Book Review: Lola Bensky

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Author: Lily Brett

Lola Bensky is quite different from your average novel and does indeed make for an intriguing read. Author Lily Brett is penning her own experiences from her career as a journalist, but rather then making this a biography of sorts; she has created a fictional character – who we know as Lola.

I sit here and struggle to think of words – or just a word – to describe Lola’s character.  Quirky?  Nonchalant? Dull? To me she seems indifferent of life in general, including her own. Detached would also be a suitable word. If you’re looking for a bubbly, bright, and enthusiastic character, you won’t find one here.

We follow Lola through her life and career as a rock-star journalist, often skipping through a few years at a time. We witness her holding interviews with many of the world’s most famous musicians, including the likes of Sonny and Cher, Mick Jagger and Jimmi Hendricks.

lola bensky

We get an insight into her mind and view her battles of having a rather unhealthy view of body image. We learn of her parents, who have survived through Auschwitz, but lost all of their family in the process. The latter is bought up many times through the book as Lola struggles to understand the pain that her parents went through and why her Mother can’t seem to let go of her upsetting past, which puts a dent into their relationship.

As the years pass, Lola’s character stays much the same. She is married, has children, and is later divorced.  She becomes somewhat less of a journalist and starts writing detective novels.

Putting this book down you can’t help but feel a little moved. Flitting from interviews with rock stars to disturbing stories from the holocaust, it can be rather thought provoking. Whilst this book certainly isn’t what I would describe as an exciting and compelling read, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a major plot line, it captures your attention enough to want to find out more.

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