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Travelling by Gillian Wells is a rural romance set in Australia. The story is about following your dreams, friendship, love, secrets, resilience and danger.

Twenty five year old Sam, much to her parent’s disappointment, has dropped out of uni. Instead, she will follow her passion for horses, working as a glorified groom in the UK. Sam’s employment is suddenly terminated when she is blamed for the death of a horse in her care. Unwilling to return home to her parents, she applies for a job in Australia.

Sam and her co-worker Lisa set off on a travelling adventure. On arrival in Australia, their first job is not without challenges.

Luckily, Sam meets horse trainers Dot and Doug Briggs, who are impressed with her connection to their horse. They offer her employment and treat her like the daughter they never had. Life is good for Sam.

They take her travelling, visiting horse establishments all around Australia. On their journey, Sam meets Brett and there is a mutual attraction.

But, Sam has a secret and is running from her past. There is someone who is out to ruin her reputation and harm her. She thought travelling to Australia would put enough distance between them. She was wrong.

Could Sam and Brett have a future when both have so much baggage? Sam shares some of her secrets with Brett — but not all.

It is a little hard to review without spoilers when so much is packed into this story. Sam is an interesting character, one feels for her as she travels both physically and emotionally in pursuit of her dreams.

The book is easy to read with some great characters. What I like about books by Gillian Wells is that they always have a message with characters that grow emotionally. Some characters are not so nice but also those who restore your faith in human nature.

There is always a mystery that is slowly shared throughout the chapters. There is romance which doesn’t always run smoothly. There is an element of danger and the best part is the book always has an outcome and a conclusion that leaves you satisfied. 

Travelling does not disappoint.

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12 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Travelling

  1. A wonderful page turning read on Sams journey of healing and I loved how it ended.
    My first book by Gillian Wells and I must say I loved this one!

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