Book Review: Thrill City

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Wow! Thrill City by Leigh Redhead is an enthralling and engaging read that will have you involved from the very first page. Full of twists and hidden agendas this one will keep you guessing right to the very last page. How many ways can seemingly random and unrelated events really be connected?

This is not the first in the series of books about ex-stripper and PI Simone Kirsch but it is written so well you won’t feel you are missing anything if you haven’t read the earlier books.

Leigh Redhead is a homegrown author. Thrill City is set in Melbourne so the places are familiar, the suburbs and the landmarks are names we know. This is just another way that you will find yourself immersed in Kirsch’s world, Kirsch’s life. You know where she goes, these are places that seem familiar. How many degrees of separation really exist in this small country of ours?

thrill city

Strippers and bad girl PI’s don’t strike me as going hand in hand, unless the bad girl PI is trailing adulterous husbands of course. This just makes Simone Kirsch much more intriguing, an ex-stripper trying to move away from that line of work and concentrate on building her detective agency. Trying to juggle her relationship with cop boyfriend Sean, infatuation with his best friend ex-cop Alex and her hormonally challenged, very pregnant best friend Chloe are all creating extra issues in Simone’s hectic and dangerous lifestyle.

How dangerous can it really be? Allowing a crime novelist to follow you around for a week or so to see how a real female PI works.  More dangerous than it seems apparently, especially if it gets your picture all over the paper and the news.

Seems like that could make life as a private investigator a little more difficult, very hard to be private when everyone knows what you look like. Add to that the need to get information from best-selling authors after strict instructions from the police to stay well away from the investigation. All challenges that the creative and quick-thinking Simone Kirsch is well able to handle.

But how do you juggle all that and try to make sure that your friends and family remain safe? There’s only one way you can find out. Go and find yourself a copy of this book, curl up somewhere, and get lost in Kirsch’s world, you’ll be glad you did.

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