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Til Daph Do Us Part is the first book in a new cozy mystery series by Phillipa Nefri Clark. Daphne (Daph) Jones is a mobile celebrant who, along with her husband John and their faithful caravan Bluebell, travels the countryside performing required celebrant duties.

Long time readers of Clark’s works will recognise Daph, who first appeared in The Stationmaster’s Cottage, book one of Clark’s highly successful River’s End series. Daph then made appearances in each of the subsequent River’s End Series books, as well as making a brief appearance in Deadly Past (one of the Charlotte Dean Mysteries).

As many authors will tell you, characters have a habit of taking on a life of their own, and so it was with Daph who insisted that she deserved her own series.

In this first book, Daph and John have headed to Little Bridges for Daph to officiate at the wedding of Lisa Brooker and Steve Tanning. But when she arrives there’s a strange undercurrent in the air. Steve is the third brother in the Tanning family that Lisa is marrying, with both prior grooms dying in strange circumstances not long into their marriages. Steve’s family are refusing to attend the wedding, and Lisa’s family doesn’t seem over-enthused about it.

When Steve is found floating in the swimming pool before the day’s end, Daph finds herself trying to find a murderer.

Waiters changing wet clothing, family members who make it clear that Daph is not welcome, strange goings-on around the caravan at night, and long-time family rivalries. This whodunnit has it all. But when the events start to affect Daph’s future bookings nothing is going to get in her way of solving this mystery and saving her business.

Clark’s latest offering is definitely more cozy mystery and less suspense than her previous works, but it is a fabulous read. With hints and red herrings galore you will be enthralled as you try to work out who did it, and why.

In addition to the wonderful story, I must make mention of the gorgeous book cover by Jade Erica of Steam Power Studios. who has captured the essence of Daph perfectly, a simple yet stunning cover with so much detail the closer you look.

I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to read the next book in the Daph series. A 5 star read from me.

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Author: Phillipa Nefri Clark
ISBN: 978-0-6488652-2-3 (paperback)
Copy courtesy of Phillipa Nefri Clark

22 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Til Daph do us Part

  1. Til Daph do us part – Phillipa Nefri Clark
    Daphne Jones is a marriage celebrant who travels around the state in her renovated caravan, Bluebell, with her husband John to perform weddings.
    She absolutely loves her job and spending time with her adoring husband. That is until she visits the Bride and Groom, Lisa and Steve and Lisa’s family the day before their big day.
    Daphne gets a really bad feeling about these people especially after she discovers that this is Lisa’s third wedding to a member of the Tanning family and that both of her previous husbands had died soon after their weddings.
    Despite her concerns the wedding goes smoothly. But when she hears Lisa screaming she knows something is wrong. When Steve is pulled out of the pool, dead, Daphne decides she needs to solve the case of his murder.
    Celebrant turned sleuth! Daphne uncovers lots of secrets about these two families and the town they live in.
    This is a lovely book(despite it being about murder) that will keep you guessing until the end.

  2. A light hearted read, and quick read, but for me it was a mildly irritating storyline.
    Daph and her hubby are a loving couple, but in my eyes, she is so annoying. A ‘wanna be’ sleuth and a celebrant, currently in town to officiate a wedding ceremony, where a murder takes place.
    Over the course of the story, more murders will occur and be investigated, and Daph drives the Police nuts with her interfering in their murder enquiries.
    She does however, solve the murders, purely by all the notes she has made in her notebook. Not a single shred of Forensics or actual Policing is needed, as this retired, middle aged busy body, solves the mysteries herself..
    It is a light hearted read, even though about a few murders in some very disfunctional families, and their long history.
    I also noted many errors in grammar, as well as spelling, which I also found irritating. Things like that make me wonder if copyediting and proof reading are done anymore?
    If there are more books in this particular series, I woud not read them as the characters are toi annoying for my liking..
    Thank you Beauty and Lace, for the opportunity to read ‘ Til Daph Do Us Part’ by Phillipa Nefri Clark

  3. Daphne Jones is a celebrant. She travels around with her semi-retired husband John in their caravan, following the work. But she cannot help sleuthing if there’s a mystery to be solved. As I read I realised Daphne is in several previous series Philippa Nefri Clark has written – but obviously such a popular character the author decided to give her her own series. Sometimes it was a bit hard to connect the dots when the previous series were mentioned, but you get the gist. Daphne and John are a pleasant loving couple who’ve never managed to have their own children – and it seems like she herself had difficult experiences as a child, which in the past has led them to foster. Now Daphne’s big heart has led her to become a celebrant, to help families experience the big moments in their lives. When a murder happens at a wedding – within an hour of the ceremony (!), this tale kicks off into high gear. Daph is a good sleuth! This was a pleasant read with a few twists and turns and revelations you don’t see coming. Thanks to Beauty & Lace bookclub for the review copy.

  4. Till Death do us Part by Phillipa Nefri Clark.

    I loved the cover and the quote at the beginning “ To living a life which makes you happy and helps you bring happiness to others”.

    Daphne Jones is a celebrant. She has been booked for a wedding in Little Bridges.
    This was her dream come true! To travel in their caravan “ Bluebell” with her retired husband. Her new career to help people celebrate the happiest and the saddest times of their lives.

    Little did Daphne know it would all be happening on the one day for bride Lisa Brooker. Her husband of less than an hour, Steve Tanning, is found dead as the wedding reception begins.

    Was it an accident or murder?
    As her next booking is cancelled, to save her new business, Daphne starts sleuthing or as she calls it assisting the police.

    The two families have a long running feud….not helped by the fact that Steve is the third member of the Tanning family Lisa has wed…….and they have all ended up dead!
    This book is a fun, easy to read, with twists and turns that keep you guessing as to the “who done it”.

    I look forward to more of Daphne’s sleuthing !

  5. Till Daph Do Us Part by Phillipa Nefri Clark was a fun, easy book to read. I think it would be good for people who don’t like to read, or those who don’t have much time to read. The storyline reminded me of Rosemary and Thyme – if you’ve ever watched it – a regular person who things happen around and then they feel compelled to solve the mystery despite the police telling them to stay out of it. It’s not a deep and meaningful mystery/thriller, but a light ‘fun’ one. There was a big twist in the end too, which was a nice surprise and not expected. Thank you Beauty and Lace for letting me review this book >:o)

  6. Thank-you Beauty & Lace for giving me the chance to read & review ‘Till Daph do us part’ a soft mystery by Phillipa Nefri Clark.
    Daphne (Daph) is a wedding celebrant travelling around with her husband John in a little renovated caravan ‘Bluebell’. Being a romantic at heart she really enjoys celebrating the special day with the newlyweds. That is until she meets the Brooker and the Tanning families; where weddings, murder and mystery come together.
    I’m sorry to say but I really didn’t enjoy this read, it was a bit too sweet like the icing on the wedding cake. The characters I felt were shallow people, which meant that I didn’t really care about the outcome of their trajectories. The twist in the end of ‘who done it’ was interesting but alas again I did not care much about the final outcome. However, if you are looking for a light hearted book that you can read and forget, this is for you. Thank-you ‘Beauty & Lace for the chance to review.

  7. Daphne is a celebrant her husband John is retired they travel to Daphnes jobs in their beloved caravan who they have called Bluebell
    They arrive at a town called Little Bridges
    Daphne meets the couple and family who she is to marry the next day, this is when a murder takes place straight after the wedding
    To me Daphne is a nosy parker meddling and annoying the police ( though she did solve the murder )
    Thanks for selecting me to read this book I have read other books by this author and unfortunately I just found the characters in this book too annoying

  8. I haven’t ventured into the cosy mystery genre so wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a fun story about Daphne, a marriage celebrant, and her husband who take their caravan Bluebell around small towns or wherever the work of Daphne takes them.
    The story wasn’t challenging to read and was a good distraction from life’s reality. While I was hoping some of the characters would be killed off, the quirkiness of the town and characters was enough to let me forgive the author for some of the more annoying ones.
    The description of the town transported me there and while there were some errors throughout, it didn’t distract me from the story.
    I would happily read more of Daphne and John’s adventures.

  9. This was an enjoyable, relatively quick read for me, the first of Phillipa’s books I have read, I loved the quirky artwork cover, with a hint of clues, it has its very own appeal, and I have no doubt will be jumping off the bookstore shelves into the arms of discerning readers.

    Daphne, while not your typical Mrs Jones, reminds me of a bumbling version of Brenda Blethyn in ‘Vera’ minus the attitude, or an annoying eccentric meddling caring, well-meaning aunt similar to Hyacinth Bucket.

    Not having read any of Phillipa’s previous books I wasn’t familiar with either John or Daphne the lead characters, but I did warm to this endearing couple straight away, not your typical quasi retiree’s. Life is a rolling adventure for the long-married duo, leisurely exploring one town after another in their beloved Bluebell, John happily lazing by the river with his fishing rod for company, whilst Daph keeps herself busy as the spokesperson for couples tying the knot or by delivering eulogies at funeral services.

    There were enough twists and wrong turns and family filled drama along the way to hold my interest, and Daphne and John certainly aren’t ‘keeping up with the Joneses.’ They’re just a pair of childless sweeties going out of their way to help people and often Daphne whilst well-meaning can’t help literally being in the way.

    Thank you so much Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to provide an honest review of an ARC digital version of Phillipa Nefri Clark “Til Daph Do Us Part” and I’m looking forward to reading Daph’s ongoing adventures when number two in the series is released.

  10. Thank you for giving me the chance to read this book. This is the first “Daphne” book I have read.

    I found the story to be quite interesting although not riveting. Daph can be quite irritating and I doubt I could live with her. She’s a wannabe detective/sleuth and does come to some clever conclusions.

    I would recommend this book if you want a very light easy read.

  11. If you are looking for a nice easy read, Till Daph Do us Part – Weddings, Funerals and Sleuthing is the read for you. Phillipa Nefri Clark is a writer of mystery and suspense and her latest is a cozy mystery.

    What is a cozy mystery you may ask? I know I did actually google it when I first heard about this genre a few years ago. “Cozy mystery (or cosy mystery, in British English) is the gentlest subset of the broad genre of crime writing. As its name suggests, it’s a comfort read that leaves you satisfied and at one with the world, rather than scared to sleep alone with the lights out.”

    This book is set in Victoria where Daphne and her retired Husband John travel from town to town in their newly renovated caravan named Bluebell. Daphne is a Celebrant and has bookings that allow her to travel with John. Daphne attends weddings, funerals, and any other events where she may be required while John likes to fish.

    Daphne arrives the day prior to the Wedding of Lisa and Steve and immediately feels uneasy, Lisa is stressed and acting like a Bridezilla while Steve is just rude especially to Daphne. There is so much tension in the air for what should be a happy occasion. The Wedding Day dawns and Daphne arrives hoping to be done and out of there as soon as possible when not long after kissing the bride and saying “I do” the groom is found dead in the pool.

    Daphne thrives on helping and seeking out clues so is compelled to assist the police in any way she can, she thinks of herself as an amateur sleuth and is determined to get to the bottom of the murder.

    I found this a great read that had enough twists and turns to keep me reading. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Philippa Nefri Clark for providing me with an ARC for an honest review.

  12. this is of story will have a question in mind and when you finished reading it you will know the twist of the story… A good book that will leave a reader a message The truth always comes out in the end, no matter how hard anyone tries to hide it or stop it. Lies are just a temporary delay to the inevitable.
    Just because you don’t say anything its doesn’t mean you don’t know…
    I leaned from a story a tongue has no bone, but it can break your heart by knowing the truth so be ready for it!

  13. Daphne Jones is from a small Victorian town and is on the road in her caravan with her husband to travel the state in her new job as a wedding celebrant.
    The first town they stop in for her to marry Lisa and Steve ends in disaster as there is a death at the wedding. Daph then tries to solve the murder. I honestly did not overly enjoy this book as I couldn’t warm to Daph as I found her annoying! The murder is linked to a long standing family feud and then another murder happens.
    For a book with two murder it’s quite lighthearted.
    I won’t be reading anymore books in the Daph series as they are not my ‘cup of tea.’

    Thank you Beauty and Lace, for the opportunity to read ‘ Til Daph Do Us Part,’ by Phillipa Nefri Clark.

  14. I absolutely love the cover of this book!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was easy to read and kept me guessing until the very end!

    I loved the relationship between Daph and John, John has the patience of a Saint. I think some people will find Daph annoying, I absolutely love her! I look forward to reading the next one.

    Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a light-hearted and fun mystery.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and to Phillipa Nefri Clark for the opportunity to read and review Til Daph do us Part.

  15. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book. It was a light, easy read. As most reviewers have said, Daphne is a mildly irritating, middle aged woman who seemed to thrive on gossiping about other peoples lives.
    Possibly, this book should be changed to a teenage book where young teens would thrive on this kind of drama, like in Gossip GIrl.
    I would say that the book is more aimed at reluctant readers, not “book club” readers.
    I have never read one of Phillipa Clark’s books before, and unfortunately, I wouldn’t read them again.

    1. Happy to send you a free copy of a standalone crime suspense of mine. Very different genre and style than the Daphne series which is written for cozy mystery readers.

  16. Phillipa Nefri Clark’s Til Daph Do Us Part is a light hearted and entertaining tale about love, marriage, murder and intrigue in a small town. I found Daphne and John’s relationship touching and really quite gorgeous, along with their new found routines for life on the road in ‘Bluebell’. They certainly get more drama and adventures than they were counting on in Little Bridges, a picture perfect hamlet where a long standing family feud simmers just below the surface. There were quite a few extended family member to keep track of during the storyline, a few red herrings along the way and a twist and turn here and there to keep you guessing. A very pleasant accompaniment to a nice cup of tea and a choc chip cookie.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Phillippa Nefri Clark for this charming and fun read, Til Daph Do Us Part!

  17. Thanks to Beauty and Lace I was given the opportunity to read Til Daph Do Us Part, by Phillipa Negril Clark.
    I found it an enjoyable, easy to read story. A newly appointed celebrant who obviously has a hidden desire to be a super sleuth, uncovers more evidence than the local constabulary in order to solve the crime. Why have a police force in town, when you have a visiting celebrant travelling in her distinctive caravan named Bluebell willing to unravel all the clues and put all the pieces together? She always just happens to be in the right place at the right time to gather her intelligence.
    A light hearted, fun read.

  18. ‘Cozy’ mysteries are not my normal choice (I normally go for crime suspense) but for something different it was a great fun read.

    The travelling celebrant Daphne somehow always manages to be right where she needs to be in order to solve the murder, but there were lot of twists and turns that kept my engaged. I look forward to reading any new Daphne books and am going to look out for ‘The Stationmaster’s Cottage’ to have a look at where she started.

    Perfect book to curl up with on a rainy weekend.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this book.

  19. I have previously read – and thoroughly enjoyed – Phillip Nefri Clarke’s crime suspense novels. This cozy mystery is not the same genre and doesn’t have the depth and grit in it that her crime suspense novels do, however, it’s not meant to.
    This cozy mystery does everything that it’s meant to do. It’s fun, yes the main character is a bit annoying – I can only imagine how she’s driven the cops crazy, they’d be happy to see the back of her – but she’s meant to be. The book is light-hearted and perfect for a quick read, it’s great escape from all the misery and stress in the world at the moment, would also be great to read on the beach or in a park in summer.
    Thanks Phillipa and Beauty & Lace Book Club for allowing me to escape from it all for a while

  20. This is a cute book and quite different from the authors previous novel. This one is light hearted fun and suspense. A cozy mystery I understand and not my usual type of book.

    Daph is a marriage celebrant travelling around with her patient husband. She is a gossiper and loves the intrigue and mystery that is created when a death occurs at a wedding she is officiating. Daph is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you can take this for some fun you will enjoy it as she goes to uncover the mystery.

    If you want something more serious I highly recommend her other novel. She is a great writer.

    Thank you for a fun little novel.

  21. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Pillipa Nefri Clark for the chance to read Til Daph Do Us Part.

    Daphney Jones, marriage celebrant, traveller, wife and sleuth.

    This is a witty, vibrant and lovely novel. It creates vivid imagery and invites the reader to get involved with the case at hand.

    I fell in love with Daphne Jones from the moment I learnt about her. Daphine has a strong sense of character, being a marriage celebrant enables her to read people, get a sense of who they are and whittle away at their persona.

    Daphne travels with her husband in a caravan performing weddings and exploring. She loves her job, and this is evidently why when she meets Lisa and Steve, she has a bad feeling about them. Daphne knows that the story does not quite add up and when Steve dies, she puts all her energy into solving the crime and getting to the bottom of Lisa and her marriages that end in disaster and grief.

    Daphne uncovers a twisted and shocking history between the families and the town they live in, she leaves no rock unturned.

    I absolutely love this novel and hope to read more of Phillipa Nefri Clark soon.

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