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Not Meeting Mr Right by Anita Heiss is one of a series of three books. Each book focuses on the life of one of the women in a friendship group. They can easily be read as stand-alone novels.

In Not Meeting Mr Right, we join Alice Aigner as she navigates her way through the dating minefield in a quest to find Mr Right. In her mind, she must be married by the time she turns 30. 

With just under two years to go, this proves to be easier said than done. Alice is a proud Indigenous woman who is looking for a man who she can have an intelligent conversation with. A man with manners, one that will treat her like she’s gold. 

It shouldn’t be too hard to find the perfect guy, right?  With her friends, Alice sets up a plan and rules for how to go about finding Mr Right. 

As Alice works through her various dates and meets duds and possibles that turn out to be no’s, I found there were many moments where I was nodding in agreement and moments where I had to chuckle. 

Alice is strong and feisty and won’t take any rubbish from her dates.

She works out in the end that setting time limits and rules is probably not the smartest thing, and at times Mr Right can be right there but you overlook him because your focus is on the plan that you have been fighting for.  Perhaps it’s best to let it go and just see where fate takes you.

I really enjoyed this book and loved how feisty and strong Alice is.  I can’t wait to read Anita’s other books in this series and see what Alice’s friends get up to.  If you are single, I’m sure this book will have you nodding and understanding Alice’s struggle.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club Members are reading Not Meeting Mr Right by Anita Heiss. You can read their comments below, or add your own review.

8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Not Meeting Mr Right

  1. What a wonderful and totally hilarious read Anita Heiss’ Not Meeting Mr Right was.
    Alice is very much a proud indigenous woman – the words strong and feisty don’t even begin to describe this woman. I absolutely loved Alices go to mantra ‘ I am deadly, desirable and delicious’ when she needs that dose of courage when she starts going on numerous dates with a variety of men (she is after all a serial dater). With the assistance of her family and friends she draws up a plan to meet her Mr. Right. where one of her major aims is to meet her Mr Right and marry by the age of 30. Alice soon discovers things don’t/won’t go according to plan and faces many disastrous dates before arriving at Mr. Right who was under her nose the entire time – she just didn’t realise it!
    A huge thank you to Beauty and Lace Book club and Simon & Schuster for my copy.

  2. Not Meeting Mr Right by Anita Heiss was an easy to read novel. Main character Alice is a 28 year old proud Koori woman, intelligent, beautiful and happily independent. That is, until she attends her 10 year school reunion and decides she has room in her life for a husband. Once decided Alice is determined to find her Mr Right by the time she turns 30.
    Eliciting the help of her friends, Alice follows a list of strategies they helped her develop to achieve her goal.
    There are some funny moments and some I could relate to, but I did have difficulty liking and connecting with Alice.
    The writing style of Anita Heiss is very easy to read and descriptive.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace ans Simon and Schuster for the opportunity to read and review Not Meeting Mr Right.

  3. Thank you, Beauty & Lace, for allowing me to read & review ‘Not Meeting Mr Right’ by Anita Heiss.
    Alice is 28 and decides it is finally time to meet Mr Right, so she plunges headfirst into the dating scene, enlisting the aid of her good friends. Alice is a proud indigenous woman with a successful career as a teacher but feels the pressure to ‘couple up’.
    Alice goes through a series of dates, some outright dreadful, some comedic and others just a waste of time. Finding a Mr Right is not easy and can’t be pushed, especially when he could be right there in front of you, and you never knew.
    Alice is an entertaining character, living life to its fullest and not ashamed to make mistakes along the way, a great read. Thank you ‘Beauty & Lace Bookclub’ for the opportunity to read ‘Not Meeting Mr Right’ by Anita Heiss.

  4. What a fabulous read!
    Not Meeting Mr Right follows Alice, a strong, intelligent, successful and determined Koori woman who is on the hunt for Mr Right – determined to be married by the time she hits 30, her time frame isn’t huge. Alice is a funny character and I enjoyed rummaging through the hilarious dates she goes on. Her strategic plan, with the help of her friends is quite a laugh too.
    I feel very lucky to be reading and reviewing the full series! This book would be fine as a stand alone though.
    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Anita Heiss 🙂

  5. Not Meeting Mr Right follows Alice, a strong, intelligent, Koori woman who is on the hunt for Mr Right – Alice is determined that she will be married by 30, but she is running out of time.
    Alice is a funny person and I enjoyed reading about her dates.
    I feel very lucky to be reading and reviewing the full series!
    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Anita Heiss for the opportunity to read

  6. I really love a lot of Anita Heiss previous novels, they are well written and full of depth, in saying that this is a different type of book- it is very sex in the city type chit lit, and you need to take it for what it is- a perfect beach read or something to take on your commute to work. Alice decides she is not happily single as she thought, and with the help of friends she makes a plan to find Mr Right. I actually wasn’t a big fan of Alice, she didn’t have all that many redeeming qualities. Not my favorite of the authors but hoping the next two books are more engaging.

  7. A school reunion does not go quite as Alice planned, I mean, she didn’t really fit with that crowd during school, she really does not now. Each and every one seemed to have the family thing going on, sharing their family way of life, their birth stories, the endless pictures of their children. So infuriating, how she was made to feel so inadequate in this crowd, after all, she enjoys being single, having her freedom and her life as she chooses, doesn’t she?
    With her friends she sets out to change her situation, to find mister right. Together they outline the play guide, the rules and regulations to enable this to happen, so that by 30 she is married. Not a big ask, 18 months.
    Searching is not all that easy, many frogs on the way to a prince. Alice’s story is pretty much that way too… and when you least expect it, is that him??
    Don’t miss too the undertones in the story about equality and the challenges and history tied to the Australian indigenous population.
    Thank you Anita Hess and Beauty & Lace for this fun filled read.

  8. Not Meeting Mr Right by Anita Heiss is book one in a series of three that follows 3 friends and their quests to find love. Alice is the first friend and this book is both funny, witty and entertaining as we follow along with Alice and her rules for finding Mr Right with the help of her friends. I could read these books repeatedly I enjoyed them so much

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