Book Review: Lingerie for Felons

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Author: Ros Baxter
ISBN: 9780857991393
RRP: AU$4.99

Lingerie for Felons is the latest release for Australian Ros Baxter who writes riotous romance with feisty heroines. I have read a few of Baxter’s works and though she likes to cross genre boundaries there is always romance at the heart.

Lola is our flawed heroine, she was brought up to believe that everyone can make a difference and she intends to do exactly that. She is passionate about the causes she believes in and that often sees her acting without thinking through the consequences thoroughly which finds her arrested three times. Fortunately there is always someone in her corner and she has managed to avoid doing time though she knows her luck is bound to run out so she has to stop getting herself into these situations.

The characters are all quite quirky and stand out. Lola’s parents become more proud of her with every arrest, her sister is a bestselling author writing under a pseudonym to protect her anonymity and her brother is an ex-military lawyer who has just come out of the closet. They don’t pull together in a crisis very well because they are all very self-absorbed and can’t see past their own part in the situation, which doesn’t always go well for Lola when she needs them to help her out of her latest scrape with the law.

Lingerie for Felons is written from Lola’s perspective in the first person so we get deep inside her head and the story unfolds through her special style of storytelling. She is a mathematician who hasn’t decided yet what to do with her future but it does mean she loves numbers and talking in numbered lists. It took a while to get into the time shifts and her style of storytelling but it was well worth it. Lola is an admirable heroine who may not always have thought through her decisions thoroughly, or her underwear choices, but she always did what she felt was right.

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Lola has two men in her life at different times and they offer her very different things. Wayne is her partner at the beginning of the story but his beliefs don’t match up with hers so she breaks up with him, not long before her first arrest. Wayne is a charismatic Australian who manages to make everyone around Lola fall in love with him, so they don’t take the break up well. Over the next 15 years the two cross paths at the strangest moments and throw Lola further into turmoil.

Clark is the public defender assigned to speak to Lola after her first arrest and the two cross paths again later. He offers Lola stability and rescue when she needs it but these two are also very different and can you ever really be happy when the one you are with wants you to change.

Follow Lola as she discovers what she wants to do with her life, navigates the causes it’s worth risking her freedom for and grows with her family.

This is an engaging and witty read which addresses some serious issues of social conscience. Lingerie for Felons is a stand alone published by Escape Publishing but I would be interested to read more of Lola’s adventures if this was turned into a series.

For links to purchase your own copy of Lingerie for Felons head to Escape Publishing.

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