Book Review: Could It Be You?

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Author: Katie Kirby
RRP: $4.99

Could It Be You? is the debut novel of Irish author and actor Katie Kirby, it has just been published by Endeavour Press in the UK. Katie approached me to request a review and I couldn’t say no. If I can help debut authors to get the word out about their book and help them in their writing dreams that makes my day. And when it is the author that makes the approach rather than a publicist then I really find a soft spot. I can’t say I have ever regretted this decision.

Rachel Kane is a newly separated woman in her late twenties living in her parents granny flat and selling her home made beauty range at the local markets. Making her range of soaps and beauty products is her passion, unfortunately the recent collapsing of her world means she isn’t as passionate about the customer service side of business. We meet her on a Wednesday morning in the lead up to the weekend wedding of two of her best friends in the South of France.

The story takes place over four days and the chapter titles are times, taking us slowly through wedding week. Rachel in the maid of honour role knows that she has to pull herself out of her lingering post-breakup funk and make the most of the weekend away with her best friends.

Rachel is part of a tight knit friendship group that have been together since college. They shared all the fun and frivolity of college life and in the decade since have stayed together through hookups, breakups, engagements, marriages and separations. Their bonds have stayed strong and though Rachel’s friendships suffered during her marriage they are getting back on track now. I found this friendship dynamic very touching, it is a bond that many of us strive for and long for but many people find it out of reach; which is something that was addressed in the book by someone who came along much later and saw the bond from the outside.

Could It Be You

Could It Be You? was very predictable, there weren’t any surprises to be found within these pages. It was an easy, light read that I flew through quicker than expected. It was an enjoyable read that kept me involved in the narrative but I felt that the conflict and the tension were a little too easily solved. The characters were not as well developed as I would have liked, they were far from one dimensional but I couldn’t get to know them as well as I wanted to.

I am left with a few questions as to how things work together because there seems to be bits missing, but that could just be my lack of sleep of late and have not joined all of the dots as I should have.

Could It Be You is a sweet story of love, of endurance and of working out what’s right for you and knowing when to fight for it.

Katie Kirby has written a debut with interesting characters, gorgeous scenery, and who doesn’t love a wedding. I will be interested to see where her career goes from here because I would definitely pick up another book written by her.

Katie can be found on her Website and Twitter.

Could It Be You is available from Amazon, Amazon UK and Amazon Australia.

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