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Travelling by Gillian Wells is a rural romance set in Australia. The story is about following your dreams, friendship, love, secrets, resilience and danger.

Twenty five year old Sam, much to her parent’s disappointment, has dropped out of uni. Instead, she will follow her passion for horses, working as a glorified groom in the UK. Sam’s employment is suddenly terminated when she is blamed for the death of a horse in her care. Unwilling to return home to her parents, she applies for a job in Australia.

Sam and her co-worker Lisa set off on a travelling adventure. On arrival in Australia, their first job is not without challenges.

Luckily, Sam meets horse trainers Dot and Doug Briggs, who are impressed with her connection to their horse. They offer her employment and treat her like the daughter they never had. Life is good for Sam.

They take her travelling, visiting horse establishments all around Australia. On their journey, Sam meets Brett and there is a mutual attraction.

But, Sam has a secret and is running from her past. There is someone who is out to ruin her reputation and harm her. She thought travelling to Australia would put enough distance between them. She was wrong.

Could Sam and Brett have a future when both have so much baggage? Sam shares some of her secrets with Brett — but not all.

It is a little hard to review without spoilers when so much is packed into this story. Sam is an interesting character, one feels for her as she travels both physically and emotionally in pursuit of her dreams.

The book is easy to read with some great characters. What I like about books by Gillian Wells is that they always have a message with characters that grow emotionally. Some characters are not so nice but also those who restore your faith in human nature.

There is always a mystery that is slowly shared throughout the chapters. There is romance which doesn’t always run smoothly. There is an element of danger and the best part is the book always has an outcome and a conclusion that leaves you satisfied. 

Travelling does not disappoint.

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12 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Travelling

  1. Travelling an ebook by Gillian Wells, Shawling Publishing Group, is a story for horse lovers, with a touch of rural romance.
    The main character’s life revolves around her love of horses and there are many descriptions of horse breeding, showing, eventing and racing. She even travels from the UK to Australia to continue her love of everything equestrian!
    However Samantha (Sam) has also travelled half way across the world to try and put her troubled past behind her… She finds horses much more trust-worthy than people.
    Things go well for Sam as she starts to feel at home in Australia’s very different rural environment, and meets people she can confide in. However eventually Sam’s past catches up with her and she is forced to confront her secrets or lose everything she holds dear.
    A quick and easy read but definitely one for the horsey set!

    1. Thank you so very much Lynn Sinclair, what a wonderful review. I am thrilled you liked it. There are more in the pipeline!
      Thank you Carla I am so pleased you enjoyed it.
      Thank you Denise Swann it’s so lovely to hear that people enjoy what I have written.
      Thank you Catherine Brauer What can I say and truly lovely review
      Thnak you LynB so happy you enjoyed it.
      Again many thanks to yo all I so appreciate your input it’s what makes writing so enjoyable and fun.

  2. I realise this is a proof copy however there were a lot of spelling and grammatical errors.
    I really enjoyed the book felt it was well written and kept me interested. Sam has had some bad times in the past and she is trying to start again in Australia however these events won’t leave her alone.

  3. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the wonderful feedback it makes my day!I am so happy when people like what I have written . Thanks again everyone .

  4. Travelling by author Gillian Wells is definitely one of my stand out reads for this year. Sam is in her mid 20’s and horses are her entire world. Sam heads for Australia from the UK to work with horses where no one knows her in hope of escaping her emotional baggage and her past. After a short stint at a couple of properties working with horses she finds herself working for and living with the Grants. Through them she meets and falls in love with Brett. In time she finds herself healing and free of the past.
    I really enjoyed the mentions and descriptions of some of the locations and rural areas of Australia which are quite familiar to me!
    I can’t wait to read more of author Gillian Wells’ books and hope she continues to write more books.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing Group for copy of Travelling – a truly memorable read.

  5. Gillian Wells has written another great novel. travelling is inspiring, along with emotional. As Sam makes her way in life travelling and with her love of horses, she finds her way to Australia from the UK.
    She reasons that no one knows her past as she tries to put it behind her and knows and trusts horses before people.
    Love catches her as does her past which she has to deal with. Can Brett, who she falls in love with, help her!

  6. “Travelling” is, in my opinion, a great read. The story takes us on a journey around rural Australia, it is full of interest, romance and mystery. With all these great elements the book cannot fail to engage readers, especially those with a love of horses. As usual Gillian Wells has authored a delightful, easy to read novel, and I must add that I love the cover picture.

  7. Gillian Wells just goes from strength to strength with her writing.
    I loved this book, and read it through the night, as I did nt want to put it down.
    A rural Australia setting, with lot’s of travelling to different towns, all for the love and purchase of horses.
    Sam leaves her former painful and troubled life behind in the UK, and travels to Australia. At first things get off to a bad start, but a move to a new homestead, and she soon falls in love, not only with the horses, but the childless couple who have employed her.
    At a luncheon with the Grants, she meets the son of the homestead they are at, and finds him a sad and lost soul, who she later finds out, has had some devastating losses in his own life. His overly critical mother does not help him.
    Brett and Sam slowly start confiding in each other, and love blossoms, but not without some trials of their own.
    In the mean time, the Grants have a major life challenge of their own to deal with, and Sam feels the life she has come to love so much, may change.
    During all of these months, a nasty reminder from Sams past, is stalking her, and she begins to fear for her life.
    There are twists and turns, but the story is wonderfully and descriptively written.
    The many towns visited and described, brought back memories of my childhood, as I visited these places myself.
    I am not a horse lover, but this story grabbed me, as did the characters.
    Sams life sorts itself out and there is a lot of healing for both Sam and Brett.
    I particularly loved the ending chapters, as they grew together, and went on to build a dream location, and enable wonderful experiences for children less fortunate.
    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Shawline Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Travelling.
    To Gillian Wells, thank you for another fabulous read. I look forward to more!

  8. Sam is on a hard wicket, she gave up university studies to follow her horse passion only to find herself bounced from one job to the next for reasons out of her control. Having been last in at her latest job, and on the tragic death of a horse in her care, Sam finds herself jobless again, only this time another groom Lisa has gone down with her, fighting for fairness, or so it seemed.
    In need of a change, the two english horse groomers take a chance on a job across the globe in sunny Australia. While hard times were still on their way, the trip, change of location and the ability to try to leave her history behind seemed good to Sam. But history does find a way to catch up.
    I enjoyed this book in the ease of the story and the characters within. A good way to escape with a little intrigue, romance and some heat and sunshine. Thanks for the opportunity to read.

  9. Thank you for letting me read and review Travelling.
    The novel starts with Sam being a bit down on her luck, not much is going right so she decides she needs a change. Her friend Brett also has nothing to tie him down so they go travelling and find themselves loving rural Australia.
    Sam absolutely loves the horses and this really shines in this book.
    I hadn’t read any of Gillian’s novels but I will now be keeping an eye out for any because I have loved her work.
    Thank you for writing an amazing novel and allowing me to review it.

  10. Travelling by Gillian Wells is a story based around a love for horses that allows the main character, Sam, to keep living after a series of misfortunes.

    I liked the armchair travel opportunity it provided as the story moves through regional Australia and I would have liked this to be explored more.

    I found the story to be written more on the superficial side, and would have loved more depth to the story and characters, making it more engrossing.

    While I didn’t not enjoy the book, I did find it hard to read at times.

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