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Returned by Gillian Wells is the sequel to Lost. This is a story of romance, second chances, family, dealing with past and present trauma, acceptance and forgiveness. It all takes place during the emotionally trying time of COVID.

Seb has left Australia to live and work in England. It is a fresh start away from his past.

He runs a successful stable for retraining problem horses — he is known as the horse whisper.

On a business trip to France, Seb literally bumps into Sally, the love of his life. They haven’t seen each other for 10 years.  Previously, the timing wasn’t right for their relationship to develop. They both still have strong feelings for each other and both want to give their relationship another chance.

Sally has only a few more days in France before returning home to Australia. Seb makes the decision to sell up and return home to be with Sally and his family.

But, without warning, the world was about to change! One word = COVID! Sally and Seb’s plans are shattered with lockdowns, illness and border closures.

A surprise twist makes Seb even more anxious to get home to be with Sally. Their relationship is challenged by the distance between them, Sally in Australia and Seb stuck in the UK.

Sally stays with Seb’s parents Connie and Alec. They are all rather wary as some strange things have been happening around their property. They feel as if someone is spying on them.

What will the future hold for Seb and Sally as a couple?  Who and why is a stranger hanging around?

Many readers will relate to how difficult it was during the pandemic, especially if you lost a loved one. The mental health issues raised during this period have been portrayed in a sensitive way.

It is important to have a realistic story set in COVID times. Those too young to remember will be able to read about it and understand the isolation and how difficult it was for everyone. After all, it is now a part of our history!

Returned does stand alone, but I feel the reader’s experience is enhanced by reading Lost first.

The story is very engaging with both happy and sad moments. There are suspenseful twists and turns. It is an emotional story full of challenges for Seb and Sally and many other characters.

Once again Gillian Wells delivered a great story set in Australia. It’s easy to read, well written, and has an unexpected ending!

Thoroughly recommend this book!

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12 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Returned

  1. Thankyou to Beauty and Lace Book Club, Gillian Wells and Shawline Publishing Group for the opportunity to read and review Returned.

    I hadn’t read the first book however I don’t think I needed to as I easily got into Returned. I really enjoyed this book and found myself relating to it.

    Would definately recommend and would love to read Lost as well

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