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Author: Trish Morey
ISBN: 9781489257659
Copy courtesy of Harper Collins Australia

Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Mira for the opportunity to read One Summer Between Friends by Trish Morey.

This book is about life, relationships, loss, and love.

Sarah, Floss and Jules…3 friends. The 3 friends were inseparable growing up together on Lord Howe Island. Until…jealousy and betrayal tore them apart.

Now the 3 are ex-best friends and avoid each other at all costs.

Sarah returns to the Island to run her parent’s store while her Mum recovers from surgery. Her marriage is over and her career going absolutely nowhere.

Floss has the life she dreamed of. She has married her high school sweetheart and they have  5 great kids. But, she is restless and feels there must be more to life!

Jules has a 4-year-old daughter who she loves so much. Unfortunately, her daughter is a constant reminder of the past, and a friendship ended. Life deals Jules a tough call causing her to consider what would happen to her daughter should anything happen to her

As the story unfolds we discover why the three friends struggle with guilt and grief.

Now that they are all back on Lord Howe Island, will their paths cross? Is it possible that they could find forgiveness and resume their friendship over this summer?

An easy to read book, you don’t want to put it down as you discover the reasons for their fractured friendship. Thoroughly enjoyed the book! 

5 stars!

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club Members are reading One Summer Between Friends. You can read their reviews in the comments section below, or add your own!

14 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: One Summer Between Friends

  1. I really enjoyed this book! It was one that I grabbed from my local library pod over the Christmas holidays as I’d run out of books & was pleasantly surprised.

    The story of the 3 friends were well intertwined & played well against each other. I liked the detailed descriptions of the surroundings also which now make me want to travel to Lord Howe Island.

    I look forward to reading more from this author

  2. What a fantastic story about love, family, friendship, loss and heartache. I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to reading more of Trish’s books.

  3. Yet another I wouldn’t have picked up to read . But this one I truly did love . Such a great read . Recommend this to everyone

  4. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for the oppurtunity to read One Summer Between Friends by Trish Morey.

    I didn’t know if I would enjoy this book when I selected it, I chose it because I wanted something different to what I usually read. Well I can say that I am so happy I chose it! What a fantastic read this was, I could not put it down!

    I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more books from Trish!

    1. Absolutely loved this book it had everything Joy happiness friendship the whole lot I would recommend this book to anybody thank you beauty and lace

  5. Thanks to Beauty and Lace Club and Harper Collins I had the opportunity to read ‘One Summer Between Friends’ by Trish Morey.

    Oh this was a juicy read. Could the estranged 3 best friends ever become friends again? It does seem an impossible task. The majority of the setting of the book was Lord Howe Island and Trish does an amazing job of transporting us right there to experience it.

    It was an excellent, well written book and really is a great read.

  6. Trish Morey’s “One Summer Between Friends” is a great read which I enjoyed from cover to cover. The storyline was very easy to read and characters relatable.
    Main character Sarah, who grew up on Lord Howe Island, has had a tough time and is living with the pain of loss and betrayal.
    Relationships, friendships, life’s hurts and complexities unfold as Sarah has to ensure 6 months back on Lord Howe Island helping her parents with their store until her mother recovers from a broken hip. Only as a matter of duty did Sarah agree to return, although the last thing she wanted was to have to see either of her ex best friends Jules or Floss, both of whom continued to live on the island, whilst she was there. It was hard enough having to put up with her mother for that length of time and the pain of the past was still raw.
    Little did Sarah know that going back to Lord Howe Island was exactly what she needed to address her grief and anger, mend relationships and find a new beginning for herself.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and HarperCollins Publishers for the opportunity to read and review “One Summer Between Friends”, which I highly recommend.

  7. Morey’s latest book is predominantly set on Lord Howe Island giving the reader a glimpse into the beauty of life on the island, a place I am yet to visit.
    The main characters are Floss, Jules and Sarah. Originally childhood best friends, who grew up together on the island, are no longer in contact due past pains and hurt.
    The story begins centred around career orientated Sarah who currently resides in Sydney and is hoping for a promotion. She faces disappointment when does not get promoted to be a partner in a firm she’s devoted her working life to. At this time, her mother has had a fall and is recovering in a Sydney hospital. There relationship is frayed due to her mother’s often inconsiderate choice of words. When Sarah’s father asks her to come back to the island to help look after their family business, a general store, she decides to go, despite the strong possibility of having to having to face Floss and Jules who are still living there.
    The story explores whether forgiveness is possible and if long term friendships can be recovered after deep wounds have been inflicted. Morey has the reader questioning if they could forgive a friend if faced with similar circumstances. It explores issues many women face in their lives including fertility problems, aging parents, parenting challenges and intimacy.
    This was a nice enjoyable read where I felt if I skipped reading the book for a few days, it was easy to pick up again and continue. It’s a book I would recommend to others and feel it would particularly make a terrific holiday read.

  8. Another amazing book by Trish Morey. Easy to read and hard to put down. This book touches on very common, relevant topics but manages to make it engaging on many levels. I felt a connection with each character and you feel for them through every part of the story.
    Great book!

  9. Friendships… best friends forever… to nothing… How quickly that term can change.

    This book follows the story of 3 women who grew up on Lord Howe Island as best friends, until one incident tears their friendship apart.

    Can a summer between the friends make it all right again? … or are there just some things in life that are just too unforgivable?

    I enjoyed this story. It is a story about love, friendship, family, heartache, acceptance and forgiveness. The story includes serious life challenges in an easy and enjoyable read.

    And as a bonus… I was amused that my childhood hometown made a small feature in the book!!

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read and review ‘One Summer between Friends’ by Trish Morey.

  10. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins I was lucky enough to be chosen to review, “One Summer Between Friends” by Trish Morey.

    A story of three friends Sarah, Floss and Jules, friends since childhood, growing up and making memories on beautiful Lord Howe Island. That is until they grow up and betrayal and jealousy enter their lives and tears them apart

    Sarah moves to Sydney but is forced back to Lord Howe Island to look after her parent’s store after her mum has a fall. Very reluctant to do so, but as her job in Sydney is not going well, she feels she has no other choice but to help her parents.

    Floss runs the local accommodation and has 5 children, lived on the island all her life and married her high school sweetheart. She battles her own insecurities throughout the story but comes out better than ever at the end.

    Jules has a daughter, 4 year old Della. But what is it about Jules and then seeing Della that brings up bad memories for Sarah.

    Can they reunite and go back to being friends, or has the bridge already been broken and there is no way of returning to the old days?

    I really enjoyed reading this book, it’s a real story of friendship, loss, jealousy, love, forgiveness and happiness. I really enjoyed the fact that there was one part of the story that brings up the town I have actually grown up in and still live today.

  11. One Summer Between Friends by Trish Morey is the story of 3 women who grew up on Lord Howe Island.

    Sarah, Floss and Jules had been through so much growing up and then to have it all fall apart. What happened? Can this summer turn back time and bring the once group of friends back together to make things right or is it all too late?

    Sarah who resides in Sydney and very career orientated is hoping after hard work and sweat she will get a promotion. Disappointingly she is overlooked after having given everything to the firm she works for. So, this is decision time for her. On top of this disappointment her mother has a fall and is hospitalised in Sydney. The relationship with her mother is somewhat frayed as she is often inconsiderate with her choice of words towards Sarah, but her father asks her to come back to the Island to help look after their family general store business. After considerable thought she decides to go but must face up to the reality she will probably have to face Jules and Floss who still live there.

    A great story line that is about love, friendships, sadness, forgiveness, and acceptance which maybe we could all relate to in some small way in our own lives.

    Great book and would highly recommend.

  12. I love books about friendships many years later – I love to see what happened to the characters, how their friendship has evolved, and what has stayed the same. ‘One Summer Between Friends’ was an interesting take on a friendship that has evolved over the years. I recommend it! Great storyline, and most importantly for a book like this, great, rich characters.

  13. I was lucky enough to be selected to read One Summer Between Friends and I am so glad I was!

    This book was so hard to put down! A perfect combination of love,friendship, heartache and forgiveness. It really made me think about my friendships.

    Thank you for the opportunity to read such a great book!

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