Beautiful Malice

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Author: Rebecca James
ISBN: 978-174-237-6820
RRP: $17.99

Beautiful Malice is aimed at young adults but it is gripping enough that anyone could pick it up and be hooked. Katherine has moved away from her family to start fresh and escape the darkness of her past. She changes high schools and her name and tries to keep a low profile until she is befriended by the beautiful and popular Alice.

As she begins to take back her life and enjoy her new friendship, things begin to spiral out of control and as the book progresses Katherine discovers Alice isn’t the lovely and generous party girl she once thought…there is a much more dangerous and sinister side to her.

beautiful malice

The book takes you through the past, present and future but it all fits together perfectly, although it is quite a devastating and dangerous story.

With one event Katherine’s life is changed forever, and I do hope that if young women read this they will think twice about accepting drinks from strangers, or about getting into cars with people they don’t know.

As the story unfolds I was hoping for a big finale, and I certainly got one…there is no anti-climax with Beautiful Malice.

I really need to read something a little lighter, I keep getting propelled into these intense reads but this one is an international bestseller for a reason – you cannot put it down.

And how is that for a clever title! (Beautiful M-Alice)

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