Book Review: White Christmas

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Author: Ros Baxter
ISBN: 9780857991164
RRP: $1.19

Coming into December we are fast approaching the Christmas season and that means that there are lots of seasonal offerings being released. This morning I read a very different Christmas short story by Ros Baxter.

White Christmas is a dystopian short story set seventeen years after the Apocalypse. The Earth has been destroyed and the survivors have turned into space gypsies. Tabysha is a scientist doing research on an icy planet inhabited by slimy vampiric creatures who suck the life out of any warm bodied creature they can get their suckers on, and when they do get those suckers attached they don’t leave much behind.

Tabysha is caught up in a firefight on her way home and shot down, she has hours before a rescue pod can reach her and when another ship is shot down she can’t leave the pilot at the mercy of the the planet’s inhabitants so she breaks protocol to enact a rescue only to discover that the survivor is someone she once knew.


This one is a very short offering, almost bite sized even, and great for a light read over coffee. We don’t really have the time to get invested in the characters or get to know them but Baxter tells the story well enough that we know all we need to. White Christmas is only about 10 pages once you take into account the other pages in the file and it takes place over a two hour period.

Even in a dystopian setting, with the Earth no longer and at threat of being sucked dry we have action, steam and Christmas carols in a world where Christmas can have a totally different meaning. I found White Christmas to be interesting and fun, another enjoyable read from Ros Baxter – an author I am finding to be quite talented in a variety of genres and mediums.

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