Book Review: Sound

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Author: Juliet Madison
ISBN: 978-1-62681-718-0
RRP: $4.99

Sound is the second book in the Delta Girls series by the talented Juliet Madison. I read and reviewed Sight earlier this year and was intrigued by the storytelling, and the sisters.

Sight focused on Savannah and her ability to see more than those around her. The story also allowed us an insight into her siblings. The Delta Girls, as they have fondly nicknamed themselves, are twin and triplet Delcarta sisters. Each sister has an extra sensory ability that matches one of the senses and the initial of their first name, which was a quirky little fact I loved.

Sound is Serena’s story and we get a much deeper insight into her mind, her life and her ability. Life continues for the sisters as they explore their abilities and hone their intuition and with them sharing such close bonds there is no way we could have a story without them all playing a large role.

Of course there is an element of romance, of the sweet first love variety. That awkward cute ‘will we end up in the Friend zone’ type romance that’s fun to read.

Savannah and Serena share a science class, where they sit together, and when the new science project is assigned they look like working together until table mate Lara requests she work with her twin brother Damon. Serena ends up working with Lara and Damon while Savannah is grouped with two other girls.

The human brain is one of the topics, and the one Serena is most drawn to. Serena is, not the smart one because all of the Delcarta sisters are intelligent but she is the most focused on her studies. Lara is even more focused and when they agree on the human brain topic she schedules their study time to maximize efficiency.

Serena chose the human brain topic in the hopes that she could include research into delta waves and the abilities she shares with her sisters. As the trio spend some time together getting started on the project it becomes clear that twins Damon and Lara may have their own reasons for wanting to study the human brain.

The very first study session at their house sees Serena hearing things and racing off before she makes herself seem crazy. It turns out that Damon and Lara know that their house is haunted but aren’t sure what to do about it.


The Delta Girls are trying to keep their abilities quiet, they share the info on a need to know basis and are quite choosy when it comes to who needs to know. Serena is thinking about telling Damon, to help with the haunting issue, but her sisters are against the idea. Damon and Lara both find out about Serena’s abilities in the course of the story and so the circle grows.

I love these characters, I fell in love with the Delcarta’s and Savannah’s boyfriend Riley in Sight and they are just as likeable in Sound. Damon and Lara are new characters and I found them easy to like also. Lara is an interesting young woman who is very cerebral and lacking in social graces. It is mentioned that she reminds Damon of Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory and I think that is spot on. She has trouble with change and anything unexpected.

The issues faced by the characters are sensitively approached and realistically dealt with I thought. There was some predictability but there were also some quite unexpected twists.

Alongside the everyday lives of the girls is their continuing quest to find the answers they need to finally set the mystery of their father’s disappearance to rest. I think this is going to be an ongoing mystery that slowly unfolds throughout the whole series.

Sound is an interesting paranormal YA read that is sure to entertain, I am well and truly hooked on this series so will be eagerly awaiting the next sense.

Sound is book #56 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2015.

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Sound is available from October 13th through Diversion Books.

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