The Universal Heart

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Author: Stephanie Dowrick
ISBN: 978-1-74237-803-9
RRP: $26.99

The Universal Heart is a re-released bestseller written by Dr. Stephanie Dowrick and explores relationships of all descriptions.

Love is the foundation of every relationship and a life without love is a life not lived.

There are as many forms of love as there are relationships, each of them a little different from the next, and all of them are explored in this  book. The focus here is on the changes that we can make to the way we think, act and react rather than those that we wish others would make.

Each chapter contains important lessons for us all about how to Love Generously, Live Encouragingly, Trust Others, Listen Carefully and Know What’s Going On. There is some inspirational information in the chapters and Dr. Dowrick has shared stories of some of the people she has met through the years, and all of their privacy has been respected.

The Universal Heart

Closing out each chapter is a How To related to the chapter. The first is How To Love Generously and it goes on from there. This section summarises the important points and the positive changes you can make in your own mind to change your life.

Dr. Stephanie Dowrick is a trained psychotherapist who brings all her years of experience to her writing and to spreading the word further than the talks, workshops, services and retreats she hosts.

Every aspect of our life, and every person we come in contact with, is affected by our willingness to love, not the least of which is our relationship with our self and learning to love oneself is the most important relationship to foster. To a large extent I also believe that our love for ourselves directly impacts on the love we can accept from others.

The style of writing adopted by Dr. Dowrick is quite conversational and therefore simple enough to get caught up in, there is a psychological depth to the message but the writing style keeps it very much still appropriate for laymen.

If more people adopted some of the teaching of The Universal Heart the world would be in a much better position.

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