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Dee Leigh takes us through her 50+ dates in her book titled Swipe, Date, Repeat.

When Dee’s marriage came to an end, she was of course broken, but at the urging of a friend, she started online dating. That is where the fun or nightmare began depending on how you wish to look at it.

Dee found that many online profiles are made up of photos from the guy’s younger years where he had a full head of hair and was much leaner than he is now. 

Of course, there are females out there that most likely do the same thing. This book is all about Dee’s experiences, so it focuses on the guys. 

She had some horror dates. There were some that were very scary, some that were laughable, and some that will make you wonder what on earth the guy was thinking.

swipe date repeat

I was amazed at Dee’s grit and determination to keep on dating.  Her book provided me with even more evidence and more of a reason to say that dating apps are just not for me, thank you. I could not go through even half of what Dee has.

Swipe, Date, Repeat is a very easy read and you could easily rip through this book in a day.  Make yourself a coffee, grab a slice of cake and buckle in for the crazy world of dating apps.

Author: Dee Lee
ISBN: 9781922594327
Copy courtesy of Shawline Publishing

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13 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Swipe, Date, Repeat

  1. Being a senior citizen I have often wondered what todays generation go through with online dating. Well now I know! Thank you Dee Leigh. I am so grateful that I do not have to go through this process. Just maybe there is a benefit to being OLD!

    “Swipe, Date, Repeat,” is a laugh a minute! Loved reading it and I sincerely hope that Dee eventually finds her ‘Mr Right” if thats what she’s still seeking. My advice would be to live your life, answer to no one and enjoy as many experiences as you can. You don’t necessarily need a live in partner. Todays females are strong enough to survive on their own!

    1. Hi Vicki. I am humbled and delighted that you have read and enjoyed my book. It was just something I started for my own benefit. It was never meant to go further than my computer, but since it has, I am overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback. And you are right Vicki, we girls are strong! Thanks again- Dee.

  2. Swipe Date Repeat is a true story of a single woman’s experiences searching for love using Tinder. The writer, Dee Leigh, tells the reader about over 50 dates she experienced, while it seems that despite meeting more than 50 men she still hasn’t found love.
    Its quite scary reading this book, while many of the men Dee met were kind, normal men there were a few really quite terrifying ones. At times I have to admit I couldn’t understand why Dee had put herself in some frightening situations, I know things can go wrong quickly but a couple of times I found myself shouting at the book – get out now!
    But the men are not all dangerous and it seems Dee did make the odd lifelong friend (and meet lots of very odd men!). I found with this book I could only read a few date stories at a time, otherwise they blended into each other and weren’t so interesting.
    Having read Dee’s stories it certainly makes me glad that I haven’t had to date for over 40 years! I hope by now Dee has found love.

    1. Hi Jacky. Thanks so much for reading my book and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Do you know, each time I retell or reread my experienced, I feel like kicking myself for not removing myself from the situation, or doing things differently. Things like reporting the guy who spiked my drink, or the guy that attacked me in the car park. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. And to put your curiosity at rest, no I haven’t yet found my Me. Right, but do you want to know something? I’m OK with that now. It’s taken me a long time to accept that. Thanks again for your kind words- Dee

  3. I absolutely loved reading this novel, Swipe Date Repeat by Dee Leigh. I found this so relatable as I went through something very similar in my early 30’s.
    The wonderful world of Tinder dating, in all its glory. I laughed, cringed and cried a little along the way, feeling the feels that Dee was feeling. Its kind of a What Not To Do and What To Do in the life of dating apps.
    A great and easy read.

    1. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for the feedback and I’m humbled that you enjoyed my book. I think people can relate to my stories. The more people I talk to, the more I’m beginning to realise I’m not alone. It felt like it for such a long time. Everyone has a story to tell, and mine aren’t as unique as I thought. I appreciate you taking the time to read and review- Dee

  4. Thanks for the opportunity to read ‘Swipe Date Repeat’ by Dee Leigh! This is quite a book and to be honest, at the beginning I was a little unsure about how much I liked the book, but then ….

    Dee’s stories of the good dates, bad dates, the OK dates, the scary dates, the people using (many) years old photos, the narcissists, the unhappy souls is very engaging and I found myself hoping that Dee would find Mr Right or at the very least Mr Close Enough to Right.

    Like a lot of women I haven’t had any experience of online dating although I have friends who have – sometimes successfully. Dee’s stories of her dates grabbed me and kept me engaged in a way I didn’t expect. This is well worth a read for anyone looking for something a little different.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Deborah. Thank you so much for reading my book and taking the time to review it. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it would be engaging to those that don’t know me. Friends have told me they enjoyed, the book because they remember hearing the stories first hand. Your comments leave me feeling humbled and blessed. I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of person and I’m grateful for so many people I have met along my journey. Thanks again for taking the time- Dee

  5. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review Swipe Date Repeat by Dee Leigh.

    This book is a true account of the author’s experiences with online dating. Dee dated fifty men but did not find love. Some stories made me laugh because they were funny and some were sad and some scary ones as well. I have not been on dating sites and don’t know anyone who has so for me it was an inside look from someone else’s perspective. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone.

  6. Hi Freda. Thank you for taking the time to read my book and for the recommendation. So many people that haven’t been on dating websites have told me that, like you, it’s a real insight into them. Unfortunately I have learned that not everyone is good, and not everyone goes on them for the right intentions, males and females alike. I often wish I didn’t have to go on them myself, but then, if I didn’t, this book would never have happened, so for that, I’m grateful. Thanks again for your kindness- Dee

  7. This is a very entertaining reality check at what it’s like to throw yourself into the online dating app world. When Dee decides try her luck at finding love online she ends up on over 50 dates that really highlight the nightmare that can often be meeting people online.
    Even though I’m not that old, I’ve luckily never had to use these apps myself (although I’ve had plenty of fun swiping for others) so I can’t entirely relate to Dee’s experiences but I did really enjoy seeing Dee’s perspective on this modern day marvel. If you want an easy read with lots of funny real life experiences then this could be perfect.

  8. Well what an interesting insight into online dating. I was keen to receive this book and follow the journey that Dee Leigh endured in ‘Swipe Date Repeat’ Some stories where funny, some a bit scary and some a little sad. I just thank goodness I don’t have to go down that path. Dee has a great sense of humour and I’m sure that eventually she will find her happily ever after. A fabulous light read.

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