Book Review: A Ferret Named Phil

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Author: William Reimer
ISBN: 978-0-9942950-0-2
RRP: $20.95

Earlier this week I received a signed and beautifully wrapped First Edition Copy of a brand new book by young Adelaide Hills writer William Reimer.

I first heard of this book via social media early this year and ordered a copy immediately. Not only am I supporting a young local artist but I am adding to my childrens library and hopefully helping to broach discussion about a tricky subject.

A Ferret Named Phil is about, as you may have guessed, a ferret named Phil. He is a happy young ferret who likes fruit but is often picked on by a large hawk named Hugo.

Phil shows us how to be brave, how to stand up for ourselves and how to outwit Hugo without anyone getting hurt. His parents, Shirley and Bill, are concerned that Phil is heading right to where Hugo is known to hang out but brave young Phil reassures them that he is not afraid.

“Now please tell us Phil, what will you say,
if Hugo the hawk picks on you today?”
“I’ll tell him – No, go away, leave me alone.”
“That’s right,” said Bill. “And if he does, let us know.”

a ferret named phil

The book is a glossy hard cover and absolutely gorgeous. The illustrations are full page, full colour and simple enough to capture the imaginations of children in a wide age range.

A Ferret Named Phil is a rhyming story which will enchant younger readers. The bouncy rhyme will engage toddlers and the timeless tale of the little guy coming out on top will appeal to children of all ages.

The storyline is simple, Phil is enchanting and the stunning illustrations are water colours by local artist James Moore.

I believe this book is William Reimer from concept to creation. He was in complete control every step of the way, which is why it took a little longer than anticipated for my copy to arrive – for everyone’s copy to arrive.

I have approached William for an interview about the book so we will find out a little more in the upcoming weeks. His vision is to see Phil in every daycare, kindergarten and primary school in the country and I think that’s a pretty fantastic dream. I plan to help out by taking my copy in to share with my sons teacher tomorrow.

24 full colour glossy pages of enthusiastic rhyme to enchant, engage and inspire. I would like to think there is a little of Phil in all of us and hopefully sharing this book will help to develop that side of our young ones.

To find out more and follow the journey you can find Phil on Facebook and the official website.

To order your very own copy please head to the order page at A Ferret Named Phil.

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