Book Review: Possessed

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By Niki Valentine (ISBN: 978-1-84744-456-1)

I very rarely read, and that isn’t because I don’t enjoy reading because I do, it is because I don’t have the time. What made me pick up Possessed I don’t know…but I’m glad I did.

Maybe it was the enticing cover (yes, I’m sorry to say but I’m a judge book by the cover girl), the title, or the simple sticker announcing “If you enjoyed Black Swan you’ll love this”. Black Swan did leave me stunned, so could this book really compare?

Possessed is a thriller, but not in an action packed, bang bang, my baby shot me down kind of way – more of the paranormal variety.

So, we have Emma – a little bit of an outcast but a naturally talented and rising star pianist. Emma is accepted into a “prestigious music school” and is befriended by two beautiful twins with identical looks and opposite personalities. Emma quickly gets swept into a life of dining out and parties and is almost like the third twin in the equation.


When the quieter twin commits suicide, things really start to get interesting. Emma’s state of mind spirals out of control and she begins to have blackouts, while Sophie, the surviving twin seems unaffected by her loss.

I am not going to give any more details away, but the title of the book will give you some clue as to where the story leads. It certainly makes Emma question what she believes to be reality…are we truly gone when we die? Is there a reasonable explanation to what is happening to her?

For someone who doesn’t pick up a book very often, completing this in two days really tells you something about how addictive this book was for me. I was cooking dinner while reading, I literally could not put it down. It wasn’t predictable, yet I didn’t feel like the storyline dragged.

The perfect mix of twists and turns with a dark storyline and compelling characters.

This story was thrilling, but not scary – good for a non horror fan like myself!

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