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Ghosts in The Fog by Nathan Best is Book Two in the Damien Hunter series. It’s full of action, danger and suspense that keeps you reading to find out the outcome.

Damien Hunter, a former Air Force Special Forces operator turned contractor, was previously employed by the secretive Taipan Organisation. The company supplies specialist soldiers for hire to organisations around the world.

Damien only just survived a flawed Taipan mission in Afghanistan. It has taken him some time for his body and mind to be in a space where he can consider any employment. He is offered a job at the Shtokman gas field Nevzgody Gas Platform, 325 nautical miles north of the Koala Peninsula in Russia.

This is exactly where he wanted to be, well away from his past. No one knew he was there and no one would try and contact him. Damien sobered up and worked hard to put the demons of his military life behind him.

The Chechnya separatist leader Sheikh Taimieov plans a terrorist strike against the heart of Russia’s economy. He plans to destroy a gas rig in the unprotected Artic gas fields. The FSB, Russia’s federal security service, receives information on the planned attack. Major Georgiy Urvantsev, commands the Alpha Unit tasked to stop the Chechnya mission.

Damien’s former employers, Taipan, have accepted a contract from the Rig’s owners to provide a team to take back the gas rig. His peaceful existence is shattered as all three groups arrive on the gas rig. 

As Damien is caught up in the chaos and turmoil his combat mode kicks in.

It is a race against time for him to save himself, but also save the pristine environment from an imminent devastating disaster.

Ghosts in the Fog is action-packed, suspenseful and has you on the edge of your seat hoping Damien will survive. The book is well written as Nathan Best draws on his own time of 30 years of active service in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Battle Born is the first book in the series, it is not necessary to have read it as this book stands alone.

However, between the twist at the end of Ghosts in the Fog and the ending of Battle Born, there is the making of the next book. Can’t wait for it to come out!

The book is more directed towards the male reader and those interested in terrorist plots, a commando-style hero, with tactical combat and plenty of action.

I enjoyed the book very much.

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2 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Ghosts in the Fog

  1. This is the second Damien Hunter adventure story I’ve read and while I did like it more than the first, I’m still not a fan of the ridiculous level of violence it contained.

    The story is set in the harsh arctic and the description of the area made it seem even more inhospitable then my imagination allowed.

    This time, Damien is dragged into the action through no doing of his own, and comes out triumphant with his skills.

    I found the naming of all the equipment distracting, and while I acknowledge that there are people who can tell, and enjoy knowing, the difference between military items, I am not one of them. In other books I’ll happily google items I don’t know, but my interest wasn’t there, and knowing it was a helicopter was enough.

    Did I enjoy the story? Not really, but I respect the level of research and knowledge put into it.

  2. An extraordinary setting makes the Ghosts in the fog a special miltary-based novel.
    It is fast paced and full of action.

    This is the second book in the Damien Hunter series, easily read as a stand-alone story. Having read the first, I was comfortable with the genre, writing style and the hero’s backstory. I enjoyed it more than the first, and am happy to recommend it, but still maintain that this book and series would appeal mostly to readers of military style books especially those that focus on contemporary war games.

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