Book Review by Chels: Cat Kid Comic Club – Perspectives

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Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives is a funny book. It’s a very good, easy book but it’s still good for older kids.

This book was created by Dav Pilkey who is also the creator of Captain Underpants, so if you like Captain Underpants you’ll love this too. Some of the other books he wrote were Dog Man, Dragon Series, and more. Dav Pilkey is one of the best sellers and this book was created in 1997. 

This book has lots of extremely funny moments! Some of the characters are Melvin, Pedro, Lil Petey, Molly, Poppy and Flippy.

Fun fact: this book has 21 characters. The main characters are Lil Petey, Molly and Flippy.

Lil Petey is always a very enjoyable character to read about. He always puts a smile on my face when he comes up. Naomi and Melvin are brother and sister. They always remind me of me and my brother and when they made a comic to make them be friends again it made me really happy.

Poppy is a very different frog compared to her other siblings. My favourite characters were Melvin and Naomi.

Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives is a great book to make your children laugh and smile.

This book is a nine and a half out of ten. There’s only a few things I didn’t like about this book. Firstly this book is super short so it’s good for younger ages like seven and up.

Secondly I wish they had more talking in them than just them reading their comics. My favourite part was when the brother and sister got along just from a comic.

Overall this is a great book!

3 thoughts on “Book Review by Chels: Cat Kid Comic Club – Perspectives

  1. This sounds like a fun book to read to my grandchildren . Thank you Miss Chelsea for an excellent review

  2. My kids love Dave Pilky books so I will be sure to buy this one for them. They are reading well now but still like short stories so this will be excellent especially with all the fun characters.

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