What Your Mother Should Have Told You and Nobody Else Will

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Author: Natalie Reilly
ISBN: 978-1-74237-942-5
RRP: $17.99

I was looking for a little something to read that wouldn’t take too long and I could slip in between books, and then I discovered this little gem hiding in my box of goodies. That almost-pocket-sized little volume looks like just the thing to read while I’m waiting for the next ‘must read now’ book to land in my hands.

What an amusing treasure trove of advisory snippets on all manner of dilemmas that we face on a regular basis as inhabitants of the 21st Century.

Natalie Reilly comes from a family where offering advice is hereditary and her career began when she was nine, years on from then (I wouldn’t know or be willing to hazard a guess how many) and Natalie is continually sharpening her wit, and her talent, in her weekly column and in the writing of this book.

Can you think of any modern social/work/family dilemma that you need help handling? Do you need a short and clever piece of advice to solve any situation that arises? Can you see value in a stockpile of just such pieces of advice? Then this is the book for you. Each situation is about a page and a half so I would say 400-500 words – which is just enough to get the point across without sounding glib, or rambling and sounding pretentious.

what your mother

Natalie Reilly has a down to earth and approachable style of writing that is extremely conversational and a pleasure to read.

The best thing about this book is that it gives you an easy out! In life we meet people every day who want to offer us advice and sometimes it is difficult to extricate ourselves from these situations. Reilly’s book solves that issue too, if she’s talking about a topic you don’t want advice on or you aren’t ready to hear it then the answer is as simple as flipping the page.

Moving on from the work e-mail faux pas? Natalie has an answer. How to handle a tantrum? Oh boy do we all need that page, I know I certainly do.

Life Lessons, Tricky Situations, Work, Family, Manners, Social Media and Relationships – there is a section of this book to cover every situation.

In her Final Word Reilly states that a lot of advice has its basis in common sense, and understanding pain – and how to lessen it. There is also an element of, you can’t follow ALL of the rules, regardless of how many there are, so follow the ones you can and be mindful of other people’s feelings  as well. We can’t be perfect and honestly, who wants to!

Filled to the margins with handy hints and methods to change your perception of a situation in a way that offers smooth solutions for lifes tricky situations.

Do you want to know how to ask for a pay-rise? How to be the best bridesmaid? How to send a dish back? How to make friends? How to be silent?

All of the tricky situations that no-one told you how to handle, and the questions you may not know how to ask are answered right here in a hip and funny little volume that is an absolute pleasure to read. Thanks Natalie!

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