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Lanterns by Bonnie Torbet is an emotional romantic story of loss, grief, relationships and letting go of the past to move forward.

Summer has struggled since the death of her boyfriend, Cayden, to cancer. Her therapist convinced her to turn her attitude around for Cayden and she did.

Summer has accepted a position to study at a leading research university in the US. She hopes to make a difference in the world and work towards a cure for cancer.

She arrives on campus with plans of no distractions, no relationships, just study, study, study.

Lincoln is quite taken with the cute, blonde girl on his flight from Melbourne back to the US. He regrets not asking for her phone number.

Against the odds, she turns up at his university. There is obvious chemistry between Summer and Lincoln.

Lincoln is haunted by his past because he’s made so many bad decisions. He knows he is no good for her. If he lets Summer hang around with him, it could put her in danger.

Surprised by his feelings for her, he stays close by and their friendship grows.

Fletcher is also taken with Summer and his mission is to get her to date him.

Summer’s friends warn her to keep away from Lincoln. She hears so many rumours about him, surely they are not all true!

Summer’s dilemma is how to decide who to have as a boyfriend. How should she make her decision? With her head or with her heart?

The chapters are narrated by Summer and Lincoln. We learn about their struggles, emotions and events in the past that have left them with baggage.

Before you can go forward, you need to let the past go. What better way is there than releasing a lit lantern into the sky for each regret?

This is a heartwarming story of two people, both suffering loss and looking for a way forward.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable book, written with warmth, humour and very likable characters. You are kept engaged wondering what the outcome will be, right down to the climatic ending.

I look forward to reading Book Two in the Lanterns series, Everything and Nothing.

Thank you to Shawline Publishing Group and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this enjoyable book.

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10 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Lanterns

  1. I enjoyed this book, especially the way each chapter was from either Summer, or Lincolns perspective.
    It touches on many aspects of their lives, especially how gossip can upend someone, their confidence and all friendships shattered.
    It kept you enthralled, and they overcame many challenges, but I did find it very long, and frustrating. Will she, won’t she. Should she, shouldn’t she, and so on.
    I wanted to yell at them and tell them to communicate and stop the tooing and froing. I personally found it just went on too long, and I did skip a few chapters due to this. The ending however, did bring it all to a nice close, and I especially loved the burning of the lanterns along with old fears and habits,
    The snippet for the next upcoming book following this one, looks good too, and I look forward to reading it as well.
    Thank you to Shawline Publishing Group and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this book.

  2. A Romantic book that also has excitement. Summer heads overseas to study and meets Lincoln who she has instant chemistry with.
    We read Lanterns from the POV of the 2 main characters Summer and Lincoln.
    A well written book by fellow South Aussie Bonnie, she has done an amazing job and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

    Thankyou to Shawline Publishing and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read and review Lanterns.

  3. I haven’t read another book since I finished this as I loved it!
    Such an amazing and talented writer is Bonnie Torbet that it kept me reading a few nights up until 3am in the morning lol!
    I found it such a flowing read and wanted to read the parts that went back in time quickly with Summers one true love Cayden as I wanted to know what was going to happen between Summer and Lincoln.
    I wanted to reach in and shout at Lincoln but at the same time I knew he had his reasons.
    I did not have any idea of how Lincoln was going to ever get out of the predicament he was in so that kept me guessing. I was worried that there would be missed chances at true happiness. I loved the pet name ‘bug’ and the characters were so easy to establish a picture in my head of and I felt right there with all emotions brought to the surface.
    Harry and Lila were foster kids Lincoln had a connection with through what tragic event happened which involved him and his sister and it also showed Lincolns soft, caring side. It was a side that Summer seen as Lincoln didn’t share this openly.
    Goes to show you never really know what pain , tradgedy and grief someone is going through and to also not judge people by rumors as what you see may not always be what you think it is.
    I must say I feel so proud reading a wonderfully written book by a South Australian author and wish I had read it earlier as she had a session of meet and greet for this book at our Tea Tree Gully library only just this April gone. I tried to search for the second book ‘Everything and nothing’ but perhaps it’s not out for sale yet. Just when you think reading can’t get any better, it does! As soon as her next book is out, I’m buying it as doon as I can. Thanks immensely for this fantastic book, my new favorite for the year so, write away Bonnie as I’m a huge fan of yours now thanks to Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing

  4. I enjoyed this book although I thought it was written for a younger readership than myself. It was a little long due to the toing and froing between the two main characters.
    Overall it was a fun enjoyable light read.

  5. This novel is a well written romantic story which keeps the reader wondering how it will all end. It was not a personal favourite, but nevertheless it is easy to read and offers light entertainment. A good book to curl up with in your oodie on a wintry day and chill out.

  6. I enjoyed this book so much that I read it in one sitting!

    I usually don’t enjoy books where each chapter is from a different person but I found myself needing to know what the other person thought.

    This story was so well written and it really touched on some important topics.

    Thank you for the opportunity to read Lanterns. I will definately read more from this author!

  7. Thank you so much to Shawline publishing and Beauty and Lace to allow me to read Lanterns. I thouroughly enjoyed the journey throughout the novel.
    I am not usually someone who reads romance novels but something told me to try this one and I am glad it did.
    I loved the main characters Summer and Lincoln and I think it worked very well with switching between characters so that we could see things from their perspective.
    Overall I loved the book and will be looking forward to finding and reading her other novels.

  8. Lanterns is a lovely romantic story which really set the scene of personalities, grief, time and finding what is right for you! A little of “ don’t judge a book by its cover” element in the story and how it’s okay to tread your own path with friendships.
    Well written and ideal for the younger readers to enjoy!

  9. I really enjoyed this book. Great storytelling, believable characters and above all an enthralling storyline.
    Linc sounds like the kind of guy every girl is drawn to and Summer every good girl next door.
    There’s drama, romance, heart ache and life lessons along the way. I couldn’t put it down. I especially thought that Summer following her gut about someone and not being influenced by those around her showed her true strength and made the whole story come together.

  10. Our past shapes us, especially when it has loss in it. Summer and Lincoln both know this better than many, but it isn’t easy.
    Having lost her first boyfriend, the first boy she said she loved, to cancer Summer lost herself. Only when she decided to honour him by finding a cure for cancer did she make any headway in her life. She studied hard and was rewarded by a position overseas at Oklahoma OSU, a ways away from memories in Australia.
    On her way there another passenger became intrusive of her personal space, something that shocked her, but he was still not hard on the eyes. Thank goodness its just the flight, she’ll not have to deal with him again….
    This was a good, fun and easy read, suited by young adult readers and grown adults alike. The story is told from the perspective of Summer and the boy on the plane, yes he appears again. It has hardship, romance and confrontation to keep readers following the story. I loved the escape and a chance to turn back my mind’s clock. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Bonnie Torbet for this read.

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