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Pantheon of Life by Australian author Jade Andrews is her debut novel. It’s also the opening book of The Pantheon Collection Trilogy in the fantasy, adventure, and mythology subgenres.

Content warning: This book contains graphic violence, death, depictions of torture, explicit sexual acts, swearing, blood and gore.

Goddess Azraelle from Olympus finds herself cast down to the mortal realm for a crime she didn’t commit. Being powerless with an uncertain future her world has crumbled. With no way back she calls upon the mortal realm for her safety. 

Xadrion, the mortal Prince has spent his life duty bound by honour and to do what is expected of him. Displeased with his life it takes an unexpected turn when Azraelle enters his world. Raised by two different paths will the lines between good and evil blur in the face of overwhelming odds?

Jade Andrews thrusts readers into magical realms, where intrigue, adventure, and mysticism collide in a masterfully woven tapestry. I found the book so captivating from the first page that I could not put it down, as I did not want to miss anything. I was impressed with the pacing to keep such an epic adventure going through episodic moments and with plenty of highs and lows in the drama.

I love books that spark my imagination and make me envision every scene, and the book does that. This is thanks to the author’s immersive storytelling style that effortlessly transports readers into a world brimming with fantastical landscapes, and a richly layered plot. Readers will be drawn into a magical realm they won’t want to leave. 

I also really appreciated the close narrative work that’s gone into creating the diverse cast of characters. The richly imagined world utilizes some fantastic descriptive lexis to bring it to life offering a multi-sensory experience that feels like you’ve been thrown into the centre of it all. 

The protagonists Azraelle and Xadrion, are intricately developed, with some fascinating dialogue that shows you how their attitudes have been shaped by the fantastical world around them and its many pressures and constraints. Both were put to the test and beyond their limitations, exploring the boundaries of power, loyalty, love, and destiny.

The figure on the cover is beautiful, the inky-ness creates a sublime and mystifying image. It is subtle yet dramatic at the same time offering a calmness to it. The surrounding colour palette and type blend well.

Pantheon of Life is a must-read for fantasy enthusiasts craving a tale of complexity, heart, and unrelenting suspense. It has left me eagerly anticipating the next instalments of Pantheon of Death and Pantheon of Rebirth. I highly recommend it.

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10 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Pantheon of Life

  1. Pantheon of Life by Jade Andrews (Shawline Publishing Group) is an exhilarating fantasy read, which cleverly weaves together characters from Greek mythology who develop real world relationships and vulnerabilities on the mortal plain!

    Azraelle, cast down from Olympus and condemned by Zeus for a crime she did not commit, is found powerless and near death by Xadrion, crown prince of Thesadel, and his brother Ilyon. Immediately, there is a connection between them all, a destiny. As Azraelle begins to heal in response to Emera’s healing hands, what follows is a complex tale of love, passion, duty, betrayal and trust, as long held secrets are revealed…

    Why Azraelle has been scapegoated, how she can prove her innocence, and what this all means to her and the other characters in the story, forms the underlying plot.

    Beautifully crafted with a well developed cast of characters, I cant wait to read the next book in The Pantheon Collection series.

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful and thoughtful review! Thank you so much and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it 🙂 The care and consideration you put into thinking on this review means so much to read for my first release. I will be looking forward to sending book two along the way when completed 🙂

  3. “Pantheon of Life” by Jade Andrews, presents a captivating blend of ancient mythology and contemporary drama. The narrative follows Azraelle, once a formidable figure in Olympus, who finds herself stripped of her powers and thrust into the mortal realm. There, she crosses paths with Xadrion, a prince whose destiny becomes intertwined with hers.

    As Azraelle and Xadrion navigate their newfound connection, they uncover layers of betrayal, duty, and hidden truths. Supported by Emera, a skilled healer, they embark on a journey filled with intrigue and adventure.

    “Pantheon of Life” sets the stage for a compelling series, offering a rich tapestry of mythology and modern storytelling. Andrews’ narrative prowess shines through, leaving readers eager for more from The Pantheon Collection.

  4. Pantheon of life by Jade Andrews .
    A compelling and energetic story .
    Bringing Greek mytology to life .
    Azraelle cast down from Olympius for a crime she didn’t commit on deaths door with her wings cut of and deep cut wounds all over her body laying naked were she had fallen from the sky.
    On there way back to the castle from there days of hunting Mortal Prince Xadrion see Azrelle laying wounded and bleeding naked with her knees up and cradled in her arms only just breathing.
    Xadrion quickly grabs his men and carries her back to the castle were Emera is waiting to heal her with her healing hands .
    Azrelle awakens with no powers and no idea were she is .
    All she knows is Olympius is after her .
    Azrelle must prove her innocence before its to late .
    Xadrion and Azrelle embark on a journey of love,betrayel and trust .
    What is Azrelle really hiding ?
    What a plot I love the ending which I am surprised over .
    What great characters I can really bring to light in my mind .
    Thank you beauty and lace for the chance to read this gripping suspenseful story. Can’t wait for book 2 .

  5. As a person who never had the mythology fixation as I child I found myself surprisingly wrapped up in this book. The world building, the descriptions, the characters, their personalities, sexualities, all of it really drew me in and had me hooked. I was upset when I finished the book.

    Jade Andrews did an amazing job of writing this tale. There were so many twists and turns I wasn’t sure what was next. I loved how she included thoughts of race, religion and sexuality in a way that felt so natural to the story. How from someone removed from our world might see all these strict lines between them as stupid.

    “But I do know you well enough that you are stubbornly on this path. I will stick to my word Az. This is not the last time you will see me and I will never stop fighting for you. You can leave me now and insist on me remaining in this mortal life of mine, but you cannot dictate what happens a year from now, ten years from now, even a hundred years from now. This isn’t the end of our story. So please just let me walk with you”

    This quote got me GOOD. A MMC who loves a FMC as they are, not wanting them to change, and okay with giving her the space she needs. No toxic MMC here. This open discussion about feelings, adoration and loyalty. That is where it is it. Characters like this are the ones who stick with me.

    “Whatever you throw at me Az, I’ll take it” Jade Andrews you just are out here stabbing at my heart. A person who knows that they are in love, but the person can’t take it right now. You take what they give. You take any love, affection, attention or words they’ll give. Because it’s something.

    Thank you so much Beauty and Lace for sending me this book. I am waiting for book 2.

  6. Thank you, Beauty & Lace, for allowing me to read and review ‘Pantheon of Life by Jade Andrews’.
    As a debut novel, this is a fantastic read of mythology weaved into fantasy, love and adventure. Azraelle is thrown from Olympus to die amongst the mortals after being wrongly accused of a crime she did not commit. Fortune played a hand in her being found by mortals Xadrion and his brother Ilyon, allowing her to heal in a place of calm and freedom. Azraelle regains her strength and finds friends and lovers in a place with many hidden secrets. However, the strings of time are being tightened by others, known and unknown, culminating in the finale, raising questions about whether we have any choices in life or whether it is just fate.
    I really enjoyed reading this book; the last few chapters had me standing on edge so much that I cannot wait until the next book in the trilogy arrives. Thank you ‘Beauty & Lace Bookclub’ for the opportunity to read ‘Pantheon of Life by Jade Andrews’.

  7. I am a big fan of Greek mythology and thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. I cannot fault the incredible story line but unfortunately, due to ageing eyesight I did struggle with the size of the writing, so I had to keep taking breaks to rest my eyes. I just wanted to keep reading because the story is amazing. I normally pass my novels around to my elderly neighbours, but they too found the writing and line spacing too small. I am fascinated by the cover picture -it is beautiful.

  8. Greek Mythology is my THING…. and this is IT!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The world building, descriptions and characters, had me in love. There were so many twists and turns I wasn’t sure what was next. I love books with toxic or morally grey MMCs but this had none of that and I loved it. It was so refreshing to read and understand a MMC that doesn’t want or need the FMC to change.

    I cannot wait for book 2! Thank you Beauty and lace for giving me the opportunity to read this and thank you JADE ANDREWS for writing this!!!

  9. I loved this book. Azraelle is a woman that everyone would strive to be. A goddess, beautiful and full of intrigue. She sets the bar high for mere mortals and I could not put this book down. I loved the back and forth power struggle and sexual tension between Azraelle and Xadrion, as well as his development of powers alongside his brother.
    The cover picture says it all really and am looking forward to a perhaps a follow up book. Thankyou for the background in Greek Mythology, I’ve always been interested but not delved into it as it seemed too complex. Your writing made it easy to navigate.

  10. Pantheon of Life was a most interesting and surprisingly great read.
    The first book in a fantasy trilogy, it definitely leaves you wanting the next instalment.
    Some characters are based on Greek mythology, which is a very clever idea, adding lots of depth to the story line as we see the relationships between mortals and the gods,
    Goddess Azraelle has been cast down from Olympus for a crime she didn’t commit. Now powerless and living among mortals ,she meets Prince Xadrian. It is fate and their destiny is entwined.
    What keeps you reading is the danger, suspense, love, hate and twists and turns.
    An excellent read.

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