Book Review: A Dream Of Something More

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Author: Jane Carter
ISBN: 9781760081577
RRP: $3.99

A Dream of Something More sees Robbie leave her small hometown of Farrow and move to Sydney to become a teacher. She leaves behind an ex-husband and a young daughter as well as the small town community that all feels like family.

In Sydney she is anonymous and surrounded by more people than she’s ever seen in her life. We come in as Robbie starts the third year of her teaching degree and is coming to the end of her study and through the course of the story we get to know how she came to be a mature age student with a young daughter at home.

This was a light and easy read that I managed in just over a day, which is something that hasn’t been happening very much of late. The writing was fluent and the story flowed well but it didn’t grab me quite the way it could have.

Robbie was all set to go off to uni after high school until an illness in the family saw her defer, again and again, and then she met Brian, got married and started a family. Her dreams were put on hold for the good of those around her. Those dreams were reignited when she discovered her marriage was not what she thought and separated from her husband.

Living in a small town everyone knows your business and Robbie didn’t want her daughter Allie to suffer if the truth about what happened got out, and I understand that, but I don’t really get how Robbie allowed herself to be painted as the woman who abandoned her husband and child to run off to Sydney by the people she had grown up and spent her whole life with. The whole situation was a little strange because news of the separation was basically kept quiet until the divorce was final.


Robbie was always just going to Sydney for her degree and then returning to the small town of Farrow. She often has Allie down for weekends and she spends the holidays in Farrow. On returning to her flat to begin the final year, knowing that her time is fast running out, she meets her sexy younger neighbour Nick.

The two start spending time together and then get involved. Much of the storyline was quite predictable and the issues Robbie has with the age difference gets quite repetitive. She is very hung up on it and uses it as an excuse to keep Nick at arms length emotionally though not physically.

The nature of the affair meant that neither really knew anything about the other outside their existence together in Sydney. When they were together they were totally together but when they were apart it didn’t seem to register and I didn’t pay much attention to it because there wasn’t any time spent on Nick while he was away from Robbie. Needless to say things get very real when the entire picture comes into view.

A Dream Of Something More is about a young mothers decision to take her life back and follow the dream that had been shelved over a decade ago and getting more than she bargained for in the process. It was an alright read, I enjoyed it. It was light and quick but Robbie’s hangup over the age difference really did get quite tiresome.

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