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Stormbird by Australian author Karen Turner is the final book in a trilogy following on from “Torn” and “Inviolate”. This novel can be read independently but for myself, I like to read a whole series from beginning to end to have a better understanding of the lives of past characters and how the storyline evolves.

Set in the 1940’s it has been over 100 years since the grounds at Broughton Hall were occupied; after being widowed Jessica is the new owner, raising her children and running a dairy farm. The British and Germans are at war, when a German fighter plane is shot down Jessica discovers the pilot hiding in her barn gravely ill. Despite the war and differences and having the young captain in her home; Jessica feels a sense of compassion towards him as she nurses him back to health.

When the British government starts to investigate and begin the search for the German soldier, Jessica is fearful she may be held accountable for harbouring an enemy. Twists and turns unravel capturing the fever of war and the sentiments of all faced with danger. Jessica and Anton struggle with each other at first but slowly a rapport emerges, the theme of racism is ingeniously developed alongside the themes of, patriotism, friendship, and freedom.

The story is fast-moving, tense, and at times frightening and yet is beautifully softened by the relationship between Jessica and Anton. I particularly enjoyed that Anton was crystal clear that he loved his country.

He was indeed a proud German and simply obeying the orders of his leaders, Karen did a great job of making Anton as relatable as possible. I formed a connection with him instantly and that took my reading experience to another level.

He was vulnerable, in tune with his emotions, and tried his best to survive. He wasn’t extraordinary; he was just a man whose life was destroyed by the war. I liked how Jessica’s character is filled with human warmth even after all she has lost and the strength she has to make a new beginning and open her heart to love again.

Karen Turner has written a nonstop action, deep human emotion, conflict, and resolution novel. I loved how she has incorporated real life and real people events into her novel, drawing from her mother’s and grandmother’s memories in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1941. Her descriptions of houses, streets, and the way people lived in those agonising times with fear and deprivation are very real.

Clearly, she has done her research on how people lived and worked during WWII, the locations, the timings, and the factual events. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it.

Thank you Beauty and Lace and Fisher King Publishing for the opportunity to read and review.

Author: Karen Turner
Copy courtesy of publisher: Fisher King Publishing, Karen Turner and Esencia Communications

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14 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Stormbird

  1. Thank you to Beauty and Lace, Fisher King Publishing, Karen Turner and Esencia Communications for the opportunity to read and review Stormbird, what an amazing read!

    I’m looking forward to going back and reading the first two in the series!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to read Stormbird by Karen Turner.

    This is an interesting story for any reader or WW2 history buff. A story set in a time of immense stress and loss where impossible decisions have to be made. Slow to start the story builds and sweeps the reader away in the beautiful and sad story line. The issues of the community Jessica lives in – their prejudices and small lives – is also beautifully covered.

    I didn’t realise this is the final book in a trilogy, but that didn’t matter in reading this absorbing, engaging and interesting story. Great characters, interesting storyline. Well worth a read!

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace!

  3. Thank you Beauty & Lace for Stormbird, by Karen Taylor.
    I too, have not read the others in the trilogy, but I get the impression they touch on the background of the house and the paranorma aspect which is delightfully written into the story.
    The setting is WW2.
    The story covers just over a year in the lives of Jessica, her children and live in help, as well as her parents, and the fighter pilot they are hiding.
    An impossible love affair, in a very dangerous time, which if discovered, would spell total disaster, and even death, for all involved.
    The story was a page turner, and well written, but I agree with other reviews I have read on here and other platforms, that it is very long, and in many chapters, repetetive.
    None the less, I enjoyed it, and particularly liked the way the author included a very detailed epilogue, which completely rounded off the story of Jessica, her children, and ‘The Captain’.

  4. I enjoyed Storm Bird. I had not read the others in the trilogy but it was excellent as a stand alone book.
    Jessica, her children and neighbours were all brave to take on hiding the German pilot.
    The plot was suspenseful and enjoyable and the characters were all believable. I enjoyed this book.

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