Before I Forget

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Author: Melissa Hill
ISBN: 978-0-340-95293-1

Imagine losing the ability to create new memories and forgetting some of your old ones, this is what happens to the lead character Abby, in Melissa Hill’s latest novel – Before I Forget.

When Abby has a freak accident her whole life is turned upside down, and determined to beat her declining memory she creates a list of “unforgettable” events to participate in. The year becomes the most exciting time of her life, and the seclusive, work-a-holic Abby becomes a whole new woman.

before i forget

Abby is a lovable character and the strength of her relationship with family and friends is what keeps her going, even when she is faced with the realization she could lose everything.

Another excellent read by Melissa Hill, in true chic lit style it combines humour, heart and a little romance. Like her previous novels, she has included some unexpected twists and turns making it a unique page turner.

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