BOOK CLUB: Super Sloth Episode 2 – Revenge of the Chick-Oats

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As the name suggests, “Super Sloth Episode 2: Revenge of the Chick-Oats” is the sequel to “Super Sloth Episode 1: The Shar-Wolf of New York City”, both by Aleesah Darlison. This is an entertaining book for young readers.

Romeo the Super Sloth is still fighting Professor Ian Weird-Warp. The Professor continues to flood New York with strangely mutated animals: in this case, a mixture of chicken and goat. But the Professor also wants to capture Romeo. His superpowers would enable the Professor to create animal mixtures with even more exotic powers.

Romeo must avoid capture, and, with the help of his friends, keep New York safe from the Chick-Oats. And that’s not easy, because Chick-Oats eat anything and everything, and the Professor has set an awful lot of them loose in the city.

My Miss Ten loved the first book, and squabbled with me over who got to read this one first. Her verdict once she’d read it was this:

“I enjoyed this. It’s entertaining and fast-moving and little kids will really like it. I preferred the first one though. In that one, there was a bit of a build-up to the problem, but here it was BAM straight into the Chick-Oats. I liked the more gradual build-up.

“I also thought this was maybe not quite as silly and funny as the first one. But there was still lots going on, and I love Super Sloth. He’s so cute. This is a pretty short book and I’d really have liked it to be longer. Because it was fun.”

It is a short book, but it’s also one that’s aimed at readers younger than Miss Ten. I felt the length was about right for the readers Darlison is aiming for. It might stretch some a little, but it won’t be too daunting.

The novel is a good one for the intended age group. It’s light and fast-moving, with a pace that will keep readers involved. The writing style and vocabulary are accessible to younger readers. Readers of around 6 to 8 years are likely to love it.

Slightly older readers will enjoy it too, but may feel that it needs to be either sillier or more logical.

This Episode obviously carries on from Episode 1. However, it stands by itself – it’s a complete story and won’t confuse new readers. The two read together makes each a little better, I think, by making the story just a touch deeper for those who want it.

Both Miss Ten and I enjoyed it and would recommend it to younger readers. It offers some pleasures to older readers as well.

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4 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Super Sloth Episode 2 – Revenge of the Chick-Oats

  1. Thank you to Beauty and Lace for allowing us to review Super Sloth episode 2-revenge of the chick-oats.
    My kids (11 and 9) loved the book.
    Even though it was a second novel, it didn’t matter because it could be a stand alone book.
    It was really funny and the characters were unique and fun. They loved how there was so much action and fun packed into the book.
    Overall, the kids loved it.

  2. Another fantastic book by Aleesah Darlison, this time Professor Ian Weird-Warp seeks revenge by mixing chicken and goat genes. Aleesah weaves the story of Romeo’s team as they look to save us again from Professor Weird Warp. Guaranted to entertain the youth of today. I for one, eagerly await the next installment from Aleesah Darlison (and so to do my children).

  3. My great niece (8) and I really enjoyed reading Episode 1 of Super Sloth so she was very excited to know I had the second episode to read with her: “Super Sloth Episode 2: Revenge of the Chick-Oats”.
    Romeo, the Pygmy sloth is still fighting the evil professor from taking over New York with his mutated animal species which in this book is a cross between a chicken and a goat. The professor is also trying to capture Romeo who is doing his best not to get caught while he and his friends keep New York safe from the Chick Oats.
    This book is aimed at early confident readers 6-8 years and it engages with the reader through easy to read vocabulary and fast paced adventures. An entertaining fun read for young readers.

  4. SUPER SLOTH Episode 2 Revenge of the chickoats. By Aleesah Darlison.
    I gave this one to my grandson to review , he says what a great story and characters he loved Romeo the Super Sloth the best and we both tried to picture the Chic -Oats and thought they sounded funny .
    A fun adventure and a great fast paced story to read.
    A great read for early readers I had to help pronounce a few words but overall my 7 year old enjoyed it.

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