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Author: Jennie Jones
ISBN: 9781489246790
RRP: $29.99
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

The month has gotten away from me and I just haven’t had the time to dedicate to my reading pile that I would like unfortunately. But I know that a group of our dedicated readers have been checking out A Place With Heart so they can give you their thoughts on this one first.

Jennie Jones is the bestselling author of the Swallow’s Fall series, of which we read The House on Jindalee Lane for book club last year.

A Place with Heart is set in the Western Australian town of Mt Maria where Jaxine Brown has made a life for herself. Jax finally has a chance to make things right with her teenage daughter Frances and that means she has no time to think about the Detective Senior Sergeant that inexplicably disappeared in the middle of their only date.

Detective Senior Sergeant Jack Maxwell is back in town because of an investigation that he expects to wrap up relatively quickly. He feels that he can take his time with the case, and the woman he keeps thinking about.

Jax and Frances unwittingly find themselves involved in a mystery attached to the investigation and Jack is left trying to get to the bottom of the whole situation and protect those who have found themselves a place in his life.

Jennie Jones can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter and

A Place with Heart is published by Harlequin Mira and is available now through Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Harlequin Mira 20 of our Beauty and Lace Members are already reading A Place with Heart and you can read what they thought in the comments below. Please be aware there may be spoilers.

18 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: A Place With Heart

  1. A Place With Heart I loved the book a great read. A mother with a teenager in the out back with crimes happening on her property. Jax loves her daughter, has memories of the past which she is try to forget.
    A cop enters her life and has only good thing on his mind for Jax . Be there for Frances.

  2. A Place With Heart by Jennie Jones. 28/4/18

    This story is set in the mining area of the Australian Outback, close to the border of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and South Australia. Jax has settled into the town and runs a coffee shop. She feels to be a part of the community and has the support of her friends. Then her teenaged daughter whom she gave up as a baby arrives and Jax has to learn how to be a mother.
    Meanwhile a crime wave erupts in town, with stolen animals, vandalism and graffiti. The local Police force are kept on their toes trying to find a link and solve the crimes. Drug trafficking undercover cop Jack Maxwell is sent in to get to the bottom of it all. He thinks he will have it wrapped up in a. month, and then he can re connect with Jax and see if she feels the same towards him.

    I found the story to begin with a multitude of characters we were supposed to know, which was confusing. It seems this is a follow on book in a series,
    I felt the idea of stolen animals and their recovery to be far fetched and some characters were extreme. (the Agatha girls) with their relationship not clear- were they school friends? Sisters?
    At 410 pages, I felt this was drawn out too long. It was pleasing to read of the connection growing between Jax and her daughter, but the story line was in places unbelievable and that was disappointing.

  3. This book took me on an amazing journey. And I was so sad to finish it. Family is complicated and not always a loving mum and dad and happy children. Jones wrote this so well, and make me relate to the characters in my own little way. Jack and Jax have their own little special place in my heart and I’d love to read more of their adventures, rescuing animals, raising frances, helping in emergency situations.

    I do feel like some things were drawn out and lengthy and others rushed. But I understand the part they played in the story. This book is placed over a 2 week period (roughly) some things I would never expect to go so quickly.

    Another thing I find crazy is how often do government workers get more than 2 weeks of in a row?

  4. A book that covers all genre, romance, crime, mystery, it’s all there combined in a pleasant easy to read style. Happy endings always leave the reader with good feelings.
    Would definatley recommend

  5. This book was an easy read and the storyline flowed well throughout.
    Great bunch of characters and heartfelt moments. Jack was great with Jax’s daughter Frances and it pulled at my heartstrings when he had that talk with her when he was teaching her to drive.
    The Agatha girls were a great addition to this story as they were quite quirky. I liked the friendship between Frances and Billy, their love for animals and wanted more after the book ended, nice to have another sequel to continue this story.
    Would recommend it as was easy to follow and enjoyable.
    Thankyou for this book 🙂

  6. A place with heart is an easy to read book set in the beautiful Australian country. It is a romantic story with an element of mystery.

    Jax gets her second chance to connect and be a mum to a daughter she was persuaded to give up. A daughter who feels abandoned by many.
    Detective Jack returns to Mt Maria to solve a mystery but also to try and win Jax back.
    I did enjoy the book but I did find it a little bit slow.

  7. A place with heart is a story that revolves around Jax who lives in a small rural town of Mt Maria who has her 13 year old daughter Frances brought to her after her ex’s wife decide she doesn’t want her anymore. Jax has to learn how to be a mother to a very hurt teenage girl. At the same time a lot of criminal activity starts to occur in the town bringing with it an undercover cop Jack. Jack and Jax know each other from years ago when they went on a date which ended badly and so they have unfinished business.
    I’m not really sure where to begin with this one. I found this book really hard work and it took me ages to read as I just couldn’t get into the story. I didn’t understand many of the characters, the Agatha girls were confusing and not enough detail went into many people so was unsure why they were included at times. It would have been interesting to read more of why the ex wife was so bad to Frances so could understand her life and character more. I found a lot of the names a bit silly too, Amelia Arnold, Freda Frith, Mary McCovey and Billy Baxter to name a few (why do they all have the same starting letters??) plus David Davidson…?! I just found this annoyed me throughout the book. It didn’t make any sense why the graffiti drawings were made of the actual crime they were intended for? I also found the way Jack thought and spoke at times was unrealistic and made me cringe. Also having him and Jax fall for each other after meeting that one time I couldn’t believe and it felt way over the top.
    I feel bad for saying this but I guess we don’t have to love every book we read so am glad others have enjoyed the book. Thanks for the opportunity to read this however, I admit, not one of my favourites!

  8. A Place With Heart by Jennie Jones was an easy read.
    Set in the Western Australian Outback,
    it has a variety of different characters in a storyline that flows easily.
    The main character, Jax, has built a life for herself doing what she loves most.
    She has her Cafe in the township and has set up a dog rescue.
    Jax has combined her love of animals with her cafe
    by having a secure section at the rear of her cafe avaliable if needed.
    As the story unfolds, we learn Jax was a teenage mother
    who has coerced into handing her newborn daughter over to the father.
    Circumstances change and her daughter, Frances, comes to live with Jax.
    It is not all happy families and a loving reunion.
    Frances is an angry, sullen and confused teen.
    Along comes Jack, a Dectective Senior Sergeant working undercover.
    Jax and Jack had one date over a year previously and
    he disappeared during the date.
    When Jack’s case and Jax and Frances become intertwined,
    Jack has to pull out all stops to solve the case and keep Jax and Frances safe.
    Jennie Jones has written beautifully with a love of the Australian Outback,
    the people and animals that shines through her words.
    This book will appeal to lovers of Rural Romance, Mystery, Crime and Thrillers.
    I highly recommend A Place With Heart and enjoy this wonderful Australian Authors books.

  9. Absolutely would recommend A Place With Heart by Jennie Jones as I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.
    I love an Australian setting in a novel and A Place With Heart certainly doesnt disappoint .
    Set in the Western Australian outback, the story centres on our main character Jax who has made a life for herself with her own small business and who has set up a dog rescue as her passion.
    A teenage mother , things change in her life when her confused moody teenage daughter comes to live with her after having been forced to hand her over to her father after she was born.
    Things change suddenly in their lives as danger grows closer and undercover Dectective Senior Sergeant Jack enters their lives .
    A really enjoyable read, perfect for times when you just want to engross yourself in a wonderful story .
    A rural romance with added mystery and crime thrown in for good measure
    Thankyou Beauty and Lace and Harlequin Mira for allowing me to read and review this book.

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