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The Chalice Well by Australian author S. B. Postlewhite is the second instalment to The Dumnonian Compass taking you back to a world full of adventure, fantasy, and magic.

Darcy Bennet now attending college at Exeter is visiting her archaeologist parents Tom and Pippa who are on another research project in Glastobury. Joining them is young archaeologist Simon, who previously worked with them as a student. After finishing his degree, he was excited to join them again in the excavation at The Well dig.

With her eighteenth birthday looming Darcy is feeling uneasy. Since her accident two years before, her mother is smothering her always wanting to know where she is and what time she will be back. She has thoughts of Dumnonia which feels like a distant memory. She wonders if any of it were real.

Simon had a soft spot for Darcy, and they had become friends. Upon her return, he asked her to the Glastobury Musical Festival with an all-stage pass. When they reached The Pyramid Field to see The Manic Street Preachers, Darcy had a strange feeling overcome her. A feeling that she was back in Dumnonia. Little did Darcy know Simon had a compass and a hidden past; their lives were about to change in the world of myths and magic. 

Postlewhite provides fans of this ongoing series with another riveting experience. The story is beautifully set up for the next stage of Darcy’s journey as re-enters the magical world of Dumnonia bringing together the individual journeys of new and old beloved characters. The author has expertly added a little mix of everything. 

I particularly appreciated Postlewhite’s skill in blending magic and the supernatural with the everyday existence of mere mortals. With Darcy coming of age, I enjoyed the quandaries she faced. The characters continue to be well-developed as dialogue and dramatic interchange move the plot forward. If you have not read the first book it is advised you do, as you will miss out by not following the full sequence of Darcy’s journey. 

The narrative is done expertly, setting vivid scenes that are enticing, awe-inspiring, and frightening making you wish you were in this magical world. The suspense intensifies as magic prevails for both good and evil, the journey scenes are realistic, but the romance and the passion of the characters are appealing and will have readers turning pages relentlessly to discover the next thrilling chapter of this story. 

I am drawn to the beautiful design of the mystical cover. The use of colour and font caught my eye right away; everything is so vivid that the cover almost vibrates. It is quietly powerful asking for readers to pick it. 

This is a series I highly recommend to avid YA fantasy readers and adults who love lands of the unknown. It leaves readers thirsting for more, wanting to know what comes next. Hopefully, there will be a third instalment.

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7 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Chalice Well

  1. The Chalice Well by S. B. Postlewhite ( Shawline Publishing) continues on from The Dumnonian Compass – a fantasy adventure in which young Darcy Bennet goes on a coming of age journey of self discovery, in the mystical parallel world of Dumnonia.
    Now, three years later and about to turn 18, Darcy is once again drawn to Dumnonia. Only this time Darcy returns with her best friend Simon.
    Almost immediately they are thrust into a new adventure with many of Darcy’s old magical friends reappearing as the fight for good over evil continues. Giants, witches, fairies and wizards abound alongside key characters from Arthurian legend including young Arthur Pendragon himself.
    Another well written and enjoyable read which beautifully weaves together legend, folk lore and fairy tale.

  2. This being book 2 in the series I was a little concerned that I might feel lost as i have not read the first book in the series. My concerns were unwarrented as it works well as a stand alone. That being said I am sure that I would have got more from it if I had read the first book as its always better when you have the back story.
    This a great fantasy story which is very fairytale like and includes magic, fairies, elves, giants and time travel.
    If you enjoy stepping into a fantasy then im sure you will enjoy this book.
    There is mild romance but it doesnt rule the story.

  3. Having read The Dumnonian Compass and loving the story I was a little concerned I may not enjoy this follow on book as much.
    I was so pleased with the story and how Darcy has grown and still is drawn, after 3 years, to the magic of Dumnonian. Fully capturing everything you may expect from magic myths and characters, good and bad, this journey teaches you to expand your thinking and believe in what may be out there.
    S B Postlewhite, thank you for the continued adventure.

  4. I am afraid that I found this book so bad as to be almost unreadable.
    The novel is incoherent, and doesn’t flow properly. It is a sequel, and there is little to no explanation of anything that’s gone before, which makes it even harder to follow the fragmented narrative.
    The writing style is clumsy. Odd word choices and an awkward style make it unappealing to read (I was distracted by a strong desire to edit it as I went). Characters don’t behave in ways that are credible. The setting is not well drawn.
    I did not enjoy this at all.

  5. The Chalice Well by SB Postlewhite
    I was lucky enough to read The first book called The Dumnonian Compass to fully understand what is happing in this sequel.
    It has the same characters as the first story and Darcy now 8 years old still wants to go back to Dumnonian a enchanted place but in the same time can you be in two places at once .
    Darcy meets Jenna who has been looking for the compass which was thought to be lost but her brother Simon had it hidden for all those years .
    Simon did not know about Dumnonian or that it excited but he is about to embark on an adventure with Darcy and Jenna to the place full of magic, to connect with her old friends but it’s not all as it was .
    Great story for YA genre but I enjoyed reading both stories .
    Great book to emerge yourself and take your mind on a journey .
    Thank you Beauty and Lace

  6. Thank you so much Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing for allowing me to review the Chalice Well.
    I am not normally into this genre of books but I wanted to give it a go and I am glad I did.
    Even though I had not read the first book it didn’t matter because this was also good as a standalone novel.
    I love Darcy and the mystic Dumnonia. I loved the mystic folklore throughout.
    I did enjoy the book and would be open to reading another novel in this genre.

  7. Having enjoyed the first installment in this series also thanks to Beauty and Lace I was happy to receive this one.

    It followed on nicely but I believe you could easily read it on its own.

    Darcy finds herself back in the world of Dumnonia but this time she doesn’t go alone. She takes her best friend, Simon. They are greeted by friends and foe and the adventures begin. As in the first one there are many dangers and I loved the magic that ensued.

    I really enjoyed reading about Darcy’s travels. It’s easy to get lost in.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing Group.

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