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Code Red, a Mitch Rapp novel by Kyle Mills is an action-packed, suspenseful thriller set in the Middle East. A fantastic cover draws your interest.

Special Operative Mitch Rapp once asked for help from Damian Losa the world’s most powerful crime and drug lord. Now Losa has called in the favour.

The Syrian Government has created a highly addictive new narcotic which is a threat to Losa’s business.

Mitch Rapp disguised as a wealthy Canadian attorney, Matthew Fournier, is sent to Syria to negotiate a deal with the government as Losa’s representative.

Once in war-torn Syria, Rapp discovers that the drug was actually created by Russia’s asymmetrical warfare unit. The drug causes irreversible brain damage and permanent psychosis. Russia plans to release it throughout Europe and the West as a weapon.

Negotiations do not go well! Rapp realises he is expendable to everyone.

Drawing on his extensive time operating in the Middle East, as he attempts to escape, he wonders if he should stay and destroy the drug-making operation. That is provided he can get a team in to help him.

This is a country where you can trust no one and where everyone changes allegiances hourly. With his partner Claudia and daughter Anna waiting at home for him to return, Rapp has every desire to remain alive.

So begins a cat and mouse game of strategic planning where every move is fraught with danger, as they try to prevent a major international USA / Russia incident.

It makes you think and appreciate all the covert operations that Special Operation personell carry out around the world in an effort to keep us safe.

The book is an excellent read, a great plot with danger, terrorism and political repercussions with a fantastic lead character. The style of writing makes the book easy to read and follow. The descriptiveness of the war ravaged area and the fighting is realistic with plenty of action to keep you glued.

If you have enjoyed Code Red there is a series of thrilling espionage Mitch Rapp novels written initially by Vince Flynn and now by Kyle Mills.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are reading Code Red by Kyle Mills. You can read their comments below, or add your own review.

3 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Code Red

  1. CODE RED by Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills (Simon & Schuster) is an interesting glimpse into the chaos of the Middle East, in particular war ravaged Syria.

    The main character – Mitch Rapp, counter-terrorism expert and sometime CIA operative, is thrust into this world, when he returns a favour for Damian Losa, a powerful crime lord and prominent drug trafficker who wants inside information about a new strain of the drug Captagon set to hit markets worldwide…

    Mitch Rapp is very aware that drugs form a huge part of the Syrian economy and the making and distribution of industrial scale quantities of highly addictive drugs like Captagon has turned the country into a real narcostate. So Mitch is very much in danger, at the mercy of
    crime families, militia leaders and politicians who all have a vested interest in profiting from the illicit drug trade whatever the consequences…

    An interesting book that highlights the political tensions, rivalries and instability of the Middle East.

    Code Red is part of the Mitch Rapp political terrorism series. The series was originally created by Vince Flynn and upon his death was continued for another nine books by Kyle Mills. Code Red is Kyle Mills last book before the series continues in 2024 with yet another author. It is easily read as a standalone thriller.

  2. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to read CODE RED by Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills, I will start by saying I had not read any of the novels by these authors – or the 20 earlier novels from this series but it didn’t matter and I LOVED this book from page 1!

    Code Red is an immensely readable book. Clear coherent in its story telling, the story unfolds with each of the characters being covered and providing the reader with an understanding of the issues from their points of view. The references to earlier dramas in Mr Rapp’s life are covered effectively and having not read the earlier books was not a problem.

    I found Code Red to be un-put-downable. I was intrigued from the beginning and I had to find out what happened next! As stated, I haven’t read the earlier books…but I will be as soon as I can.

    10/10 a perfect read.

  3. Whilst not a genre I would normally reach for, I found Code Red to be an exciting, although more than a little disturbing, read.

    Set primarily in Syria, this political thriller, revolves around the illegal drug trade and is a story of revenge as much as it is a story of warfare.

    I found the characters to be well written, with their skills and strengths, creating a story that flowed well and kept me interested until the end.

    The loss of life, especially without the emotional attachment, disturbed me more than a little, however in the context of the story, it is what it is.

    Would I read another Mitch Rapp novel, I dare say I would, if nothing else but to be amazed at the skills of both Mitch and his team.

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