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Home Among The Palm Trees by Rachel Armstrong is a suspenseful rural romance.

Anastasia Hamilton has accepted a teaching position in Elizadale, a small country town in far North
Queensland. She has moved far from her home in Sydney hoping to find solitude. Ana’s love is her
faithful border collie Louis.

Ana has signed a 12 month contract with the school. She can’t risk staying longer, it is best if she
keeps moving.

Anna misses her Mum and her sister.

The people in Elizadale make her feel welcome, and before she realises it she has friends and is part
of the community.

There is no way she is looking for or starting a relationship. Ana is puzzled by her feelings for Liam
Maguire. She hasn’t felt this strongly about anyone – ever!

Liam is passionate about Elizadale. He runs the Tourist Centre and is about to open a café which will
feature food from his family’s property Shadow Creek.

home among the palm trees

All that is missing in his life is the right woman. Ana sets his heart racing, could she be the one?
He reminds himself that city girls always leave.

Ana and Liam’s friendship develops. It is helped along by his border collie Steph and Ana’s dog Louis

Liam senses Ana is hesitant to move to the next stage of their relationship, something is troubling

Rick, Ana’s ex fiancé, now released from prison, thinks, how hard can it be to track someone down.
After all, there is the internet and google… should be easy!

Will Ana and Liam have the future they deserve together or will her past find her?
Ana and Liam, their families and their friends are great characters.

This is a lovely story of love, a chance of a new beginning and a chance to put down roots and stop
running. The story does involve a sensitive subject which unfortunately happens too often.
It is great read.

The exciting news is…this is the first book in the Shadow Creek series. I look forward to reading
more about the Maguire family and Elizadale.

ISBN: 9780645355505
Copy courtesy of Rachel Armstrong

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  1. Home Among The Palm Trees is another must read book this year! Well written and characters you can relate too. It’s shows real community spirit in a small Australian country town. Ana and Liam are both strong characters who you easily begin to like as they explore where their relationship takes them amongst many tough issues and circumstances.

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