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Drunk on Confidence by Heidi Anderson is a must-read for all women. If you have ever looked in the mirror and not loved what you see — pick up this book.

Heidi shares her struggle with anxiety and a distorted body image.  She lays bare all her demons and most critical thoughts and shows how damaging all the negatives were to her confidence.

Her story shows that bit by bit, she managed to build a more positive view of herself. As she did this, she felt stronger and wanted to share this growing confidence with the world. This is just what she’s done through the media, and now with this book.

One of Heidi’s first massive steps was the day she shared some of her darkest thoughts live on air during her radio show. To her surprise, there were thousands of women who got in touch because they felt the same way. 

Learning that she wasn’t alone and that there were so many women who felt the same way about their bodies spurred Heidi on. She really started focusing on the damage we do to our confidence by carrying all this negative narrative around with us.

I have zoomed through this book. I just love how raw and refreshing it is that Heidi has shared all these emotions and thoughts with us. 

I am going to get in early and say if you have teenage daughters then this is the perfect book to get them for Christmas.

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8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Drunk on Confidence

  1. Drunk on Confidence by Heidi Anderson ( Big Sky Publishing) is the author’s candid remembrance of her experiences, her emotions, and painful periods in her life that triggered her anxiety and feelings of low self-worth.

    In her reminiscing, the author focuses on how she struggled, how the ‘mean girl’ voices in her head affected her life, and how she has worked to face harsh truths and overcome these feelings.

    I found this book a little repetitious and monotonous but overall applaud the positive message in the book ie. to make the choice to love and accept yourself – to ‘be your own cheerleader and best friend’.

  2. I related to Drunk On Confidence in many ways. Not the lifestyle but the complete body image portrayal. Oh my! I wish I had something like this 40 years ago to read and my life may have been a lot simpler in terms of confidence. Heidi Anderson hits the nail on the head so many times that I felt I was reading about myself. Heidi, I had not heard of you prior to reading your book, but wow! You have written this book in the language so many will relate to. Well done to you and for Big Sky Publishing. It’s a credit to you.

  3. Drunk on confidence by Heidi Anderson ,
    What a brilliant memoir a pleasure to read.
    I could relate to this story as it sounded exactly like me when I was younger with all the negative Nelly’s and people pleasing Pollys in her head .
    I great inspiration to read.
    Thankyou Beauty and Lace for giving me the chance to read this eye opening memoir .
    I loved it finished it in one day as I could not put it it down .

    Thanks, Heidi for your memoir that I instantly could relate to and not to mention it had me laughing out loud so many times. I was left feeling less hung up on the small things and your confidence is like a breath of fresh air, if only I could have gained your insight years ago as I can be a queen of self-sabotaging myself. You really laid your whole soul bare and you are an inspiration to many women out there, I`m sure your story will resonate well on a lot of levels.
    It goes to show that we never know how people really are on the inside as we can be really good at putting on a brave face, appearing jovial, and soldiering on but to learn how we can embrace ourselves for what we are and not compare ourselves to others is real life-changing.
    So I will drink the air of confidence I got from this book and tell my inner self-sabotager to F right off lol!
    Loved it!

  5. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Big Sky Publishing for the opportunity to tread Drunk on Confidence by Heidi Anderson.

    At which moment did I know I loved this book? It was Heidi’s candid comment “I wish I could sit here and tell you that I love myself because that’s what people expect me to say, but I can’t. I absolutely hate my body”. Oh my goodness, a moment I could so relate to.

    Heidi’s journey to acceptance of herself and he body is a must read for anyone who has struggles with what they feel about themselves. Although I thought I had learnt acceptance of myself and my body, reading this bought back so many memories and the realisation that there were still things I needed think about and work through.

    The tips and hints provided do really help, but I think recognising that we are NOT alone in this is one of the most powerful things. Drunk on Confidence really helped me reexamine and change my mindset. A great positive book for any woman!

  6. Drunk on confidence is a reminder for all of us – especially women who are prone to worry and compare that we are good enough as is!

    It was an interesting and candid memoir and I enjoyed reading and learning about how Heidi overcame her vulnerabilities. I think most of us can relate to some aspect of her story – ‘People-pleasing Polly’ and ‘Anxious Annie’ is where I found similarities.

    While I thought the book was a touch repetitive in some aspects, l have to say I have already recommended the book to a friend, and will do so again. The positive ideas shared with readers and the reminder that the ‘change starts with you and no-one else’ is very motivating. Finally, I agree, I too want a ‘world where women love themselves and each other.’

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Big Sky Publishing for the opportunity to read this book.

  7. Drunk on Confidence by Heidi Anderson is a raw and honest memoir in which body image and the impact of socially driven attitudes toward body image are explored.

    Heidi openly and unapologetically reveals her inner most insecurities and mean girls, and in doing so clearly identifies the impact of body image on women’s self-identity and ultimately sense of happiness. The message is an important one, especially in this era, and I respect Heidi’s newfound confidence and willingness to share her journey and personal growth, although I found the book itself a hard slog and quite repetitive.

    Thank you, Beauty and Lace and Big Sky publishing, for giving me the opportunity to read and review Drunk on Confidence. I would recommend this book for anyone who is feeling the pressure of society relating to their personal appearance.

  8. Drunk on Confidence by Heidi Anderson is part memoir, part coaching session and part self promotion.

    I found the book a very light read and while it definitely touched on topics important to us all, I would have liked to read more. I loved that references were made so I could follow up on things.

    The book is broken into sections of positivity, and I loved how Heidi shared her lows as well as her highs. I found the jumping back and forth on the timeline a little hard to follow but as there was repetition of events across the sections it did work. I did find the named negative influences a bit tedious and can’t help but think if they’d been shortened into initials it would have worked a little better.

    As the cover points out, it was unapologetically her, and for that I salute her!

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