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Skimming Stones by Maria Papas is a stunning novel that had me absorbed from page one and didn’t stop until the very end.

It’s an emotional read about Grace, a Perth-based oncology nurse whose memories of her sister’s leukemia resurface when she’s treating Zoe on the ward.

Grace first met Nate, her lover, while playing the support roles of siblings to seriously ill children, and the bond that connects them.

Reconnecting they begin an affair that they know no one else would understand, but their push to be together is drawn from their experiences.

Grace knows she must decide whether to continue her relationship with Nate, while also considering other aspects of her life, culture, and heritage and the impact of her background.

The story alternates between childhood and adulthood timelines, with a vivid portrayal of the experiences of family members impacted by illness and potential death.

While the story may sound depressing, it’s an incredibly uplifting read, which appears to be effortless in its attempt to get to the heart of the emotions.

The characters are richly portrayed, and the settings are described so perfectly you can imagine it. It’s a short book and an easy read, but it certainly packs a punch. I read most of it on day one, simply because I couldn’t put it down. The cover is also stunning.

Thanks to Fremantle Press and Beauty and Lace for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Author: Maria Papas
ISBN: 9781760990640

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4 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Skimming Stones

  1. I had the pleasure of reading Skimming Stones by Maria Pappas and I loved it. It didn’t take me long to read but it certainly had me turning the page, engaged to see how each character moved through this storyline. I was loving following the story from the past as well as the present. Well done Maria, I was very fond of Grace!

  2. Skimming Stones was a beautifully written novel, and I can see why it won the Hungerford Award. It tells the story of how cancer affects the siblings of the sick child. I also loved the fact that it was set in Lake Clifton, and the references to the author’s Greek heritage. A quick, but compelling read.

  3. Great read! The story follows a girl whose sister had cancer from a young age. The author shines a light on the impacts of cancer on siblings and how they can have life long challenges as a result. I love how everything always comes back to the salt and the lake, it resonated with me.

  4. I loved this book and it wasn’t a really long one that went on and on.
    Maria Pappas has done a great job of showing the impacts of childhood cancer on the patients siblings and family.
    I highly recommend this book, not just for what it taught me but the characters were very very likeable.
    Thank you so much for letting me review this book.

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