Author Desk: Lisa Heidke

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An author that I just love to read is Lisa Heidke, thank you Beauty and Lace for turning me on to her because I probably wouldn’t have read her otherwise and while I’m thinking about it… I wonder if there’s another one coming soon.

Let’s not get sidetracked though with thought’s of Claudia, Kate and Stella. Let’s go and see where they were created.

lisa heidke desk

What’s on your desk?

My computer, diary, glasses, William and Kate mug, assorted papers, two printers, post-it notes, a candle , phone, handbag and a lazy cat. On the walls are my daughter’s artwork, photocopies of my book covers, an Awkward Families 2012 calendar, and at the top of the photo are several of my bags hanging from the picture rail.

What shouldn’t be on your desk?

The cat because he’s a ridiculous distraction, and the black printer because it doesn’t work – I don’t think it’s worked since day two!

Why does this area motivate you?

Because it’s comfortable. A window with a pretty view, (just about out of shot) keeps me occupied when I am pretending to think.

Are there any items of particular significance?

The cat and my Prince William and Kate mug…

How often do you spend in this workspace each day?

A lot less time than I should…at the moment probably only three hours a day.

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