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Becoming Beth by Meredith Appleyard is a very easy book to read.

It introduces us to Beth, who returned home after the breakdown of her marriage. Not long after she had shared this news with her parents, her mother had a stroke and passed away. 

Beth has always felt that she was a bitter disappointment to her mother, especially after a situation in her young teenage years that her mum took control of leaving her with no say.

Beth feels some guilt that it was the news of her marriage breakup that caused the stroke and consequent passing. 

Now, Beth lives with her aged father in the small town of Miners Ridge.  She has lost her mother, her marriage, and her job.  She feels that she must be there to care for her dad and has no idea how she will cope living back in this small town. 

She takes over her mother’s spot on the local Town Hall committee, and through this she meets and gets to know some of the lovely locals that she becomes very connected to, and begins to care about. Over time her life starts to change. She finds new connections, and a new direction in life.

I found Beth to be very likeable, and for me very relatable. She is someone who puts others first and buries her emotions for fear of upsetting others with her worries and cares. 

Meredith Appleyard’s writing flows along so effortlessly that each time I picked up the book I felt like I was just checking up on a friend.  Becoming Beth makes a wonderful summer read.

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3 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Becoming Beth

  1. Thankyou to Beauty and Lace and Meredith Appleyard for the opportunity to read and review Becoming Beth.
    I enjoyed this book and read through it quite quickly but found it a really sad book as there wasn’t one character that was having their best life. Beth came back home to Miners Ridge after a marriage breakup having to leave her home in Adelaide and her job and friends. Beth found herself, along with her elderly father, Chrisnursing her dying Mum after a series of strokes. Beth tried to replace her mothers on a hall committee and started to help the committee fund raise.
    The relationships between the older residents and old school friends takes Beth on a journey of discovery and secrets involving herself and her family, with old memories forcing themselves to the surface having to be dealt with before Beth can continue with her life.
    I have looked and found several more of Meridith Appleyards books and intend to read more from this author.

  2. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Meredith Appleyard for the opportunity to read ‘Becoming Beth’.

    This is a gentle book, by which I mean the story develops and is revealed slowly. I was expecting the ‘big thing’ to happen’ at some early point but, well, it doesn’t. The story progresses in a natural timeline and a number of ‘things’ are revealed over time, things I wasn’t expecting.

    Beths return to Miners Ridge after the end of her marriage, her care of her mother and her subsequent death and then her relationship with her father and brothers is revealed in a slow but satisfying way. As she takes on the role her mother played in the community and reconnects with old friends and makes new ones, Beth finds herself and reimagines her life in a small community.

    As I said I was expecting the ‘big thing’ to happen as it generally does in fiction, but this is so much better! Beth’s journey is a slow burn, revealing secrets and facing truths in a way that is altogether more satisfying and real!

    Well worth a read – I recommend this for anyone looking for something a bit different.

    Thanks again!

  3. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review Meredith Appleyard’s “Becoming Beth”.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was a book that I very much looked forward to reading and it didn’t disappoint. The book is a gentle unfolding of the secrets and complexities which can behold families, particularly Mothers and their children. The story is told from 58 year old Beth’s perspective. Beth who finds herself having gone through a painful divorce, her Mother’s passing and the moving in with her Sweet Dad Alan at a country town called Miner’s Ridge. What ensues is a slow build up of characters and multi-layered revelations as the story takes you through the move to Miner’s Ridge and the people she meets along the way after joining in the community by raising funds for the local committee. Being that Beth is in her late fifties, and a divorcee, she finds herself forming friendships and the story brings the reader along through the revelation of family secrets, grief and a journey of self-discovery for Beth. I felt invested in the characters and in particular Beth. I highly recommend this beautifully portrayed and delightful read.

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