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Coming Home to Bellbird Bay by Maggie Christensen is a romantic story of love when you least expect it.

It is a story of family. No matter how old your adult children are, you are always their parent and will be there for them through life’s complications. It is also a story of a community.

Grace Winter chose Christmas Day to share the news that she was selling the family home in Granite Springs and moving to Bellbird Bay to be closer to her sister.

Her two daughters Lou and Mel are shocked. Ben, her son is more understanding as he knows the 20-acre property is far too much for their mum to manage since their father died.

Grace loves her new cottage with the views of the beach. It is a place she has chosen herself. If only her children would visit and understand how she loves the ambience and how peaceful Bellbird Bay is.

Dot, Grace’s sister, organises a dinner party for Grace to meet their friends.

coming home to bellbird bay

Ted Crawford, a lawyer, has retired and returned to live in Bellbird Bay. He has been on his own for many years and enjoys his quiet lifestyle. Ted is kept busy surfing and being a volunteer with the Turtle Watch Group. He is not looking for anyone to share his life with. Reluctantly Ted accepts an invitation to dinner to meet his friend’s sister in law.

The dinner party is an uncomfortable event for Grace and Ted when they realise they are the only single people there. Dot’s matchmaking was not a success!

Some time later, Grace and Ted meet while walking on the beach and discover they are almost neighbours. A friendship slowly develops.

Grace’s three children all have complications in their lives. As does, Aaron, Ben’s son.

Will their friendship have any chance of developing further, as their combined children need more and more of their time?

The characters in the book are lovely and are dealing with real-life issues that everyone can identify with, which makes the story heartwarming and authentic.

This is the second book in the Bellbird Bay series and the characters from the first story make appearances in this story. After all Bellbird Bay is such a wonderful community and setting in which to live. I look forward to more Bellbird Bay adventures!

It was a wonderful read.

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One thought on “BOOK CLUB: Coming Home to Bellbird Bay

  1. Coming Home to Bellbird Bay by Maggie Christensen was the second book in the Bellbird Bay series, although it could be read as a stand-alone book as there were no real connections to the first book. It was an easy read that I could relax and enjoy without having to concentrate too hard. This story focussed on different characters to the first book and was largely about the development of a particular relationship at an older age. I quite liked the other characters (their children) and would be interested to see if other books in the series relate to them. I’ll look out for more Bellbird Bay books as they come out. Thank you Beauty and Lace for letting me review this book >:o)

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