snuggle up with your little ones and share story time. Such a precious time if you can get them to sit still that long…

I really would like to get these out and about so I’ll leave you to take a look at what we have, get your preferences back to us as soon as you can and have a great weekend.

The Mulberry Tree – Allison Rushby
Walker Books – Children’s Crime and Mystery – Ages 9+

A captivating, spooky mystery for middle-grade readers from acclaimed author Allison Rushby.

Do naught wrong by the mulberry tree, or she’ll take your daughters … one, two, three. Ten-year-old Immy and her family run away from their storm cloud of problems to a tiny village in Cambridgeshire, England. When they find an adorable thatched cottage to begin a perfect new life in, the only downside is the ancient, dark and fierce-looking mulberry tree in the back garden. And the legend that comes with it – the villagers say the tree steals away girls living in the cottage on the eve of their eleventh birthday. Of course, Immy thinks this is ridiculous. Then she starts to hear a strange song in her head … Allison Rushby’s new novel for middle-grade readers is a captivating, spooky mystery.

The Penguins Are Coming! – Meg McKinlay, Illustrated by Mark Jackson
Walker Books – Picture Book – Ages 3+

What’s a penguin? Award-winning picture book creators Meg McKinlay and Mark Jackson explain all in this hilarious picture book.

The penguins are coming and there is great excitement at the zoo. But what’s a penguin? The animals don’t quite know what to expect – but they all have an opinion, each more outlandish than the last. When the truth about penguins is finally revealed, everyone is in for a surprise! This is a hilarious picture book by award winners Meg McKinlay and Mark Jackson.

  • Short-listed, Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards, Young Children Category, 2011

The Happiness Box – By Mark Greenwood, Illustrated by Andrew McLean
Walker Books – History and the past – Ages 7+

An inspiring narrative non-fiction picture book by award winners Mark Greenwood and Andrew McLean.

In 1942, Sergeant “Griff” Griffin was a prisoner of war. With Christmas approaching, he decided to make a book for the children cooped up in nearby Changi Prison. The book was said to contain the secrets to happiness. But the enemy was suspicious … With this picture book, award winners Mark Greenwood and Andrew McLean bring to life the inspirational true story of a book that became a National Treasure.

A huge thanks goes out to the publishers without whom we could not offer such great reads. Walker Books Australia we are so grateful for the support you show us and we look forward to a long working relationship.

If you aren’t yet a member of the Beauty and Lace Club there is still time to join, head over to the signup page and take a look:

Happy Reading, have fun selecting preferences and we look forward to hearing what you think.

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