Book Club: Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures

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Author: Mulga
ISBN: 978-0-7344-1670-4
RRP: $19.99

Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures is a vibrant and engaging rhyming picture book for younger children. This fun little story is written and illustrated by talented Sydney artist Mulga.

The illustrations are vibrant and popping with colour but they also involve some pretty intricate line work. I want to say something about the style of the illustrations but I just can’t think what it is. The pages are all solid colour so little eyes will have plenty to keep them occupied while you read. I can certainly see from these illustrations why Mulga’s Magical Colouring Book was an instant bestseller.

Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures tells the tale of Mulga drifting off to sleep one night and dreaming a magical dream of music. It wasn’t just any old music though, it was music created by a whole host of quirky creatures in the jungle jamming away.

The book reminds me of a Graeme Base style story, with lots of animals doing not very animal-y things. Children of all ages will be entranced by the interesting animals and the bright colours.

The animals spent their night making magical music and in the morning Mulga awoke inspired and put it all in a song.


I think the first thing that I noticed when I started reading the story is that our main man is exactly that, a man. Usually in children’s picture books the characters are children so to see a fully grown Mulga with his impressive beard was quite a surprise.

Unfortunately by the time I sat to look at this one all my children were peacefully sleeping but I do plan to read it with them tomorrow.

I can see this one becoming a firm favourite with children who love animals, and mine certainly do.

Dreams can be a funny thing, and they can have a lasting impact on waking up. Children can be, actually we all can be, completely spooked by a bad or scary dream and we need to remind ourselves that dreams aren’t real. I have to do this on a regular basis because my dreams get a little crazy. Mulga shows us here that we can use our dreams to inspire us in the waking world, we can use them to create something beautiful, something magical.

If we can capture our dreams and remember them, which I often don’t, we can immortalise them in song, we can draw them, paint them, write them.

Mulga’s Magical Musial Creatures is fun and quirky, vibrant and eye-catching, and I’m sure it will be a big hit with children of all ages.

Thanks to Hachette Children’s Books 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will be reading Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures with their children. I look forward to hearing what they think.

Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures is available now through Hachette Children’s Books, Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

11 thoughts on “Book Club: Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures

  1. Me and my 3.5 years old loved this book, we still read it sometimes and it always bring something out of our imagination to think about.
    All the graphics and imagery is great is perfect for this book, very creative illustrations. My child love the lion wearing pink socks and in fact all the animals doing something funny. It’s a really great read for the kids of all ages and teach kids to imagine things and to dream about things they like.

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