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Book Lovers by American author Emily Henry is a colourful, comfy romance fiction. 

Nora Stephens life is surrounded by books, as a literary agent in New York her job is to read as many stories as possible to help writers get their stories made into books. She is their conquering heroine when their book gets published.

Her younger sister Libby also sees her as a heroine but worries that she never puts herself first, wanting to take a vacation to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina before the birth of her third child she begs Nora to accompany her.  

Travelling is best enjoyed when you have someone to share your journey and adventure with and the best person to share this experience with is your sister. It was going to be a wonderful time to reconnect, Libby plans a list of tasks to complete to get the most out of their stay in a small town. 

Charlie Lastra, an editor from New York arrives in Sunshine Falls to help with the family bookstore, his father recently had a stroke, and his mother was caring for his needs. Charlie has never felt accepted in the small town and was not pleased to be back.   

Whilst standing in line for coffee Nora is checking about the appealing man in front her, when he turns around she is shocked to see Charlie.  Nora has met him many times before in meetings but has never taken fondly to him, that is until now when they keep running into each other. 

book lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers is a hilarious story that will have you chuckling all the way through. Emily Henry taps into the headspace of the everyday person, deftly portraying insecurities and problems. The main protagonist may be short on self-esteem and very complex, but she has more than enough sass to make up for it. She isn’t backward in coming forward, which can lead to some awkward, yet funny moments. 

The characters are well defined, and the use of dialogue is both believable and entertaining. The plot develops at a good pace and the reader is instantly engrossed in the unravelling of feelings and emotions. The relationship between Nora and Charlie serves as the bedrock of the story, you can’t help but want them to be together.

This story is a welcome ray of sunshine, a little lightness to brighten up dark days. I’d say readers need to look no further and grab yourself a copy.  I highly recommend it. 

Thank you, Beauty and Lace, and Penguin Books Ltd for the opportunity to read and review.  

ISBN: 9780241995341

Copy courtesy of publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

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12 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Book Lovers

  1. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read Book Lovers by Emily Henry.

    I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book but from the first page, I loved it. It was a very believable story about Nora and her sister Libby. Nora feels responsible for everything in her sister’s life and doesn’t feel she deserves any happiness her. Fortunately Charlie gets under her skin and all works out well.

  2. Oh my goodness! How I loved this book! It was utterly delightful and funny and sweet. The characters were lovable and relatable. I couldn’t put this down but then wanted to make the story last all at once. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for the opportunity to read such an enjoyable book.

  3. This book was written so well and quite a few moments when Id have a little laugh loudly and my partner would look over and wonder what was so funny..
    I thoroughly soaked this book up and like the story and didnt want it to end, loved the humour, loved the wit and getting to know what Charlie was really like also.
    It was a page turner, especially towards the end and I was just excited for things to finally eventuate as some moments held a lot of willpower lol! I was not sure how it would really end which was good and you will have to read it to know what I mean but a definate favourite of mine! Loved it a lot!

  4. Thank you for this book reading opportunity.

    The book read easily, once I got into it.

    It was funny and sweet and a good entertaining read. It’s a nice clean romantic book, easy to understand and follow. Would be great to read as a pick me up, or while on holiday.

    Overall, an enjoyable book which wasn’t heavy but was funny and romantic enough.

  5. Emily Henry is a bestselling author, with several of her books having made the New York Times number one slot. Book Lovers is a very enjoyable, amusing, romantic novel set in New York and North Carolina.
    Nora Stephens is a successful New York based literary agent, her work is her life and as a result her love life has suffered. She is very close to her younger sister, Libby, who is pregnant with her third child. In her work life Nora keeps coming across an editor, Charlie Lastra, they get off on the wrong foot when Charlie turns down editing a novel which Nora believes will be a huge best seller.
    Its clear that while Nora is successful, she’s not happy, she’s anxious and has issues she has not dealt with which we don’t find out about in detail until much later in the novel. Nora has always protected her younger sister so when Libby asks her to go on vacation with her to Sunshine Falls in North Carolina Nora can’t say no. Sunshine Falls is the setting for a novel by one of Nora’s clients and its here that Nora bumps into Charlie again.
    For a book lover this novel is so entertaining, so many literary style references and it certainly made me smile. The characters were likeable, I was keen to know why Nora was so anxious and what exactly was going on in Libby’s life. The chemistry between Nora and Charlie came across well, they are both committed to their work, loners and of course book lovers.
    Thank you to Beauty & Lace Book Club and Penguin for the opportunity to read this highly entertaining novel. I’ll certainly look out for other novels by Emily Henry when I’m in need of an enjoyable, romantic novel to read.

  6. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Penguin Books I was lucky enough to review “Book Lovers” by Emily Henry.

    The story of 2 sisters, Nora and Libby who have grown up without a father figure around and their mother dying when they were young. Nora has always felt it her duty to protect and do everything possible to make sure Libby had everything she needed and was ok in life. Nora gives up a lot to make sure this happens, career, love and life.

    Nora who is a literacy agent loves her job but dreams of being an editor. While on some down time Libby convinces Nora to go with her on a holiday to Sunshine Falls, the birth place of the book “Frigid” which was written by one of Nora’s most successful clients. Little does Nora know, Libby has a plan as to why she wants to go to Sunshine Falls.

    While in Sunshine Falls, Nora runs into Charlie, her arch nemesis in the book world. They have a bit of a love/hate relationship but he wakes her up to what life is really about and makes her realise, with the help of Libby, that she needs to make her life her own, not look after Libby anymore and give up her dreams.

    At first I wasn’t sure I would like this book but I loved it. It was an easy read, cute romance book that has a wonderful ending.

  7. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Penguin Books for the opportunity to read and review “Book Lovers” by Emily Henry.

    The story of Nora and Charlie – from adversaries in business to finding love is a fun and engaging story that is easy to read and fall in love with. The sister dynamic explored in the book rings so true and the realisation that their relationship has matured and changes is so true to life.

    This is the perfect book for your winter reading schedule. Or summer, autumn or spring reading schedule for that matter. Easy to read with fun and interesting characters and an interesting story line – “Book Lovers” is going to grab you from the beginning to the very end!!

    Thanks again!

  8. I knew this book was right up my alley as soon as I unwrapped it, what’s not to love, writing a review about a book called ‘Book Lovers’ by a self-professed Book Lover, even better a book, about a book within a book being edited by one hunky editor, and the best literary agent in the business, also two Book Lovers – my idea of bliss.

    Sisters, Laura and Libby are close, or so Laura always thought until this trip to the picturesque, off the beaten track, tiny town of Sunshine Falls, set in yesteryear. Which just so happens to be the setting for Laura’s current fussy, demanding author’s top selling novel “Once In A Lifetime.” Dusty the author of the book within the story is a tad sensitive, Laura handles Dusty with kitten gloves, and is available to take the demanding Dusty’s calls 24/7.

    Libby has the dream marriage to Brendan, two beautiful daughters, baby number three on the way, and a ridiculously long list that the sisters need to tick of during this trip which is now becoming weirder by the day, not to mention Laura’s nemesis Charlie Lastra also weirdly turning up in Sunshine Falls.

    The story is full of lovable, quirky characters, double entendre bar, restaurant, café, shop names that had me laughing out loud, I’d like to thank Beauty and Lace and Penguin for the opportunity to review this limited edition proof copy of ‘Book Lovers’ by Emily Henry, I absolutely loved this story and I know you will too.

  9. Emily Henry is the new sovereign of contemporary romance. Henry’s light, fun, breezy and engaging modern love stories have smashed bestseller lists worldwide. Henry makes a triumphant return with Book Lovers, a tale suitable for romance readers and bookworms alike!

    A story that promises to deliver chemistry in bucketloads, Book Lovers the latest release from Emily Henry. Book Lovers follows Nora, a literary agent who will do anything to ensure that she stays at the top. Nora has no room in her life for anything other than her career.  Book Lovers pits Nora against Charlie, a charismatic editor who loves nothing more than to discover the next book world sensation. Nora and Charlie are enemies in the high paced publishing world. When Nora’s sister invites her on a much-needed holiday to a small town in the North Carolina region, she doesn’t expect to cross paths with her enemy. But Charlie continues to make his presence known and Nora’s carefully guarded existence might be about to change. Can these two literary rivals create their own enduring love story?

    I have heard so many great things about Emily Henry, her books seem to have an enduring quality that has made her a sought after author. I have been curious about Henry’s books for some time now and when an opportunity came my way to review Henry’s new book I jumped at the chance. I’m glad I finally gave this bestselling author a go, Book Lovers was a great book to carry me through a heavy week.

    Nora is Emily Henry’s lead protagonist. I’m sure those who have read this book will agree that Nora is credible, reliable and likeable. What I appreciated about Nora was her passion, dedication and loyalty to her work. She is definitely a workaholic, but her professional drive was incredibly admirable. Nora is a hardworking young woman and I felt a little sorry for her as her relationships seemed to break down. I really hoped that Nora would eventually find the right man for her. In this area, Book Lovers is a bit predictable as we know as soon as Charlie enters the equation that the love sparring begins. I enjoyed this process more than I expected, especially the witty banter exchanges. Charlie was a great match for Nora. I believed in Nora and Charlie’s love from the moment this book began.

    For those who love a good book themed love story, Emily Henry’s new novel delivers. Book Lovers provides the audience with an excellent insight into the life of both a literary agent and an editor. I didn’t realise just how demanding these jobs could be. Nora is self-sacrificing and very good at her job. Although Nora’s job seemed appealing, I’m not sure if I could perform her job if I was given the opportunity.  I also enjoyed being placed in the shoes of an editor via Charlie, this was another fascinating career presentation. Nora and Charlie are supported by some great side character constructions who help to raise this book to high proportions.

    I won’t say too much more about Book Lovers, only that it is a book that brought a much-needed smile to my face during a hectic working week. I look forward to reading Henry’ s previous bestselling novels based on my enjoyment of Book Lovers.

    *Thank you to Beauty & Lace Book Club/Penguin Books Australia for a copy of this book for review.

  10. Nora lives her life in her work, supporting authors and being their agent. Her only super important, out of work, distraction is her sister Libby. When it seems Libby is seemingly troubled and their sisterly relationship seems to be in jeopardy she agrees to take a little time out from work to visit the small town that one of her authors use in their super loved novel. This novel was one passed up by a well know editor Charlie. Their meeting to discuss she found him dismissive and impersonal.

    Sunshine Falls is a small town that doesn’t have the spunk and style written into the literary version of the same. Though Nora thinks that may be her sister’s undoing, it seems Libby is content with what they find. Libby set up a checklist to be achieved by the sisters, including wearing a checked shirt, hair colour & cut and a romantic interlude with a local. The last hitting home with Nora as this is how she has parted with several of her exes, they fell in love in small towns, leaving her a little lost. Little does she realise that Sunshine Falls has a hidden son, enter Charlie.

    This is a fun story, with frustration, challenge, passion and a drawn out romance that has you hanging on for resolution. I have enjoyed this read, finding it hard to put down. Thank you Beauty & Lace and author Emily Henry for my latest reality escape.

  11. I was absolutely hooked on the storyline – the easy flow and the sisterly love.
    The book was so well written I loved every aspect and the characters.

    Thankyou for the opportunity to read this lovely heartwarming story.

  12. Book Lovers by Emily Henry is funny, sweet, and oh-so relatable.
    Not many books make me laugh out loud but this one did. I desperately needed those laughs, so thank you Beauty and Lace and Penguin books for my ARC. I can’t wait to read more books by this author.

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