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Last Chance in Paris by Irish author Lynda Marron is a beautiful story of love, sorrow, recovery and second chances.

Married couple Claire and Ronan from Cork have recently gone through a traumatic event and their marriage is struggling.  Ronan suggests a short trip to Paris knowing that problems should not be ignored and hopeful they can take steps to recover the love they once had for each other. 

Hesitantly Claire agrees to go but she doesn’t know how a trip away will fulfill the emptiness inside her. Will the depth of their heartache be the end, or is it just the beginning of something new?

Interspersed throughout the story are the lives of four other characters. Dan, an American law student is living in Paris on a study break, his time is almost over but he has a major decision to make. Fleeing from war-torn Ukraine, Yeva a young refugee is on the streets trying to provide for her sister and seek a better life in Paris trying to uphold the promise she made with her father. 

Harry is a successful Hollywood producer who has burnt many bridges over the years making it impossible to return to those situations, releasing his errors he looks to the city of love to restore his ways. Living in Dijon for all her life now widowed Mireille is on a journey of the unknown from her past but hopeful of what lies ahead for her future. 

The narrative moves along steadily, allowing readers to understand the characters’ situations and what brought them to Paris. The multiple perspectives help you understand their motivations and fears. Marron has developed each incredibly well with realistic flaws and strengths, to the extent that you really get to know them and wish for only the best outcome.

Last Chance in Paris is more impressive because it is Lynda Marron’s first novel and I am in awe. It is a captivating story that had me reading nonstop, eager to get to the end and see how it played out. I love how the reader is shown the exploration of personal growth and resilience in life-changing decisions. It’s a heart-warming story, one that spreads a message of hope for anyone who has loved and lost; there is always a way forward and life really does go on.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You will get lost in the description and visualise yourself strolling through the city admiring its architectural beauty, along with the boulevards, the parks, and monuments whilst breathing in the smell of the street vendors and cafes. Paris is grand in the truest sense, and it will make you want to visit seeing it through the eyes of the characters. The French quotes added throughout the book were a lovely addition. 

The cover has such a sweeping feel that matches the novel’s epic tale. I’m especially drawn to the use of colour palette, and type with its perfect layout.  I would be immediately drawn to this book on a shelf because of its clear consideration of every detail. The images in the windows feel intriguing and emotional.

When a story can teach so much and be so entertaining, I consider it a success and I will look for that author’s name in the future. I highly recommend it to fans of the genre.

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7 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Last Chance in Paris

  1. The Last Chance in Paris by Lynda Marron is a very real novel with relatable storylines and believable characters that was easy and enjoyable to read. I was amazed to learn that this was the author’s first book ! There were a number of storylines which unfolded, relating to the motives behind the different characters ending up in Paris and culminating really in their crossing of paths. Whilst brief the trajectory of each of their lives was nudged in a different direction and was ultimately life changing.
    An interesting and enjoyable novel, I hope to read more from Lynda Marron in the future.
    Thankyou Beauty and Lace and Echo Publishing for the opportunity to read and review The Last Chance in Paris.

  2. Thank you for this book reading opportunity.

    Last Chance in Paris was an interesting read. It was slightly slow at the beginning, but once I got into the story, it was fairly easy to read and follow the storyline.

    The characters are multi faceted and it was great to read the story set in Paris.
    We are transported to the romantic city and there’s several characters coming here, and as we read the book, we find out about their lives and what happens to them. We also come to realise if it really is a last chance in Paris and under what circumstances.

    It was a good and enjoyable book to read and the setting of Paris was a wonderful background for the storyline.

  3. Last Chance in Paris by Lynda Marron is her debut novel and I thoroughly enjoyed the style of storytelling.
    It is predominantly the story of Claire and Ronan from Ireland who have been having troubles and hope a weekend in Paris can help them repair some parts of their lives. It is a big ask, but I feel Paris really comes alive and envelops them with a big hug. They have flitting meetings with a tribe of other characters who have their own stories to tell. There is Yeva and her younger sister who are Ukrainian refugees wanting a better life, but just trying to get by. Also, Harry is a big Hollywood producer who has everything he could ever want money-wise, but not the human connection he feels he could use now. Dan is a student who falls in love with more than just Paris and has to decide where his future lies. Mireille is widowed, and has an important letter she is taking to Paris and is quite nervous about how things will go. While this is mostly the story of Claire and Ronan and them trying to repair their marriage, the other stories sucked me in and kept me interested all the way through the book.
    I really enjoyed the way the story was told, the places we all got to travel to and memories that were made in many different ways. This book will appeal to so many that want to explore relationships and how one weekend can change so many lives – thoroughly recommend.

  4. Follow the story of 5 groups of people, how their lives have brought them to Paris and how they cross over each other.
    Harry, a movie producer, is taking a breath after finishing his last movie. Seemingly trying to distract himself from the realities of life with the sights and art of Paris.
    Claire and Ronan are trying to add some new spark to their marriage after the loss of a child. But is that all thats holding them back, does Paris hold magic to cure their heartache.
    Ukranian refugee Yeva and her sister are just trying to survive, awaiting the arrival of their father so that they may have a better life. To make ends meet Yeva has choices to make, not all of them pleasant.
    Sneaking away from her home in country France, Mireille visits the place her late husband used to go, she was sure it was another lover but she dare not ask. Her trip is to turn back the clock and meet someone she left long ago.
    Lastly Dan, a student who escaped for a brwak from studies. He never planned to find love in Paris,now his future is all that more complicated.
    These characters pass and cross each others journeys. The way it is written and the outcomes are heart warming. This is a cosy blanket and hot chocolate read . I enjoyed this one more than I initially thought I would. Thanks Lynnda Marron & Beauty & Lace for the chance to read.

  5. Last Chance in Paris by Lynda Marron follow 5 groups/couples to Paris to see if they can save their relationships. We find out how and why they ended up in Paris and who makes it and who doesn’t. There was so much detail about the sites of Paris you could imagine that you were there too.

  6. Last chance in Paris was a great read, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Being set in Paris was a fantastic choice for this storyline and the writing by Lynda Marron is so well done. The details in this book were written so beautifully, having been to Paris before it took me right back there. I found some parts to be a little predictable but it didn’t take away from the story at all. The characters were all engaging and it was an easy read. Overall a great, well written book. I highly recommend!

  7. Wow, this was a great book to read. I have been to Paris many years ago and he descriptive way that the author Lynda has written this book about Paris and its sights and sounds make me want to go back and visit.

    The characters in this book are all so different and the main 2, Ronan and Claire are on a holiday that Ronan hopes will help with their dying marriage. Harrison, Dan , Mireille and Yeva are the other characters this book is written about and their stories in Paris and they are all told beautifully and real.
    An easy read but a really interesting one.

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