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The Hidden Heirs Part One by Simone Kamfonas is a fictional fantasy romance. It’s full of danger and intrigue and is set in a different world and time.

Faith and her two best friends Harley and Annie are on a girl’s weekend away. They are watching the sunset on the beach when an unusual storm hits. As they run for the safety of the shack the static electricity and light hit them — transporting them to another world.

Faith, Hayley and Annie have walked aimlessly for two days. Hungry, thirsty and exhausted they hear horses approaching and hide in a grove of trees. They realise they are in a world not of their time, but they were in the past.

The king’s advisors noticed the flash of light. Falling stars were said to grant power to whoever held them. Prince Sebastian, wanting to have this power for himself as his lands are falling into disrepute, orders Aleksander to retrieve the fallen star.

There is no star. Aleksander finds the three friends.

This new world is in medieval times with castles, courts and royalty rules. This world is dominated by men. Women are dutiful wives.

Faith and her friends as modern 21st century women, are independent. They soon realise that they need to play along if they want to stay alive. There is no way back to their own world.

Faith feels a connection to Aleksander. Prince Sebastian has his own plans for Faith

Faith has no childhood memories as she was raised in an orphanage. In this new strange world, some things seem familiar. It has been 20 years since the night of the slaughters when the ruling family were assassinated. There have been conflicting stories as to whether any of the children escaped.

After that night the five different states broke away from each other and have been in conflict ever since.

Could Faith be a missing princess?

It is a story of allegiances, betrayals, magic, spells, forbidden love and danger.

Faith is a strong character, as is Aleksander and Prince Sebastian. Their relationships keep you turning the pages. There is plenty of action, with many twists and turns. 

The Hidden Heirs is an excellent read and is the first book in a series of books. Although it is different, it reminds me of Game of Thrones of which I am a big fan.

I didn’t want the book to end. I can’t wait for the next book to see what is in store for Faith, her friends and Aleksander. 

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7 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Hidden Heirs

  1. The Hidden Heirs – Part 1, by Simone Kamfonas ( Shawling Publishing Group) is a romance/fantasy adventure with a twist.
    Three modern 21st century women, Faith, Annie and Harley are mysteriously transported to a medieval world. Their honest reactions to medieval times and traditions is both refreshing and insightful as well as quite hilarious at times.
    These feisty young women find themselves in a society where women are seen as mere chattels, men dominate, politics is bloody and ruthless, and unless you are nobility you live in filth and squalor. To survive and navigate this world, Annie and Harley led by their best friend Faith must use all their modern day knowledge, wit and savvy!
    A well written book which after a measured start picks up the pace and had me completely captivated by the characters and the fantasy world the author describes so well. I can’t wait for Part 2 of the series to come out!

    1. An interesting historical story which I thoroughly enjoyed. Faith, Annie and Harley being transported through time to a medieval world. A unique and at times humorous insight into how they cope and live through different times using their modern day knowledge.
      I do look forward to what the part 2 may bring us and what unique style Simone Kamfonas has.

  2. This book was slow to get into but once I was I became hooked. I loved the contrast of 21st century women in this historical style time: there is multiple point of views which I did enjoy.

    It was well written and flowed well. The book does not end on a cliff hanger. The last line was “it’s just not our time” and that broke me. I screamed. I felt like I wanted more. That ending didn’t hit for me.

    Thank you to beauty and lace magazine for the opportunity to read this

  3. What can I say, I found this book delightful! I absolutely loved this novel and cannot wait to read the next in the series. I loved the mystical themes and the way the author, Simone Kamfonas, develops the characters, the environment and the magical mystery. Also loving the cover picture. So, as you can see, I loved everything about this book!!

  4. A truly amazing book that I didn`t want to end, so I am glad this is a first in a series. It had a bit of everythng I like in a book and I thoroughly enjoyed this one!
    Another fabulous author that I have got on my list waiting for the second part to immerse myself in.

  5. Faith was in desperate need to escape her reality for a while, and her friends Annie and Harley had a beachside escape that would do the trick… or so they thought.
    Transported through time and place, the girls find themselves in a medieval type land. Trying their best to adapt, understand and plain survive, the girls do their best not to anger the new king while finding romance and passion to keep them busy.
    But there is more to it, or so Faith was to find out. The title plays well on the term Heirs.
    But alas, this book left me wanting…. wanting the next installment right this minute, please… don’t leave me hanging… turning the page and it was over all too soon.
    A great read, hanging out for the next.

  6. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing for allowing me to read and review The Hidden Heirs. Admittedly, this is not my favourite genre of book and I didn’t think I would like it at all. I changed my mind though once I got into it.
    I did find it took me a little while though.
    As the women went back into historical times I found it fascinating and alluring. You could feel like you were genuinely back in those times.
    Reading the way that the girls had to adapt to survive was also eye opening.
    I cannot wait for the second instalment. I highly recommend this novel.

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