BOOK CLUB: Alphaprints Sea Life

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Author: Roger Priddy
ISBN: 978-1-78341-713-1
RRP: $9.99
Publication Date: 31 July 2018
Publisher: Pan Macmillan – Priddy Books
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Board books are such fun and we all know that reading with our little ones is a hugely important part of their development. It is recommended that you read every day with your little ones and that is made much easier with a selection of eye catching and engaging age appropriate books.

My children love to pick great big books to read, and then don’t have the attention span to sit and listen so board books like the very clever and colourful alphaprints range are perfect. They are simple enough that the toddler just loves to sit and look at the pictures while running his hands over the textured sections. The four year old is also enthralled because he know some of the sea animals and can see that they are made up of everyday items that he’s seen around the house.

Sea Life is 20 pages of short rhymes accompanying vibrant sea creatures in a book that isn’t too busy for developing little brains. There is a lot of white space on the pages to allow the eye to be captured by the sea creature. The illustrations are put together with textured fingerprints to make up the body of the creature and embellished with everyday items to make the rest of the animal.

My Master 4 and I had great fun naming the parts of the creatures that are found around the house. Feather legs, Peg pincers, shifter claws, cocktail umbrellas, shells, shuttlecocks, tools, leaves and food. We had such a lot of fun and with short rhymes it will not take long for little ones to learn the books and be able to ‘read’ them to you.

The sea creatures in Sea Life are common and they will be recognisable to your child reasonably readily with rhymes simple enough to repeat.

I would love to say that my children are gentle and treat books with the utmost respect but they are young children and they just don’t. They get tossed around, left on the floor and even, if I’m not quick enough, chewed on. I have complete faith that Sea Life has the strength and durability to withstand years of toddler loving with it’s durable cardboard pages and thick hardwearing cardboard cover.

It’s safe to say that Sea Life is going to be a much loved favourite in our household, every time I go to pick it up it’s been left in a different spot. Annoying though it is, it still means that someone is picking it up and giving it some loving every time I put it down.

Alphaprints Sea Life is published by Pan Macmillan and is available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan 15 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members are reading Sea Life with their little ones and I look forward to hearing what they think in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Alphaprints Sea Life

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to review this book. My daughters both love it. I particularly love that each page can create imagination in your child as its simply a picture with words and you can make your own story or start a conversation. The book is a great length too. I find a lot of them are too short.

    The illustrations and textures are great and engaging. Overall a fantastic book.

  2. Sea Life is very sturdy book which was a great plus with my 14month granddaughter. We enjoyed the different textures and also the colourful illustrations.
    Definitely a book to read over and over..
    Thank you for the opportunity to review this book.

  3. I read Sea Life to both my 2 year old Niece and a 4 year old little boy and they both loved it. Giggling when feeling the pages and pointing out the colourful pictures with squeals of big fishy little fishy. The quality and long lasting hardy material, it is good to know the book will last with how rough kids are while turning pages and throwing things around the playrooms. It is always a pleasure to enrich children’s minds with creativity and fun stories.

  4. We are enjoying reading “Sea Life ” these days a lot. My little one loves to explore the book everyday with new enthusiasm and curiosity.

    The fingerprint marks that are the basis of every picture in the book is very unique and it makes the book so different . Every time my son opens the book, he spots something new and different.

    I love that the book has a hard cover and it is easy for the little hands to hold. The colourful ,bright pictures on every page makes it a fun book for kids.

    My 10 year old loves to read this book for my little one and they try to create their own creatures by bringing things from kitchen, play room and it makes a great activity time for them.

    Sea life Alphaprints definitely allow kids to use their imagination and be creative while thinking about new and different concepts.

  5. Many thanks to Beauty and Lace Book Club and Pan Macmillan – Priddy Books for the opportunity to read and review this gorgeous book, Alphaprints Sea Life by Roger Priddy.

    I took the book with me on a family picnic which included my Cousin’s 2 year old granddaughter (E) and my 7 year old grandson (L). As soon as I showed it to E she took it and sat down on the picnic blanket, I showed her how to feel the textures on each page and as we went through the book she announced what each creature was and we talked about the funny things in the pictures. Meanwhile L was peering over our shoulders and laughing at the way parts of the creatures had been replaced by everyday objects like adjustable spanners, a hammer head (for the hammer head shark obviously), leaves, shuttlecock and umbrellas to name a few. Over the course of the afternoon E sat down and went through the book numerous times and was very excited when I said she could keep it.

    Although we didn’t read the verses, the vibrant colours on each page, textures and interesting and amusing objects replacing parts of each creature made the book an absolute delight to share. The book is a good size for young hands, and the pages sturdy enough to withstand the sometimes not so gentle attention provided by young readers. I loved that the book appealed to my 7 year old grandson as well, as he practiced his reading and observation skills. This is a book that will keep on giving in different ways for many years. Highly recommended, I give it 5 stars.

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