To Touch The Stars

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Author: Jessica Ruston
ISBN: 978-075-537-0313
RRP: $32.99

Jessica Ruston has woven a worldly tale filled with drama that will keep you guessing to the very last page.

In the beginning I felt an uncanny similarity between Violet Cavalley, the fabulous matriarch of the Cavalley family and the most successful millinery company in the world and another legendary female in the fashion industry. As the story unfolded that feeling of familiarity faded as Violet took on a life of her own.

To Touch The Stars is a rags to riches story that shifts in time without warning so sometimes you have to stop for a moment and think about where, or when, you are. The story is set in the present, beginning with Violet Cavalley’s 60th birthday party.

to touch the stars

Time moves forward slowly and as we learn more about the current situation, a little at a time, we are also being taken back to learn how all the pieces weave together to create the complex tapestry we are faced with.

Cavalley’s is an immensely popular and fashionable company which has branched out into other areas of fashion to tap more aspects of the fashion market built upon the foundation of a small milliners business bequeathed to Violet as a young woman. Her ambition, her drive and her dreams saw her build it into a force to be reckoned with, a glittering empire and a golden family. This wasn’t always the case, the many tribulations Violet has been faced with throughout her life are addressed within these pages as she answers the questions of those around her, and as she reminisces on how she got where she is.

There are a few quite unexpectedly twisty plot lines contained within these covers that really make you sit up and pay attention. There is a lot of emphasis on the guilty secret, the skeletons in the closet of the rich and famous because, let’s face it, everyone likes to hear that the glitterati have skeleton’s too. The main pivot of Ruston’s story though is family, the ultimate importance of family because they are the ones with you for life and they need to take the highest priority.

Violet Cavalley’s biggest challenges in life were family related, right from her earliest memories, and sometimes she didn’t make the best decisions but she always made them from the perspective of protecting her family. Violet is a character with depth whom you can’t help but love – she is strong, ambitious, creative and fiercely protective and when she loves she loves with everything that she is.

Her beginnings in life were less than ideal and resulted in her being left widowed (in all  but name) with a baby at an extremely young age and then cursed, and it seems you don’t have to believe in curses for enough coincidences to stack up and make you start thinking twice about the validity of the curse, which colours all future decisions.

To Touch The Stars is a touching story that tells of hard work paying off, but also of your past catching up with you. Doesn’t matter how bright the light you create to live in, the darkness always catches up. A fabulous read with characters that spoke to me and scenes that played out behind my eyes – and even had me talking to myself at times.

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