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Easy Target – Taming the Black Dog is an inspirational true story. It highlights Adam Blum‘s journey with severe depression and his triumph over many obstacles and suicidal ideation.

He considered that he was an “easy target” for bullies for many years and although this was the basis for his suicidal contemplations, at 22 years of age, a phone call was the life-saving event that changed his path.

With support from his family and other life-changing happenings, Adam began to develop resilience and as he says, “forge fortitude”, change his mindset and turn his life around.

In the past, he felt he didn’t even have an umbrella for protection, and he likens this “forging fortitude” to a blacksmith forging armour and shields for protection.

This powerful book is full of honesty, humour, and healing through self-discovery. It’s made all the more inspirational because of Adam’s transformation from victim to advocate. His wish is to bring awareness to depression and suicide and to, by example, show how we can rise above the adversities and find hope for the future.

Now a firefighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service and creator of the True Blue Conversations Podcast, Adam has found his tribe and shows great courage as he bears his innermost soul for others to witness.

I found the book gives great insight into the pain and suffering caused by bullying along with the internalisation of bullies’ comments. Suicide is a major cause of death for young people but many Australians of all ages walk alone daily within the black dog of depression.

This severe darkness is something that others may never truly understand, so if Adam’s story can help to validate the experience for even one person then this could be one life saved.

Overall, this is a beautifully written book, easy to read with real-life photographs and ten helpful tips from the experiences Adam Blum has learnt from along the way.

I think that this book would be of great value in secondary school libraries to bring awareness to mental health issues that can arise from bullying.

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5 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Easy Target – Taming the Black Dog

  1. Wow, what a powerful book that is written by Adam. Through his story we witness his life and how he has become such an amazing person that even he still does not quite realise that he is.

    This is such a beautifully written inspiring book. We follow Adam and his journey through his life of severe bullying, contemplating suicide, his struggles with mental health, his love for his family and his Nan but most importantly his accomplishments in life and what he has achieved. Totally applaudable.

    Even as I type this, I feel emotions running through me remembering what he has endured. Bullying, will it ever stop? I have had it twice and it is horrible, but Adam was hit much harder than myself. Name calling is so cruel at any age and to push someone to feel that he wanted to end his life is just so, so incredibly sad.

    When he was at that point of suicide, I was thinking no Adam do not do it and thankfully his love for his Nan, helped him but just ringing a mate was his greatest phone call he made that day. It is simply good that his friend answered the phone.

    Adam had me in tears sometimes and then laughing but not at him but with him in what he was relating. I do not know Adam but found him to be so down to earth in his writing and very humorous.

    He is incredibly open regarding what he has been through and be prepared for some swear words which are totally allowed within this story. We all swear when difficulties hit us or under our breath.

    As I was reading about his journey, he made me remember a friend that I lost to suicide when she was about 16 and I was 17. I had just spoken to her the day before and never noticed anything about her behavior. We were even going to meet up on the weekend. I wish this book had been around back then and she was able to read it, then she would surely be here today.

    As I was halfway through the book, I noticed that he was on Instagram, and it was then I put the book down and went searching for him to follow. Everyone should follow Adam as he has such an interesting life working with the NSW Rural Fire Service, hosts a successful Podcast called True Blue Conversations (I do not know much on how to listen to them though).

    He has a big passion for Military and Veterans, and I am sure we will see another book down the track from Adam as I hope to read more of your next adventure on the Kokoda Track. You are no longer a target for anyone, and you certainly have been reborn twice as you mentioned at the end of your story.

    I must thank Beauty and Lace and Big Sky Publishing for allowing me to read this book. Such a story that has really touched my heart and I will be keeping this book forever.

    At the end of the book there are stories from the people that were in Adam’s life during his journey, and they have interesting stories themselves. Yes, there were tears and heartaches reading but I just say, you are all worth so much more and all inspiring as well with what you have achieved.

    I highly recommend everyone to read this book and follow him on instagram. He is an interesting human being who is much loved by many celebrities as well.

  2. Such a good book written to be read easily and to understand! Adam’s life from a young age, at school, work and life in general had been hard until he made the decision to find help that only he could understand for his healing. Finding the right people, friends and professionals is so very important in the journey of self discovery and help when you are a victim of consistent bullying. Adam had a few turning points in his life but none as important as stepping back from suicide.
    Upon reflection in reading Adam’s story these situations he highlights could be of anyone! Anyone who has been bullied to the highest extent but also anyone really. Adam, through his writer, gets down to the bones of how he has been on his road to recovery.
    Short stories on the people in Adam’s life help to explain his journey.
    I feel this is a must read for anyone struggling or who is there for anyone struggling. Adam, you are an inspiration as are those in your circle!

  3. Easy Target taming the black dog by Adam Blum.
    A powerful true story of Adam Blum who had a troubled start to his life . Born in 1992 he had a lot health issues he also suffered from ADHD and his school life was a complete nightmare.
    Adam was a Easy Target for bullies as he was over weight and had hair , he had an older brother named Scott but Scott was blessed and excelled at physical activities and Adams dad paid more attention to Scott instead of Adam . All this bullying and medical issues he became deeply depressed this is a story of how Adam overcome his depression and thoughts of hopelessness and suicide.
    Even getting a job at 21 he was still the butt of jokes .
    I loved reading this true story as myself can relate to a horrible time at school and I too hated it and was bullied .
    Please read this book if you are suffering and learn that there is hope .
    Thankyou Beauty and Lace for the chance to read and review this sad and uplifting story .

  4. Easy Target Taming the Black Dog by author Adam Blum is an inspirational story that gives an open and honest and realistic account of dealing with depression. He shares his experience of being an easy target by bullies from a young age and even as an adult finds himself bullied at work and facing other struggles. Adam could have so very easily focused on being a victim of bullying but he shares his journey of dealing with depression and how he overcame obstacles to get to where he is today. Most importantly he didn’t commit suicide as he had planned – he made the very difficult and brave step of calling a friend. I could see with each step he took he became empowered, developed inner strength, resilience and most importantly self-worth. He showed insight and had an incredible shift in mindset. He focused on self – discipline, self – acceptance and self – love and in closing shared his top 10 tips about how he made it through.
    I could relate to experiencing depression – it is one of my many ongoing battles that I face daily. I lost an Uncle to Suicide when I was a child and 10 years ago I also lost a precious friend to suicide. Adams story is one that must be shared. His story while it is sad it is also uplifting gives me hope and further understanding that I can fully appreciate.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Big Sky Publishing for my copy of Easy Target and of course to Adam Blum for having the courage to keep going and for sharing his truly memorable story.

  5. “Easy Target – Taming the Black Dog” by Adam Blum is such a beautifully written narrative that effortlessly intertwines heartbreak with humour, capturing Adam’s journey from being a victim to becoming empowered.

    Through his real-life storytelling, we witness his struggle but then his power of resilience as he deals with the external bullies and the internal struggle of depression.

    This is a story of change, hope and belief for a better future.

    My heartfelt thanks extends to Beauty and Lace for this opportunity and I must commend Adam on his courage to tell us his story. I highly recommend this book.

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