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The Chase by Candice Fox starts with an interesting premise.

A busload of family members to prison workers and inmates is held captive. The prison receives the request that 600 prisoners are set free, or all occupants of the bus will be killed. Pronghorn Prison holds the country’s most dangerous criminals from serial killers to conmen, a paedophile, and someone who started murdering people in childhood.

Then there’s John Kradle, who was in prison for killing his wife, son, and sister-in-law. But did he really? And while he’s trying to prove his innocence, Death Row supervisor Celine Osbourne is hot on his tail – she has very personal reasons for wanting to see him get the justice she believes he deserves…

You could picture this as a riveting Hollywood movie, with all the action, and humanity, and panic, and revealing moments. But Fox has portrayed it all so well in writing that even without it being on the screen, you can imagine it all play out.

I loved the scenes with the prisoners, being real and sometimes kind-hearted and I loved all the drama and fear. Be warned, this book is detailed, and the references to the crimes won’t appeal to all.

This is a rollercoaster ride, so strap yourself in and prepare for the ride!

Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Penguin for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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ISBN: 9781760896799 / Penguin Books

10 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Chase

  1. Thank you for this book reading opportunity.

    The book read like a big Hollywood movie and I could see it on the big screen.

    There’s many characters so it was a little difficult to keep track of who they were, especially the female characters but once I got around that, the book took me on an exciting journey. The writing is clear and enjoyable and kept me wanting to know what happens next. It is a story of whether good overcomes evil, or what else can happen.
    It was a big thrill to read this book which was scary at certain points, thank you.

  2. Candice Fox’s The Chase was an amazing fast paced novel set in the US, based around the hunt for fleeing fugitives following a mass jailbreak.

    I loved pretty much everything about this novel! I was especially drawn to the two main characters – the escaped prisoner, John Kradle who wanted to prove his innocence and the jailor, Celine Osbourne who was determined to capture John and return him to his jail cell.

    The other characters and their adventures along with the story’s plot twists (and even funny bits) were very enjoyable. It was a hard book to put down and that’s what makes a great piece of fiction in my opinion.

    If you like a thriller that can keep you excited and interested and wanting to read on, this book is for you.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Penguin for providing me with a copy of this book – I certainly recommend it!

  3. Wow Candice Fox has done it again! It’s been quite a while since I have read one of her books, the last being a collaboration with James Patterson, but I must say I definitely prefer her standalone novels. Imagine releasing 600 prisoners from a high security jail all at once in the desert near Las Vegas – unimaginable!! One of those prisoners John Kradle has been incarcerated for 5 years for a crime he did not commit and is determined to clear himself by investigating the crime he supposedly committed. Add to that prison supervisor Celine who oversaw his section of the prison – she too has been the victim of a crime and has bottled it up all these years. Together they have their own missions, and their lives intersect on and off in the aftermath. She is vulnerable and he is desperate!
    This was a fast paced at times gritty novel which kept me interested from page 1 until the end, its not a small book at almost 450 pages but it didn’t feel like it as the story was so engaging. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys crime novels that are fast paced.
    Thank you so much to Beauty and Lace Book Club and Penguin Australia for providing me with a copy of this book for review purposes. 5* from me.

  4. Candice Fox has very cleverly written this story, The Chase. It tells the reader how things can go wrong for innocent people. I enjoyed turning every page of this book and discovering the characters and how their stories unfold. John Kradle is in jail for murder of his family of course he is innocent and he just has to prove that. The prison officer, Celine Osbourne, that took a dislike to John because of her background of violence, truly believes he is guilty. When there is a prison break and John flee’s, Celine makes it a mission to hunt him down until she starts to do some of her own investing and things don’t add up. Is a book that could easliy become a movie.

  5. Whoa! What a read! There was so much happening in The Chase all at once and yet I was able to keep up and understand each character and be shocked with each one’s situation.
    I was on edge throughout, omg my blood pressure!
    The only thing I wanted was a bit of a love story for Celine but the ending was enough to give me closure. I cannot wait to finish uni so I can read every Candice Fox book!! Thank you so much for this fantastic book.

  6. I love this book, it gripped me from the first chapter. Loved the way the characters grow and change throughout the book. A little sad.. a little action and a little love.

    Thanks beauty and lace and penguin for the opportunity to read this book.

  7. I was hooked from the very beginning. The Chase by Candice Fox was an addictive read full of action, intriguing characters and great twists. I was thoroughly entertained and I look forward to reading more books by Candice Fox.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Penguin Australia for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  8. A chilling thriller with subtle humor was a perfect balance that was so entertaining. Some really creepy psychopaths were so interesting and spooky. Definitely recommend and I’ll be reading more books by Candice Fox in the future.

  9. Thank you @beautyandlacemag and @penguinbooksaus for the opportunity to read and review Candice Fox’s new novel titled, The Chase. From the very first page, this novel reeled me in. I would read to the wee hours of the morning and then again on my morning commute. It was enthralling and Candice inserted real depth to her characters, which made me feel more invested in their adventures.

    The story is about a jail break and the consequences of managing escaped death row inmates on the loose. It is set in the Nevada desert in the US and follows the stories of two inmates that form an unlikely partnership as they navigate their way out of the scrutiny of the press and searchers trying to re-arrest them.

    John Kradle, a slight, older former inmate, and Homer, a large hunk of a man make their way back to Mesquite, John’s hometown, from before he was arrested. Simultaneously it follows the life of a prison guard, Celine and her perspectives on the same escape event.

    Around halfway, the chapters jumped around with stories of single actors in experiences related to a fugitive – one in a casino, and another in a diner, etc. Around chapters 26-28 I had to re-read some really confusing passages, as they flicked between two scenes and characters.

    Overall I give this book 4.5/5 and I would read another Candice Fox novel.

  10. I have read a lot of the novels that Candice Fox has co-author with James Patterson but this is my first one that is just by her.

    It didn’t let me down, once I started reading I had to keep going to find out what happened. I really like following John and Celine, and their different onions on the same situation. Heaps of twists and turns to keep you entertained.

    I definitely recommend this book.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Penguin Australia for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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