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Being a lover of historical romances, naturally I loved Lord Somerton’s Heir by Alison Stuart. I adored everything from the book cover to the characters, to the storyline.

Sebastian Adler grew up in a happy household. He always knew his father, Reverend Adler was his stepfather. His mother had always been evasive when he asked about his real father. On his parent’s deaths, he took on the responsibility for his younger brother and sister.

Sebastian joined the army to support them. While overseas he falls in love and marries Inez, tragically she is murdered. Not caring if he lives or dies, he fights courageously at Waterloo. He is seriously injured and returned to a make-shift hospital in London. He dreams a mysterious and beautiful lady has appeared and insisted he is Lord Somerton.

Isabel, Lady Somerton, is a widow. She had not been blessed with children, so her husband’s heir is his first cousin Sebastian. It has taken her six months, but she has finally found Sebastian and when he is well enough she can hand over the responsibility of the Branstone Country Estate and the London House. Then she is free!

Sebastian finds to his amazement, that he actually is the new Lord Somerton. He also discovers that with inheritance come problems. The debts, the dark secrets, blackmail, and kidnapping… there are a few things to keep you enthralled!

Then there is the romance. Will Sebastian find love again? Will Isabel find happiness?
An excellent read.

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ISBN: 9780857991560 / Harper Collins

9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Lord Somerton’s Heir

  1. I throughly enjoyed this book. It was an easy read that had me interested from the start. Set in the Regency period this story is part romance part “who dunnit” mystery. It’s well written and well paced with enough drama and information to keep you enthralled without feeling boring or drawn out.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace, Alison Stuart and Harper Collins Australia for the chance to read and review.

  2. Lord Somerton’s Heir is a great book. Well written, the characters were excellent. Your feelings on each character kept changing as the story unfolded. Mystery, murder, love story, sadness, they were all covered. I started the book last night, and had to finish it this morning. I had no idea how the story line was going to end, there were no flat spots in the story. It held my interest all the way. I will look for more books by Alison Stuart.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace, and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  3. Thank-you Beauty & Lace for giving me the chance to read & review ‘Lord Somerton’s Heir’ a historical romance novel by Alison Stuart.
    I really enjoy historical romances and this one kept me interested and enthralled with all the different characters. Finding out that you are actually a Lord and not a nearly penniless Captain in the army comes as a shock to Sebastian but with the help of Isabel – the Lady Somerton widow he begins to find his place.
    However, all does not quite seem right at the Branstone Country Estate with two unsolved possible murders and a thief in the house. Who can Sebastian really trust? and to what lengths will others go to protect what they feel is theirs.
    A great read from start to finish, I really liked how the writer used Sebastian’s army skills of delegation and deportment to ensure that he smoothly filled in the Lord’s role – if slightly less snotty than most! Thank-you ‘Beauty & Lace Bookclub’ and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read ‘Lord Somerton’s Heir’ a novel by Alison Stuart.

  4. I loved the “About the Author” note in the front of Alison Stuart’s Lord Somerton’s Heir – “Australian author Alison Stuart began her writing journey halfway up a tree in the school playground with a notebook and a dream.”

    Lord Somerton’s Heir was originally published in 2014 and this paperback is a revised Australian edition. It is a delightful “escape” novel which flows easily and well from beginning to end.

    I love the way Alison Stuart gives her characters qualities which are very often well ahead of their time. Female characters who are “their own people,” not just creatures who do as society and their place in society think they should in the way they act and lead their lives. Isabel, Lady Somerton is nothing like what ladies of her standing and era are expected to be. Alison Stuart is not afraid to make her female leads exceptionally strong women at a time in history when strong women were frowned on. Her male leads often have a far more enlightened approach to the strong women than would be expected.

    This in combination with the historical nature of the book makes for a lovely Australian read. I thoroughly enjoyed Lord Somerton’s Heir and thank Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins through Mira for the opportunity to enjoy another Alison Stuart novel.

  5. Thank you Beauty and Lace for giving me the chance to read this wonderful book. I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to reading more books from the amazing Alison Stuart.

  6. This book was a great mesh between historic and romance. Loved the characters characteristics and how the story unfolded.

    Easy to read and couldn’t put it down thanks beauty and lace definately worth the read!

  7. A feel good tale with a bit of romance and a touch of conflict, I really enjoyed the ease of reading for this book.
    On the tragic death of her husband, the current Lord Somerton, Isabel may now be free to live her life without someone controlling her. But first she need find and install the new Lord Somerton, finding the heir to the title from her late husband’s family.
    Sebastian had heartbreak and war to his name, struggling to survive his most recent wounds in the depressing makeshift hospitals they had for war heroes and soldiers alike. Little did he know how his luck was to turn, with the visit of Isabel to tell him he was heir to the Somerton title.
    Follow as he has to step up, find his way in a society not his own. The scandal, the risks, the changes needed.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace for a read that transported me back in time, was a good read and the happy ending to boot

  8. Alison Stuart has written a beautiful historical romance. Oh it has everything a good novel needs; crime, suspicion, seduction, drama, romance, it’s all here! I could easily imagine the scenes whether in the makeshift hospital, the stables, the grand ballrooms or the tiny cottage by the sea. The settings took me back to my trip to England as I was imagining Chatsworth House, the rolling moors of the Peak District and the Parish Church in Eyam; Alison’s vivid descriptions were a joy to read and took me down memory lane. Now all I need to do is meet a duke!

    Thank you Alison Stuart for writing a beautiful novel, I will be sure to enjoy more of your books in future. Thank you also to Beauty & Lace, and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read this story.

  9. Historical fiction and romances are probably my favourite genre. However, Lord Somerton’s Heir is much more than just romance and fiction. There is murder, mystery and a central heroine. Sebastian is wounded and lying in a war hospital when Lady Isabel visits to inform him that he is the heir to the estate of the recently deceased Lord Somerton. Isabel is his beautiful widow. His luck has turned! He is saved in more ways than one, an estate, family he knew nothing of, and regaining his health. But things are not as they appear and deep dark secrets in the past of the previous Lord Somerton are coming back to haunt them.
    Alison Stuart takes you on a journey of discovery, love and mystery. There is elegance, and treachery with handsome men and beautiful ladies. She writes a beautiful setting that comes alive as you read and I love the character development and storyline that goes along with it. A great read! Thank you Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to read Lord Somerton’s Heir.

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