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Six Days by Dani Atkins is a warm romance that’ll quickly snag readers with a compelling dilemma for the main character. The novel then develops into a strong character-based story that will keep readers absorbed.

Gemma is living the dream as she arrives for the wedding of her mother’s dreams, to her dream man. It quickly becomes a nightmare as Finn fails to arrive. Indeed, within hours it begins to seem clear that he’s actively disappeared.

Pretty much everyone in Gemma’s life is convinced she’s been jilted. But Gemma can’t believe Finn would do this to her and remains resolute in her belief that something bad and unplanned has happened to him.

Even as the evidence that he left voluntarily starts to stack up, she harasses the police in an attempt to get them to open a missing person investigation. When they won’t, she does everything she can to search for Finn herself.

As the days wear on, Gemma has the occasional doubt, but she firmly rejects assertions from friends and family that she needs to move on. If Finn has truly left her, which she doesn’t believe, she’d have to hear it from him — which means she still needs to find him.

“Six Days” is told in two time streams, one which follows Gemma in the present, and one consisting of a series of flashbacks that date back to when they first met; each flashback takes her a bit closer to the present.

Normally I’m not a fan of this technique. I find too many short flashbacks choppy and disruptive to the flow of the story. However, here it works quite well. In part that’s because the early flashbacks are focused on helping us build a picture of both Finn’s character and his relationship with Gemma.

The specific events aren’t very important, at least until the flashbacks get very close to the present, perhaps two thirds through the novel. There’s a nice ambiguity throughout the novel. We absolutely see why Gemma fell for Finn, and why she thinks he’d never just leave her at the altar. But we also begin to see why others are so convinced she’s kidding herself, and that he’s bailed.

It’s hard to know for sure quite where this is going to go — sure, the conventions of the genre give you some hints, but it’s not certain Atkins has followed all those conventions.

I really enjoyed this novel. Gemma is a strong and believable character, as is her best friend Hannah. Most women will recognise some of their character traits and experiences and empathise strongly. Finn is a suitably complex character, so there is genuine doubt about his behaviour.

Importantly, the relationship between Gemma and Finn is well drawn. It’s complex and realistic, particularly in the uncertain early stages. Gemma’s reaction to Finn’s non-appearance is believable; so too is the opposing reaction of her friends and family.

This is a relationship novel rather than a straight forward romance, meaning it will likely appeal to readers who don’t see themselves as classic “romance readers”. That said, romance fans are also going to enjoy this immensely.

“Six Days” is an enjoyable novel, written with a light and easy touch. It’s got emotional substance, but is an easy and quick read.

ISBN: 978 1800246553

Copy courtesy of Head of Zeus (2022)

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15 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Six Days

  1. I loved Six Days by Dani Atkins. I found it a fantastic romantic mystery full of twists and turns. The suspense making it impossible to put the book down as you really need to know what happened.

    Gemma is a journalist and Finn is a best selling author. It is Gemma and Finns wedding day.
    Hannah, her best friend, bridesmaid and unofficial wedding planner and Gemma’s Dad agree she looks amazing.

    Gemma had not expected to see Finn’s best man pacing up and down in front of the Church on his mobile phone looking worried.
    Forty five minutes later Gemma realises the devastating truth……Finn wasn’t coming! She would not be getting married today!

    As Gemma reminisces on their first meeting, first date and their shared moments we get to know Finn and Gemma.

    Finn’s phone is off, his flat has been cleared out and no one has seen him.
    The Police won’t file a missing persons report until after a week. After all he is an adult and not the first groom to have second thoughts!

    Gemma believed they were soul mates and can’t believe he would walk away from the love they shared.

    Gemma desperately wants to understand the why. Why did he not show up? She declares she will never stop looking for him until she finds the answer.

    It takes her Six Days to find out why!

    Gemma, Finn and Hannah are wonderful characters.

    The story is told with humour and at other times it is very emotional.

    I found it a brilliant story, one of the best I have read recently . There are moments that move you to tears.
    Thankyou to Head of Zeus and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this wonderful book.

  2. Many thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read six days by Dani Atkins.

    I really enjoyed this book. The premise very simple – a couple who seem credibly happy together are about to marry but on the wedding day he doesn’t arrive at the church.

    From there we have an exploration of the seemingly perfect relationship interspersed with the six days of Gemma trying to find answers. As time goes on red flags appear and doubts and questions start being asked. Gemma is certain that Finn would never have done this to her without good reason and starts looking for answers. So for the next six days Gemma try’s to solve the mystery.

    This book is quite a ride! Once I started reading I really didn’t want to stop until I reached the end. Highly recommended for anyone who likes a bit of a mystery, a bit of a love story and overall a really great story.

    Thanks again

  3. Six days by Dani Atkins is a low steam, sweet mystery romance fiction.

    Gemma is besotted with her fiancé Finn and cannot wait for the day they get married. She has carefully planned the wedding and when the day arrives it is the moment she has envisioned, walking down the aisle seeing her beloved, and saying “I do”

    She arrives at the Church only to find Finn is not at the altar. It is every bride’s worst nightmare, and Gemma is convinced Finn did not get cold feet as assumed by all the guests. She is worried something has happened to him but where could he be?

    The novel interchanges between past and present when they first started dating with the highs and lows of their relationship and the six days Gemma has given herself to search for Finn.

    The characters begin as likeable, yet maddeningly realistic in all their egocentricities, self-absorptions, and insecurities. I wanted to give Gemma a good shake and tell her not to be weak, but she did have strength and purpose wanting to know the truth. As their fears and insights are exposed, they develop in rich individuals who are all irrevocably changed through the events which unfold.

    I did quite enjoy the setup of the story, and there are many other factors that come into play other than the romance itself, there is such a quirky drama plot and some unique surprises along the way.

    Six days is a nice easy read and will keep you invested until the end.
    Thank you, Beauty and Lace and of Head of Zeus for the opportunity to read and review.

  4. Full of mystery and intrigue right to the end so it was no wonder I couldn’t put this one down. A love story where Gemma refused to give in when Finn didn’t turn up to their wedding.
    Reverting at times back to memories of her and Finn meeting and trying to determine where he may be.
    A lot happens in six days but Gemma knew something was wrong.
    Good story Dani Atkins.
    Thank you.

  5. I had read reviews on other platforms for “Six Days”, and really wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, I absolutely loved it.
    Romance, heartache,part mystery, part sad love story, all thrown into one story.
    You can’t help but feel for Gemma, as we read snippets of the present and the past, giving insight into her and Finn’s background, and all of the trials, as well as indoubted love, that brings us to day 1, of ‘6 Days”.
    Friends tell Gemma to face facts, including her dad, and the Police, but deep inside, Gemma knows there is something seriously wrong. Finn would not leave her….or would he?
    As the story unfolds, and we learn about Finn and his insecurities over all of the years they have known each other. It’s easy to see how Gemma fell so madly in love.
    Following her gut, and some hassling of the Police, we finally find out what really happened.
    All else I can say, is it is a good thing I live alone, as yet again, I read until the very early hours of the morning. I just had to know what happened.
    Thanks Beauty & Lace, Head of Zeus, and especially Dani Atkins for a wonderful read!

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to read Six Days. It is my first read of a book by this author. The story started really well, and the suspense of what happened to the groom was well established. But then I found the book dragged in the middle with too much detail in the flashbacks . The ending then felt rushed.
    So I would say that the book was ok, not fabulous but not too bad.

  7. Six Days is more than just a love story! With two timelines and lots of mystery thrown in you can’t help it get hooked to this story. Gemma is waiting outside the church on her wedding day and Finn hasn’t arrived. As time passes her friends and family believe Finn has run out on her and that Gemma has to come to terms with the situation. Given their past it wasn’t out of the question. But Gemma doesn’t believe Finn would do that to her. Not after all they have been through.

    Over the next six days the story unfolds. Along the way Gemma relives her memories of Finn and how their lives came to be connected.she also faces her insecurities and difficulties in their relationships as she races to understand why Finn didn’t turn up for their wedding day.

    This is a great read. I couldn’t put it down. Thanks Beauty & Lace and Head of Zeus for the opportunity to read this book.

  8. I absolutely loved Six Days by Dani Atkinson. It was so good that I stayed up late to read it all in one day, much to my husband’s annoyance! I just needed to know what happened and it was so satisfying to see how the story developed and then how it ended. I don’t know what else to say without giving away any spoilers, but this is an amazing book that you NEED to read asap. It would make an awesome movie that would make me want to leave the house to watch in a cinema. Thank you Beauty and Lace for letting me read this book >:o)

  9. I really liked this book and it was a well set out story that had you thinking the best and the worst at times. I wish I had a beautiful supportive friend like Hannah as she was just the best friend you could ever call on. Gemma`s dad really was a beautiful, kind soul too and liked that he came to a point of realisation after a while as he knew something just didn`t sit right.
    Gemma and Finn`s love was so special and it took me close to their feelings and their doubts that it was a bit emotional at times.
    I would be excited if there was a continue on of this story as I`m sure it would be a good read as well.

  10. Thank you to beauty and lace for letting me review Six Days by Dani Atkins.
    I don’t know where to start but I have to say that I have not read a book that has made me want to read every spare second in such a long time.
    Dani has written an amazing novel that I cannot recommend highly enough.
    I loved the strength of every single character and the journey each of them had.
    I found it very easy to go from the present to the past and back again, it made the story make so much more sense.
    I loved the bond that Gemma and Finn had and the strength of conviction Gemma had in her belief that Finn would never leave her.
    I could go on and on because I loved this book so much and am so grateful to have been chosen to read and review it.
    I highly recommend reading Six Days. You won’t be disappointed.

  11. I also enjoyed Six Days by Dani Atkins.
    It was a different story to the usual love tale. Gemma’s loyalty to Finn showed out when she wouldn’t believe he had jilted her at the altar. She didn’t give up until the truth was revealed.
    Thank you for giving me the chance to read this book.

  12. It certainly didn’t take me six days to read this one! I loved getting to know Gemma and her husband-to-be Finn and the suspense of ‘did he’ or ‘did he not’ leave her at the altar!

    This book has flash backs and present day stories and I thought they were nicely interwoven and not confusing.

    Although at times a felt a bit conflicted at the choices of the characters, I quite liked this easy-to-read book. I would recommend to readers who enjoy a modern day romance with a hint of a mystery thrown in for added suspense and enjoyment.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for introducing me to this author – I will be on the look out for other Dani Atkins books now.

  13. Truly enjoyed Six Days. It begins when Gemma is suddenly jilted on her wedding day. She’s literally at the church and her fiance Finn is a no-show. Gemma is completely and utterly distraught, even in the face of the overwhelming evidence he’s left her without a word. Even her father and her best friend seem to think the same, although they support her frantic efforts to find Finn (just in case he slipped and lies bleeding in his shower, and all that sort of thing). The story flips back and forth from the first time Gemma meets Finn – and she’s a total goner – but their relationship proves fairly complicated. Finn has a history of not being able to commit, so he simply moves on. When everything points to this happening again, Gemma still hangs onto hope. The present day story moves on through the six agonizing days after the wedding date. Emotional and nicely twisty and complicated, this was an excellent read.

    Many thanks to Beauty & Lace and Head of Zeus for the review copy.

  14. It was an unlikely or unusual match, after all he did steal her parking space, embaras her and generall exist… but Gemma and Finn over the years crossed paths and started something nice. There relationship grew with dates, food, interactions and meeting and remeeting over time.
    It was supposed to be the romantic, happy day where they said “i do” but when Gemma was left waiting at the church for a groom that never came the story of them changed.
    Surely they had too much going for them for him to run. But the evidence, the signs… no, Gemma would not give up hope.
    6 days is the time you need to process what happened, or so they say. But Gemma would not give up on Finn, not until she heard it from him.
    This is a book of stubborn resilliance and a tale of where it began. I found it a fun read and you hope with Gemma along the way. Thanks for the opportunity.

  15. Six Days by Dani Atkins is a sweet romance and a mystery all rolled into one. It starts with Gemma Fletcher getting ready for her wedding to Finn Douglas, but Finn doesn’t show up at the wedding. The next six days see Gemma searching for Finn. Gemma will stop at nothing to find her one true love. Did he up and leave her jilted at the alter or has something sinister happened to him?

    With relatable, likeable characters and a story line that grabs you early in the book, this is one book that is hard to put down. If the need to feed my family and sleep hadn’t encroached, I could have easily read this in a day.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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